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Chapter 1098: Twelve Buddhist Ancestors!


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“Teacher, do you really want to give the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill to that benefactor?”

The lights were dazzling and illuminated the whole tower. Lin Feng lay in the center of those lights. The bald old Buddhist monk was seated cross-legged next to Lin Feng, and all around the old man and Lin Feng were his disciples. 

There were twelve Buddhist Ancestors. With the old man, there were thirteen monks. Kasyapa was there, too. 

“The fact that this benefactor showed up is fate,” the old man nodded. Golden lights flashed in his third eye. It just looked like an eye he hadn’t opened, pure and holy. 

“But he’s a slaughterer!” exclaimed one of the Buddhist Ancestors. They spoke up when they didn’t agree, but Buddhist cultivators didn’t get angry when their fellows didn’t agree with them. That was one of the most important concepts of Buddhism. 

“Ran Gu, you don’t understand the difference between slaughtering and reincarnation. The purpose of slaughtering is a better reincarnation,” said the old man, shaking his head. 

Buddhist Ancestor Ran Gu suddenly looked thoughtful. He looked at the unconscious Lin Feng and gradually understood what his teacher meant. He had been convinced. He agreed to transfer the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill to Lin Feng. 

“Teacher, we’re interfering in all the sects and clans’ affairs by interacting with this benefactor. Aren’t we violating the laws and principles of Buddhism by doing this? Isn’t it selfishness?” asked a skinny Buddhist Ancestor at that moment. His palms were together, his expression serious. 

When the old man heard that, he smiled kindly and said, “Jia Lan, that’s not selfishness. That’s choosing the most suitable person to receive the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill because his heart is like the heart of the Buddha.”

“This benefactor has almost reached the top on the path of cultivation, even in terms of demon cultivation, but the problem is he doesn’t have anything to control his Buddhist cultivation.

“Even though Buddhist cultivation is a light-type cultivation, it also contains evil. Anything can make anyone do bad things. Therefore, having antagonist strengths which supplement and complement each other is a good thing. The only way of controlling demon strength is Buddha strength!

“You’re all Buddhist Ancestors who have been studying for dozens, even hundreds of thousands of years. Can’t you understand such simple concepts?

“Since the ancient times, every Assassin God has practiced ordinary cultivation, not demon cultivation. What we’re doing today is avoiding the rising of a second Assassin God in the World of Battles.

“There’s many different ways on one path. There isn’t only one road on the path of Buddhism,” the Buddhist Ancestor stated solemnly. Nobody contradicted him because they all understood what he meant. 

“I agree to transmit the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill!” shouted the old Buddhist monk. Lights surrounded Lin Feng with a pure and holy Buddhist energy. 

The twelve monks all released Buddhist energies around Lin Feng. The sound of a gong resonated in Buddhist Mountain. The ground also started shaking. 


Time passed slowly. 

Lin Feng was unconscious. He wanted to sit up but he couldn’t control his body. Apart from the Buddhist energies, his body was also surrounded by a cold energy. Lin Feng knew the Ice Spirit was protecting him. 

But who wanted to hurt him? Lin Feng couldn’t break free from the Buddhist energies. His body felt more and more numb. 

Twelve hours. The Buddhist monks transmitted the Buddhist skill to Lin Feng for twelve hours. The Ten Thousand Buddhas skill was the result of their combined knowledge. 

“Jia Lan, make sure the benefactor protects the world from now on and makes it turn into a world of kindness and compassion.”

A Buddhist light beam penetrated into the part of Lin Feng’s body where evil energies were located. The Buddhist energies flowed throughout his body quickly. 

Lin Feng was like a child at that moment, lying silently on the floor. His eyes were closed, but they were filled with Buddhist energies. If he opened his eyes, the Buddhist lights in them might illuminate the whole world. 

“Kasyapa, make the benefactor slow-witted and innocent, he can’t commit atrocities because of his intelligence.”

“She Li, make the benefactor sacrifice himself for the well-being of common people, he must save mankind.”

