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Chapter 1198: Captured! .



“I am a hunter. You can’t escape from me by running in the forest. It’s actually pretty reckless.” said Shi Yu smiling hypocritically but her white skin made her look scary, like a corpse. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought Shi Yu would be so familiar with that forest. He admired her for her sense of direction. 

“Asura, give me the two treasures and I will spear your life.” said Shi Yu impolitely and stretching out her small hand. She looked excited. She was about to obtain two precious treasures! 

Lin Feng looked at her. He detected three threads of Qi behind her. All of the Godly Ancestor layer. He suddenly looked even glummer. He had buried his own self in a hole. He was stuck. Shi Yu had already informed the other representatives that he was there. 

Actually, In Shi Yu, there were four Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng may be able to resist against one but definitely not four. He only had the strength of the sixth Great Godly Ancestor layer. He couldn’t defeat four Godly Ancestors. How would he manage to escape? 

“So it was all part of your plan.” said Lin Feng to Shi Yu. At that moment, he didn’t seem nervous anymore. He knew he was going to be captured because he was surrounded by four Godly Ancestors now and couldn’t escape. Therefore, Lin Feng decided to relax. 

“Since the very first second when you entered the forest, I started rejoicing. You think you’re smart, huh?” said Shi Yu smiling icily. Confidence appeared on her extremely pale face. She had never had doubts regarding her plan. 

It was the first time Lin Feng met such a confident woman but she was qualified to be confident and even arrogant! Shi Yu was a Godly Ancestor, an ordinary Godly Ancestor, but she was extremely talented. Of course, she did a lot for Shi Yu as a region. 

“Asura, let’s stop wasting time. Nobody is there to back you up so you better hand the two precious items over.” said Shi Yu frowning. She was sick of wasting time. 

“Hehe. I’m sorry but I have to disappoint you, Miss Shi Yu. I only have the Godly Tao Skill here. The Dazzling Flower is on its way back to Man Yu. You will not get it.” said Lin Feng smiling jokingly. He didn’t deny the fact that he had the small Three Heavy Waves book though. He even showed it to Shi Yu. 

Shi Yu’s expression changed drastically. She clenched her fists and flames of fury filled her eyes. She had thought she’d obtain two precious items. However, Asura had gotten rid of the Dazzling Flower! 

She really wanted to kill Lin Feng but she controlled herself. Since she couldn’t obtain the Dazzling Flower, what could she do? Nothing. Even though Man Yu was a weak territory, not anyone could cause trouble anywhere. 

At least, she could have the Three Heavy Waves book. 

“Asura, I initially wanted to spare your life in exchange of the two precious items. Since you don’t have the Dazzling Flower, you have no choice but to come back with me to Shi Yu.” said Shi Yu icily. She was furious and kept grinding her teeth. She raised her left hand and three Godly Ancestors appeared behind Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng felt six eyes were staring at him from behind. He felt under pressure but he kept strong. 

He didn’t submit. 

“Bring him back to Shi Yu.” 

said Shi Yu. Then she disappeared from the forest. The three Godly Ancestors carried Lin Feng away as well. That mountainous forest wasn’t in the Region of the Eight Corners but it was very far. 

It took Shi Yu an hour to cross ten thousand li and to come out of the forest. Then she entered a territory under the jurisdiction of the Region of the Eight Corners. First they had to cross Man Yu. Some people wanted to stop them but Shi Yu made Lin Feng speak. 

Shi Yu and the group then crossed Gan Yu and finally after six hours they arrived in Shi Yu. 

Lin Feng looked at the ground. It was a desolate place with rivers and there was a forest of buildings surrounded by rivers. The buildings were simple and built in mountains and trees. 

Shi Yu’s altitude wasn’t very high, only a few hundreds of meters above sea level. It was much better than Man Yu which was dozens of thousands of meters above sea level. There were over thousand Great Supreme Gods and apart from Shi Yu’s leader and Shi Yu, there were five other elders who were Godly Ancestors. 

And the three men Shi Yu had given Lin Feng to were elders. It wasn’t difficult to see the difference between Man Yu and Shi Yu in terms of strength. 

