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Chapter 1099: University of Stars and Clouds!


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“Of course. They are Buddhist Ancestors. I haven’t broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer yet, so of course they saw me, but they ignored me,” replied the Ice Spirit indifferently. 

She wasn’t worried. She was a Genesis Primordial Spirit and Buddhist cultivators respected and revered Genesis Primordial Spirits. Therefore, they hadn’t harmed her. On the contrary, they had helped Lin Feng. 

She didn’t know why Lin Feng was so lucky. Lin Feng was the luckiest young genius so far in the World of Battles. 

The thirteen Buddhist cultivators had transmitted the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill to Lin Feng. 

The Ice Spirit had to tell Lin Feng about the process so that he could understand how lucky he was. He should feel grateful, as it was an extraordinary gift. The Buddhist Ancestors might have even done all this in front of her so that she could tell Lin Feng about it. 

When Lin Feng heard the story, he was astonished. He looked solemn and respectful, and felt incredibly grateful. 

“Ice Spirit, where are they now?” asked Lin Feng, glancing around. He couldn’t believe the tower had disappeared. 

“They are members of the Buddhist Territory, and went back there. Therefore, in the future, when you break through to the Godly Ancestor layer and become a Buddhist Ancestor, you should go and pay them a visit.”

“Alright!” Lin Feng nodded. He would never forget the Buddhist cultivators’ kindness. Lin Feng never forgot people who were good to him!

He took a deep breath and checked his Genesis Spiritual strength and Buddhist strength again. He also checked his demon Qi. It was still there, but in a different part of his body. He needed to get used to it, because if the energies turned chaotic, it would be a tragedy. 

It was strange, because his demon Qi was close to his Buddhist and Genesis Spiritual strengths in his body. He hadn’t thought that was possible. 

Buddhist energy could be so powerful? Lin Feng didn’t understand much for the time being. But he wondered whether there were different kinds of Buddhist cultivation in the World of Battles. What was the relation between Buddhist cultivation and standard cultivation? Did they exchange? Did they compete? 

If that was the case, didn’t it mean that he had already started departing from standard practices? He was a young genius, after all, and he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. Now that he had received the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill, did it mean that practicing standard cultivation would make him a heretic? 

It was an essential question, but Lin Feng didn’t understand much, so all he could do was learn step by step. For the time being, he had to leave this place. The other young geniuses were already in their respective sects and clans, and people had already welcomed them. 

But Lin Feng was satisfied. He knew nobody else was as lucky as him. Even though he hadn’t broken through to the next cultivation layer, he had taken a huge step forwards. 

Cultivation levels were the most important thing, but not everything! Besides, he was starting new adventures in the World of Battles, he was excited. 

Lin Feng rose into the air and flew east. This time, Buddhist strength emerged when he started flying. He was surprised; it felt different, but he also felt like he wasn’t using it to its full potential. 


Ten thousand li away from Buddhist Mountain was a university. A Godly Ancestor had created it three hundred years before. It was already quite powerful. 

A dozen Great Supreme Gods had already joined it. They were all heroic, and they also had over a hundred Supreme Gods. 

Those disciples were the pride of the University of the Stars and the Moon. They were about to have a great Competition between all the students of the universities. All the contestants would obtain cultivation resources. 

Of course, those cultivation resources weren’t interesting for Great Supreme Gods and Godly Ancestors. But for Supreme Gods, they were extremely important, because they would help break through to the Great Supreme God layer. 

It was the last day to sign up. To be allowed to participate, candidates had to defeat three out of five Great Supreme Gods. 

Among the dozen young geniuses of the University of Stars and Clouds, six had lost. Only one of them had succeeded, so many of them were dispirited. 

At noon, the exam stopped for the lunch break. It would start again in the afternoon. 

The University of Stars and Clouds was not well known in the World of Battles. Apart from Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, the others weren’t famous. This time, they hoped they would gain some notoriety during the exam and they would find some young geniuses. 

The University of Stars and Clouds had also sent representatives to Buddhist Mountain when young geniuses had arrived; they had just checked the list and then they had left. The weakest young geniuses had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer in the list. 

