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Chapter 1197: Going Through Dangers in the Forest! .



Li Dian looked extremely worried. He was worried about the Dazzling Flower, nothing else. 

“Are you in rush? Why do you want to steal it now? We’ll defeat you easily so you won’t even have an opportunity!” said Lin Feng glancing at them furiously. He looked like Zong Hu. They were all from Li Yu. 

Li Dian was furious but he controlled himself and didn’t attack. At that moment, he couldn’t fight against Lin Feng, otherwise, they would both suffer great and tragic losses. They had to protect their precious treasures. 

Lin Feng and Ming Shou glanced at each other. Everything was going according to the plan. In the end, the two people looked at the representatives of Xue Yu, four Godly Ancestors. They had the advantage. 

“Brother Asura, what do we do?” asked Ming Shou. He needed Lin Feng’s opinion even if he already had an idea. 

“They’re very strong so we need to put them in a weaker position, otherwise, we won’t survive!” said Lin Feng seriously. Then he looked at Qing Huang Tian imploringly, “Sister Qing, do you think you can defeat two representatives of Xue Yu?” 

“No problem. Two Godly Ancestors are easy.” said Qing Huang Tian nodding without the least hesitation. Her dress fluttered in the wind and she disappeared. When Qing Huang Tian reappeared, she was in the sky and flying towards the representatives of Xue Yu at an incredible speed. 

“Li Dian, you go and take care of Xue Tong and the others. Don’t use your real strength, just pretend.” 

“Alright, I’m going then.” 

said Li Dian nodding. At that moment, he had no choice but to listen to Lin Feng’s strategy, Otherwise, they may die there. He jumped and attacked a disciple of the Demon Clan who had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer. Then he bounced and flew towards Xue Tong. 

“Xue Tong, here is the strength of one arm!” 

“Haha! Not bad, Li Dian! From now on, Xue Yu and Li Yu will be allies.” 

“We’ll see about that. For now, let’s kill.” 


Xue Tong suddenly threw a punch attacking the Godly Ancestor of the Demon Clan. Then he attacked and punched the representative of Shi Yu. He looked like a crab smashing its victims. He looked extremely powerful and brutal. 

Qing Huang Tian focused on the two representatives of Xue Yu. She slowly got the advantage. 

Li Dian just pretended to help Xue Tong. Actually, he didn’t do anything. Even Zhan Yu Ying and the old man of Gan Yu didn’t use their full strength. They just wanted to protect themselves. And if they attacked him, he would just push them towards Xue Tong. 

The representatives of Xue Yu were stuck. Only Xue Tong and an elder could fight using their full strength. Xue Tong gradually lost the advantage. And without Xue Tong noticed it, the old man of Gan Yu stole his ring. Then the old man burst into a loud laughter but a few seconds later, someone from Shi Yu stole the ring from him. The old man of Gan Yu coughed blood and his body fell from the sky like a tree leaf falling to the ground. In the end, there was an explosion and a gigantic crater appeared. 

Gan Yu was able to continue battling anymore! 

Zhan Yu Ying ground her teeth. She and the eighth elder, the middle-aged man, oppressed two strong representatives of Shi Yu. At least they tried. 

Five minutes later, Zhan Yu Ying was bombarded away by a Godly Ancestor of Shi Yu. She coughed blood and crashed against the eighth who was also caught along and blown away. 

The Spiritual Warriors Clan wasn’t able to continue fighting anymore! 

The only people remaining were the representatives of Xue Yu, Shi Yu and the Demon Clan. But the three Godly Ancestors from the Demon Clan didn’t have the advantage. And one of them had already lost an arm so they had to retreat. 


Suddenly, Xue Tong shouted. Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu looked at him. Shi Yu put his foot on Xue Tong. Even if Xue Tong was strong, he couldn’t compete with Shi Yu. Then Shi Yu kicked him away. 

And at the same time, Qing Huang Tian bombarded two representatives of Xue Yu away as well. Only one was left and he seemed terrified. 


At that moment, Shi Yu was already holding the Dazzling Flower and the Three Heavy Waves. She was overjoyed. Finally, Shi Yu had won. 

Lin Feng looked around. Only one representative of Xue Yu was left. Two Godly Ancestors of the Demon Clan. Shi Yu and two Godly Ancestors from Shi Yu were there. They had the advantage so far. 

“Miss Qing, attack the representative of Shi Yu.” 

said Lin Feng jumping. Qing Huang Tian frowned and looked at her new target. 

Shi Yu had never thought that Lin Feng would dare fight with the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. She smiled icily and made a slapping motion. She just used sixty percent of her strength. She was convinced that she could easily destroy Lin Feng. 

However, she realized she had made a huge mistake. Lin Feng didn’t care about how beautiful she was. All he cared about were the two treasures. 

He used his Aggressive Punch and Imperial Imprint Formula attacks. One punch, one imperial imprint, they bombarded Shi Yu’s chest. Lin Feng even touched her breasts for fun which infuriated her even more. But she had no time to react because she was already blown a hundred meters away and nobody could even see her shadow anymore. 