“Duo Dun, make the benefactor honest and upright, he can’t dedicate his life to wealth and personal interests. He must have a pure heart.”

“A Yi Nuo, make the benefactor pure and holy, the benefactor must protect the purity of his body and soul.”

“Fu Nian, battle…”

“Zhan Tan, strength…”

The twelve monks were all assigned a task. They all had to transfer some specific values to Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng was going to become a representative of the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill, he had to have the required qualities. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on at that moment. The twelve monks were transferring knowledge to him. 

All the young geniuses who had come from the Country of Eternity were proud to have been chosen by their respective influential groups. If they knew what Lin Feng was going through, how would they react? Many of them would be jealous and would feel like crying. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors didn’t know this, either. The Buddhist monks of the temple, who were usually extremely discreet, had chosen Lin Feng, the most talented young genius of the Country of Eternity. 

If they knew, they would be extremely angry. All the other influential groups had missed an incredible opportunity! 

If someday a catastrophe happened in the World of Battles, Lin Feng would be there to save mankind!


Time passed slowly. One day and one night passed. It was early in the morning, Lin Feng sensed warm air around his face. He slowly opened his eyes and realized he was lying in a forest on leaves. They were wet with dew. 

Lin Feng stood up and glanced around. He was on a mountain but where? 

Buddhist Mountain? 

Lin Feng tried to remember what had happened before. Wasn’t he talking to the Buddhist monk before? What was he doing in this forest? Was this the Buddhist Mountain? It wasn’t the Buddhist Tower, either? There was no temple here… 

Lin Feng paid more attention and realized it was Buddhist Mountain, but where was the tower? 

Lin Feng flashed to the very top of the mountain where the tower had been, but it wasn’t there. There was nothing left. 

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng was confused. He remembered he had fallen unconscious, but what had happened after? 

What a strange way to start his adventure in the World of Battles! 

“The twelve monks chose you as an heir and transmitted the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill to you,” said the Ice Spirit suddenly. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. 

“The twelve monks chose me as an heir and transmitted the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill to me?” Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. 

“If you don’t believe me, use your Buddhist strength,” said the Ice Spirit. Lin Feng came back to his senses. 

“I’ll throw a punch, alright,” said Lin Feng, clenching his fist. Suddenly, a warm Buddhist strength condensed in his fist. It was in perfect fusion with his Genesis Spiritual strength. 

It was powerful, durable, and warm. Lin Feng’s expression changed again. He really had the strength of the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill, and it was extremely powerful. It was the first time he felt something like this. 

How powerful can my punch be?, he wondered. Curious, he threw a punch at the mountain. 

There was an explosion, and the mountain exploded and collapsed, flattened. Buddhist strength rolled in waves all around him. 

“Eh?!” Lin Feng was astonished and almost scared of himself. That was his own strength? His own fist? It was the strength of a cultivator of the sixth or seventh Great Supreme God layer!

“If I had received the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill earlier, I could have destroyed Yan Cang Tian so easily.” Lin Feng thought about what had happened in the tunnel again. If he had possessed this kind of strength, Yan Cang Tian would have made a huge mistake by provoking him. 

Killing the idiot would have been so easy! 

But now Lin Feng had received the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill and his cultivation level hadn’t increased. He still had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and on top of that, it was the strength of the low fifth Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng didn’t understand why his cultivation level had decreased. 

“Buddhist strength is pure. Therefore, when you received the Buddhist skill, your body got rid of some impurities. You’re lucky, though. I’ve seen people obtain Buddhist strength, some young geniuses, and their cultivation dropped drastically, sometimes two cultivation layers! 

“But because you have the Genesis Spiritual Body and you refined it in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, coupled with the fact that my Ice World is in your spirit world, your body didn’t contain that many impurities anymore.

“But Buddhist strength is extremely powerful and it removed the very last impurities in your body. It’s something mysterious and powerful,” sighed the Ice Spirit. 

“Ice Spirit, did they notice you were in my spirit world?”

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