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Chapter 1102: Sworn Brothers?


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“Brother, you better not go too far. If you don’t give me face, the Competition will get more and more difficult for this university!” shouted the man in white when he saw his colleagues had also been defeated by Lin Feng. It was like he had already forgotten that Lin Feng had defeated him in two attacks before. 

He was threatening Lin Feng! They would also be judges at the Competition, and since Lin Feng had humiliated them, they would try to get revenge. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he smiled thinly and didn’t say anything. The man only grew more furious when he saw that. Lin Feng didn’t take him seriously!

After a long time, he grunted scornfully. He took out a shiny purple and golden talisman, FIRST CLASS written on it. The man threw the talisman at Lin Feng, who caught it and tossed it to Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun took the first-class talisman and stared at it silently for a long time. Their university had existed for three hundred years, and it was only the second they had received a talisman of that color.

However, he also had the feeling it was a symbol of his failure. He had never managed to raise a disciple who could make the university qualify as a first-class university. They had needed to rely on external young geniuses…


The exam ended. The five examiners left angrily and silently. They would remember this humiliation forever. Three of them had been crushed in the blink of an eye!

After the exam, Lin Feng was naturally welcomed as a distinguished guest in the university. He was given the biggest and the most luxurious room in the University of Stars and Clouds. Everything inside was precious and extremely expensive. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was usually the only person who could enjoy that luxurious palace. 

In the history of the university, only two other people had been in there: Lin Feng, and the man from a hundred years before!

Two disciples brought Lin Feng into the great palace. The two disciples stopped outside, not daring to take even half a step inside. The students of the university weren’t allowed to go in! 

“Don’t be afraid. Come inside. I need to talk to you. You can tell the director of the university that I threatened I would punish you if you didn’t show me around inside. Besides, nobody is allowed to come inside, so even if you come in, nobody will see you. You don’t need to be afraid. Come in,” said Lin Feng, crooking a finger. These two disciples were the first ones he had met when he had arrived in the university, so he was nice to them. 

Those two disciples seemed friendly and quite talented. They were just a few hundred years old and had the strength of the fifth Supreme God layer. They were quite outstanding and if they worked hard, they would be able to have great lives in the future. 

The two disciples paled when they heard that and they slowly stepped into the great palace. Usually, the Godly Ancestor was in there to rest and they had never been able to come inside. 

Lin Feng didn’t care. It might have been because of the transmissions he had received from the twelve Buddhist Ancestors. He knew he would break through to the Godly Ancestor layer sooner or later. 

He entered the great hall of the palace. It was quite simple inside, but Lin Feng wasn’t in mood to enjoy the beauty of the furniture. 

He sat down and the two disciples stood to the side. 

He looked like a king with his two servants. The two disciples looked worried and overcautious. They didn’t look as lively and enthusiastic as when Lin Feng had just arrived. 

Lin Feng sighed helplessly. It was only the afternoon, and Lin Feng had a feeling of distance. He didn’t know why. 

“Sit down. Don’t feel any pressure. I am just a traveler in the World of Battles,” Lin Feng smiled, but it didn’t work. The two disciples were still nervous. 

“Am I so scary?” asked Lin Feng, laughing himself to tears. 

“No, how could we think you’re scary, Master?” protested one of the disciples hastily. He was already covered in cold sweat. Lin Feng noticed the beads on his forehead. 

Lin Feng was surprised, but then he glanced around and saw Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, who was standing there and looking cold. Lin Feng took a deep breath and smiled wryly, “Master, you scared me to death.”

“Di… Director… We… We..,” said the two disciples. Sweat was dripping from their foreheads. They weren’t scared of Lin Feng, but they were terrified of the director. 

Lin Feng understood why they had started sweating. They weren’t afraid of him, which made him happy. 

“You can leave. Since our distinguished guest allowed you to come in, I won’t punish you. But there better not be a second time, you understand?” stated Godly Ancestor Xing Yun unhappily. 

The two disciples nodded hastily and ran away. They would never dare come back into the great palace for the rest of their lives. 