Lin Feng managed to steal the two precious items. The dazzling flower and the Godly Tao Skill. 

“Let’s go!” shouted Ming Shou explosively. Then he flew away as fast as he could. They had to flee but they also had to give Lin Feng time to fight. 

Lin Feng firmly held the two precious items. Then he called Sister Qing. 

Immediately, Qing Huang Tian came back to Lin Feng with grace and elegance. Then they got ready to escape. 

One of the two strong cultivators of the Demon Clan, Ancestor Mo, didn’t intend to let them off. 

The situation was completely chaotic. Energies exploded all around. Xue Tong rose up in the air and disappeared. A few dark silhouettes disappeared thirty li away from the city. 

“Fuck! You want to die!” he ground his teeth. His expression stiffened. He had the impression he had been fooled. 

Zhan Yu Ying lifted the eighth elder. They both pulled a long face. They had already given up the precious items, they couldn’t take risks. 

Shi Yu was unhappy and continued chasing. 

Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian flew at their maximal speed. Song Chou Jiu and the others had run away earlier so they had left Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian behind. Behind, there were Li Dian, Ancestor Mo, Shi Yu and Xue Tong as well. 

“Brother Song, go back! Don’t worry about us! Go back to Man Yu as quickly as you can!” 

said Lin Feng at the most crucial moment. He then flew into a forest. It was difficult to fly through or to reach targets directly in there, that way, he reduced his chances of getting killed in one strike. 

Song Chou Jiu didn’t hesitate and brought the others into the forest as well. 

“Sister Qing, let’s separate as well. Let’s then gather with Song Chou Jiu’s group again.” said Lin Feng firmly. 

Qing Huang Tian knew the whole situation was dangerous. She didn’t dare contradict Lin Feng. She flew in the opposite direction of Lin Feng. Before leaving, Lin Feng gave her the Dazzling Flower. 

Carrying two items wasn’t wise, otherwise if the enemy managed to steal something from him, they’d manage to steal everything. 

Giving the items back? Impossible. Lin Feng wanted the two items. Li Dian would never be able to get his Dazzling Flower back. 

Once in the mountainous forest, Lin Feng ran. 

He run so fast there was a strong wind around him. Lin Feng felt at ease and quickly crossed a distance of a few hundreds of li. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what mountain it was but it had to be close to the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Shi Yu was over ten li behind Lin Feng. She didn’t want to let Lin Feng have all the items. 

Li Dian’s Qi was explosive. He hated them all. Xue Tong had stolen his item straightforwardly and Lin Feng had plotted against him, it was even worse! 

“Asura, I will not let you off! I will kill you!” said Li Dian. He ground his teeth so hard that his gums started bleeding. He continued flying as fast as he could at the same time. He wanted to catch up with Lin Feng. 

Xue Tong was the slowest because he had hesitated and didn’t know whom to chase. In the end he had decided to chase Lin Feng so everybody had stopped chasing Qing Huang Tian. She was a Godly Ancestor after all. She probably wasn’t an easy target. Lin Feng only had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, only a moron would have decided to target someone else. 

It was almost nighttime. It was quite dark already. There were dark clouds in the sky and the atmosphere was so dark it looked even gloomier in the forest. It was difficult to see so Lin Feng had to use his godly awareness. He stayed above the ground to avoid leaving footprints. 

He couldn’t go back to his spirit world. If he did, his family would want him to stay for a while and then all his previous efforts would be wasted. He couldn’t go back for a year. 

Therefore, his only option was to escape from Shi Yu. 

Shi Yu continued chasing Lin Feng. Some beasts roared at night in the forest but it didn’t prevent Shi Yu from following Lin Feng. 

They were both trying to fool the other one but who would lose their temper first? 

Xue Tong gave up in the end because he was already too far behind. If they could have flown, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but running at night in the forest wasn’t easy. 

“Good little boy, Asura. I’ll remember you.” Xue Tong just wanted to kill Lin Feng. That little boy had stolen both treasures. 

When he went back, he bumped into Li Dian. When Li Dian heard that he had lost Lin Feng, he gave up as well. But both of them still wanted to see what was going to happen so they didn’t hurry to leave. 

Especially Li Dian, he had spent over two billion godly coins and in the end he was going to go home empty ended? 


During the rest of the night, it became even darker and the temperature was at most ten degrees. Even though it didn’t affect cultivators, the wind still had an impact on their speed and other abilities. 

Lin Feng found a cave, there were trees inside. He didn’t dare act blindly without thinking. He could feel that Shi Yu’s Qi was very close. He had the feeling that if he went out, then he would bump into her Qi. 

An hour, two hours, five hours. It became bright outside. The sun slowly rose in the horizon and the sky was rosy. 

Lin Feng waited for the right moment and then he jumped into the depths of the cave. Since he couldn’t go outside anymore, he decided to go deeper into the cave. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” 

said someone suddenly. Then a black silhouette flickered. A hand made a slapping motion and a strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng had no choice but to dodge. He was stuck now. 

Shi Yu smiled icily and stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng suddenly felt extremely cold. 

“How did you find me?” 

asked Lin Feng, he was surprised.

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