The University of Stars and Clouds didn’t have many cultivation resources; how could they recruit such powerful young geniuses? 

When Godly Ancestor Xing Yun heard the representative’s report, he just smiled wryly. The young geniuses of the lower world were so strong! Some of them even had the strength the fifth and sixth Great Supreme God layers. The University of Stars and Clouds couldn’t recruit such powerful geniuses. 

“Report, new people who come to sign up should directly be recruited as ordinary disciples!” declared Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, drinking tea. A disciple ran away to go and inform the other officials. Everybody could join them. 

They had no choice. 

“Go. Continue the exam. We’ll see if someone gets qualified for the competition,” sighed Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. He left the main hall and walked to the kwoon. 

Even if their chances of success were extremely low, they had to try!


Lin Feng flew over ten thousand li extremely quickly. When he saw some buildings, he smiled. Even though he was hundreds of thousands of meters in the air, He could see a gigantic plate on the ground bearing the words UNIVERSITY OF STARS AND CLOUDS

University of Stars and Clouds… Hehe! I haven’t visited an academic establishment for hundreds of years. Let’s go and see!, thought Lin Feng, smiling. 

The University of Stars and Clouds was on a flatland. Not far from the university was a small city. 

Lin Feng landed on the ground and looked at the gate of the university, it was dozens of meters wide and twenty meters high. There was a beast statue on each side of the gate. They looked like godly beasts. 

Lin Feng looked inside. He could see some pavilions and in the middle was a wide road leading into the depths of the establishment. 

Lin Feng walked closer to the gate and got ready to enter the university. 

Suddenly, four men in blue clothes showed up. Lin Feng glanced at them, they had the strength of the fifth Supreme God layer. 

Lin Feng was stupefied to see Supreme Gods in the World of Battles, but then he understood that even if the World of Battles had been created by the strongest cultivators of the Country of Eternity in the ancient times, they also needed people to build roads, buildings, hotel owners, and all sorts of other normal people. 

The more people there were in a world, the more weaklings there were. So it was normal to see Supreme Gods. 

When Lin Feng arrived, he was already hiding his Qi. Only people who were stronger than him could see how strong he was. 

The four disciples got closer to him and stared at him for a while. After that, the leader of the group asked, “You’re here to sign up at the university?”

“Yes,” said Lin Feng nodding and smiling. 

“Alright, come with us!” said the leader of the group happily. He grabbed Lin Feng by the arm and led the way. 

Lin Feng was stupefied. They were quite enthusiastic and warm for people who were recruiting new students. It was almost as if they were begging him to join the university. Did they lack students? 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to justify himself or explain anything. He just followed them to the kwoon. 


At that moment, there was a circle of thousands of people on the kwoon. They were all wearing the same blue robe. It was probably the uniform of the university. 

Two people were having a fight in the middle of the circle. The battle was already fierce. 

Of course, not for Lin Feng! 

One of them was a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and a student of the university, the other one was a man in a white robe who was holding a spear, and who had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer as well. 

The disciple of the university didn’t have the advantage and his life was even in danger. 

Suddenly, the man in white clothes raised his spear and threw it. If the spear reached the disciple, he would be severely injured or even die. 

The atmosphere became extremely tense!

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun clenched his fists and pulled a long face. If the disciple lost, then all ten of their ten disciples would have failed. 

“Hey! Give me a stone!” said Lin Feng suddenly to the disciple next to him. 

The disciple was astonished but he crouched down, grabbed a stone and threw it at Lin Feng. Then he asked Lin Feng skeptically, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to save the student of course, otherwise he’s going to die,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly. He suddenly condensed Genesis Spiritual strength into the stone and threw it. He threw it so violently that it emitted a sonic boom. It had the speed of someone of the seventh Great Supreme God layer. 

He threw it at the man in white clothes. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun understood how powerful that stone was, so he was happy. 


“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My hand! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” the man in white clothes shouted in pain. His spear fell down and he grabbed his left hand with his right and shook it. It felt extremely painful. 

The disciple in blue clothes didn’t give up; he flashed ahead, grabbed the spear, and threw it at the man in white clothes. 

The atmosphere was eerily silent. 

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