“Why don’t you allow disciples to come into this palace?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s expression returned to normal and he smiled kindly. He poured some tea in a cup for Lin Feng and sat down. 

“It’s a rule. Disciples can’t come in. But if they break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, they will be allowed to,” replied Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, smiling casually. 

Lin Feng smiled wryly. If becoming a Godly Ancestor was so easy, then there would be billions of them!

Out of ten thousand people, only six or seven had the potential to become gods, but only one or two out of a million had the potential to become Great Supreme Gods, and only one or two out of a hundred million had the potential to become Godly Ancestors. 

Influential groups which had over a dozen Godly Ancestors were extraordinary and extremely rare. 

“I see. Master, today…”

“Wait, little friend. First, I’d like to ask you a question,” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun interrupted Lin Feng, who was about to justify himself. 

“Please go ahead, Master,” ceded Lin Feng, nodding respectfully. 

“You are one of the young geniuses who just arrived in the World of Battles, right?” asked the Godly Ancestor seriously. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he didn’t conceal the truth, merely nodding. “Indeed, I am one of them.”

“Why haven’t any of the influential groups chosen you, and why did you come to the University of the Stars and the Moon?” asked the Godly Ancestor. 

“Well, you’d need to ask the influential groups of the World of Battles why they don’t need me. Hehe!” said Lin Feng smiling coldly. He wasn’t happy inside, but on the other hand, he knew that the Buddhist Ancestors of Buddhist Mountain had intervened. 

Otherwise, Tian Dao Yuan would have selected him!

But even if that was the case, Lin Feng wasn’t happy. If Tian Dao Yuan had really wanted him, they would have convinced the Buddhist Ancestors not to intervene, which would have meant they really cared about him. 

When Godly Ancestor Xing Yun heard Lin Feng’s tone of speech, he was surprised. He was still excited though. The young geniuses of the lower world were becoming more and more powerful. His servant had told him Lin Feng was fourth on the list! 

Lin Feng had provided them with very timely help! 

“Little friend, I have a request and I hope it is not unreasonable,” said Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, rather embarrassed, but quite serious and honest too. 

“Please tell me, Master. I’ll do my best,” said Lin Feng. He directly told the Godly Ancestor he wouldn’t necessarily agree to help. 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to waste too much time and energy for a minor university. 

“I would like us to become sworn brothers. Would you accept?” asked Godly Ancestor Xing Yun anxiously and impatiently. 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. 

“Master, are you joking?” asked Lin Feng. He pulled a long face, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was a Godly Ancestor, the highest cultivation level; how could he be like his sworn brother? 

“Little friend, I am not joking. I am asking you seriously and honestly, let’s become sworn brothers. Let’s forget about the age difference. What do you think?” asked Godly Ancestor Xing Yun imploringly.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. He only had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, and this man was a Godly Ancestor. The difference between them was gigantic. Why did the man want to become sworn brothers with him? 

“Little friend, if we became sworn brothers, I’d be happy forever. In the World of Battles, I have many other sworn brothers. We attach importance to genius and strength.

“It’s like an alliance but as sworn brothers, we can never betray each other. If two people become sworn brothers, they can never kill each other, otherwise they could and would at some point,” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun explained seriously. He wanted to become sworn brothers with Lin Feng because he hadn’t seen such a young genius in three hundred years. 

He didn’t waste time, as meeting young geniuses like Lin Feng was rare. The young geniuses of the lower world usually became prominent figures in the following centuries. Lin Feng might become an extraordinary cultivator in the World of Battles!

That was why he wanted to become sworn brothers with Lin Feng. It wasn’t a pure motive, but if they became sworn brothers, then they would never betray each other. 

Lin Feng could see that the man wasn’t joking, so he started thinking that it might be a good idea. Having a Godly Ancestor as a brother-like friend could be beneficial. At least, he would be able to rely on him in the World of Battles if he ever needed to. 

“Alright, brother, I accept,” said Lin Feng, standing and bowing hand over fist respectfully. 

“Hahaha! Good. Good! We’re brothers! Hahaha! And soon, brother, you will become one of the best Godly Ancestors of the World of Battles. I am sure of that!”

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