Even if Song Chou Jiu, Lang Zhe and Zhu Ban Chang broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer, they would just be ordinary Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng didn’t think that the leader of Shi Yu was an ordinary Godly Ancestor. He had to be a Spiritual Godly Ancestor at least, like Qing Huang Tian. 

“The Great Miss is back!” 

shouted a Godly Ancestor next to Lin Feng suddenly. Everybody in Shi Yu heard him. 

Lin Feng glanced at Shi Yu. As expected, Shi Yu was the Great Miss of Shi Yu. She was the leader’s daughter. Apart from the people of Shi Yu, not many people knew about her. 

The leader of Shi Yu was audacious, he wasn’t afraid that something could happen to Shi Yu. He had let her go to the auctions. 

People from the Region of the Eight Corners were strange. Nobody was normal. But no matter what, Lin Feng had to become an overlord in the Region of the Eight Corners. Then people would listen to him. He would even be able to break free from Ni Huang’s hegemony. 

“The Great Miss is back! Haha! Hurry up, go and inform the leader!” 

“Great Miss! Did you bring precious treasures back?? Show the children!” 

“Great Miss! Who’s the man you brought back? Did you get precious treasures?” A less than ten year old child looked at Lin Feng tenderly and immaturely. 

At that moment, Shi Yu seemed like a completely different person. She smiled kindly and looked like a weak and fragile princess. 

“You’re too so innocent. Go at the foot of the tree and we’ll meet there. I have something to announce.” said Shi Yu ruffling the kid’s hair affectionately. Then she pinched his plump cheeks. The child immediately ran away and quickly disappeared in the distance. 


Lin Feng was stupefied. Shi Yu seemed like she had lots of power in Shi Yu. She had just come back and it seemed like people felt safer. 

Shi Yu seemed like a completely different person. She didn’t seem ice-cold, fierce and brutal anymore. She looked like a well-educated woman. 

“Let’s go, Asura. I have a surprise for you!” said Shi Yu icily. Then she smiled evilly. The three elders carried Lin Feng and followed. 

Ten minutes later, they had brought Lin Feng to the foot of a thousand meter tall tree. Its leaves were thick and dense. It was perfect to find some shadow when the sun was too hot. With that size, the tree could keep hundreds of people cool when it was too hot. 

It was a very old tree. It was extremely mature. It smelled good all around it. Rivers flowed all around it. There were lots of fish in them. 

A thousand meters around the tree, life is luxuriant. And the people of Shi Yu did that on purpose. 

Shi Yu walked to the tree, then she raised her hands to her head and knelt down. She then prostrated herself three times at the foot of the tree. Then, when she stood up, she walked around the tree once and when she came back to her starting point, she prostrated herself three times again. 

“This tree used to be the last remaining living being of Shi Yu. When there was no mountain and no forest, there was the old tree. Therefore, people from Shi Yu consider it as a protector.” 

“My father told me that the tree was at least ten million years.” 

said Shi Yu turning around. She didn’t know why she was telling Asura that story. Lin Feng was surprised too. That thousand meter tall tree was the protector of Shi Yu? 

Suddenly, Lin Feng remembered his tree of life. Even though the tree of life hadn’t existed for a long time, it probably wasn’t weaker than that tree. The tree of life could be considered as the protector of life in Lin Feng’s spirit world. 

The tree of life was still growing and it could probably live for dozens of millions of years as well. 

When she finished speaking, many people came to the foot of the tree, some adults, some children, some three four meter tall and sturdy men. But without any exception, they were all extremely pale as if they had no sun Qi in their body. They looked like corpses. 

In the end, an old man who was holding a walking stick and was crooked slowly came over. There was a woman on each of his sides and they supported him by the arms. Lin Feng looked at that old man, a Godly Ancestor. 

That Qi? He clearly sensed the Qi, it was much more powerful than Qing Huang Tian’s Qi. That cultivator may be a Holy Godly Ancestor which was the same level as the phoenix with the seventh feathers. 

Surprisingly, there was such a terrifying cultivator in Shi Yu. Unfortunately, he was already very old and wouldn’t live much longer. 

“Father.” When Shi Yu saw him, she quickly ran towards him and replaced a woman to support him by the arm. 

“Hehe, Little Yu, I’ve heard you were back with a treasure?” 




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