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Chapter 1104: Teaching Eight Young Geniuses A Good Lesson!


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Yu Men Jie wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. He said Lin Feng wasn’t as strong as he had thought and since he wasn’t strong, he didn’t deserve to be the vice director. Yu Men Jie would never call such a weak cultivator Uncle! 

Yu Men Jie didn’t want to submit to Lin Feng. They had the same cultivation level; how could Lin Feng suppress him? On top of that, Lin Feng had been in the University of Stars and Clouds for only a day. It hadn’t even completely passed! 

He didn’t intend to submit to Lin Feng! 

“Lin Feng, you are not qualified to be vice director. Let’s go and see my teacher together, you tell him you resign and that I should be the new vice director!” demanded Yu Men Jie icily. 

Lin Feng finally understood. He hated people like this!

“Do you think I have a good temper?” hissed Lin Feng icily. His eyes were already filled with murder. Yu Men Jie’s heart suddenly twitched. He realized there was something wrong. 

But he just smiled flatly. “I don’t care whether you have a good temper or not. If you have a bad temper, just know that my temper is even worse!” He didn’t mind infuriating Lin Feng. 

“You really want to become the vice-director?” asked Lin Feng, frowning coldly. 

“You really think I would be here if I didn’t really care?” Yu Men Jie smiled icily. 

Lin Feng was even more furious. Initially, he wanted to give Godly Ancestor Xing Yun face, but now it wasn’t necessary anymore. If he wasn’t strong enough, this man would have already killed him! 

Yu Men Jie was provoking him! Lin Feng had to teach him a good lesson; if he didn’t, the other students would make fun of him and they would all come and provoke him, too. 

“If you want to be the vice-director, no problem; all you have to do is defeat me,” Lin Feng grinned, getting ready to fight. He didn’t intend to play like before this time. He was going to fight seriously and his goal was naturally to defeat the man in the blink of an eye using only one attack. 

Lin Feng liked defeating his opponents in one attack. That way, he saved time and had more time to do other things. 

When Yu Men Jie heard Lin Feng, he looked surprised. Could it be that defeating Lin Feng wasn’t that easy? In any case, Yu Men Jie thought it was an incredible opportunity. He had to show his teacher how strong he was. He wanted to show his teacher that someone who had just arrived in the university could not steal the spotlight from him!

Yu Men Jie roared like thunder and charged Lin Feng, his energies rolling all around him. He wanted to suppress Lin Feng as quickly as possible. 

Brother, he came to provoke me so I’m going to teach him a good lesson, but I’m going to give you face by not killing him, thought Lin Feng, smiling icily. He stretched out his left hand and suddenly, a terrifying demon Qi rose up all around him, and surrounded Yu Men Jie’s arms. 

Yu Men Jie initially looked confident, but suddenly, his expression changed drastically. He was suddenly terrified. “Impossible. How is that possible?” Yu Men Jie pulled a long face. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Lin Feng had just used a thread of demon Qi and had immobilized him, even though he had gotten ready to use a trump card. Lin Feng’s strength was heavenly!

Lin Feng suppressed him and pushed him down. “Fall!” shouted Lin Feng disdainfully. Yu Men Jie coughed blood, as the demon Qi pierced through his body, and his face paled. Boom! He fell from the sky and crashed to the ground, forming a crater all around him. 

There was a clatter of footsteps as some others arrived. Lin Feng looked around and saw some young geniuses from the university. Some of them were holding swords, some daggers, some axes, but no matter what, they all had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, just like him. 

Lin Feng saw eight young geniuses so far… 

“Uncle Lin Feng, we would like to exchange views on cultivation!” shouted out the eight young geniuses, who also didn’t want to submit to Lin Feng. They wanted to see if Lin Feng was really strong, or if he had just been lucky when he had defeated the cultivator of the seventh Great Supreme God layer in the afternoon. 

The eight people stood in the sky, holding their weapons. They were all ready to fight against Lin Feng. 

Their only purpose was to teach Lin Feng a good lesson. It would be a catastrophe if Lin Feng was their vice-director. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun arrived at the top of the great palace, but didn’t intervene. He wanted to see how long the eight young geniuses would be able to resist Lin Feng. 

He was excited. He was hoping some of those disciples would become extremely strong someday. They would be the pride of the university. He would be proud of them. 

Lin Feng looked unconcerned, and wasn’t nervous at all. It wasn’t the first time so many Great Supreme Gods surrounded him. 

“Alright, as your Uncle, I’m going to check how strong you are. Argh!” Lin Feng was excited to fight. He didn’t ask himself whether fighting those eight disciples was a good idea or not; what he asked himself at that moment was… should he be merciful, or not? 

Lin Feng was excited. It was time for him to show how strong he was; that way, in the future, those disciples wouldn’t dare try to humiliate him again. 

He threw a punch. Fist shadows appeared everywhere, turning into ten million punches. They looked like shooting stars in the dark sky of the night as they diffused golden lights. The punches appeared in front of those eight disciples, aiming for their chests.

“Puny fist shadows! You think you can fight against us using such weak attacks?” shouted one of them furiously. He cut with his sword; cyan sword lights appeared and streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng. His sword Qi was extremely sharp! 

Lin Feng grinned mockingly. He was the first genius to resist Lin Feng’s punches and also the first one to attack him. He would thus become the first disciple Lin Feng was going to defeat. 

He flashed and suddenly appeared five meters away from the young genius, who had no idea Lin Feng would be so fast. 

“Aggressive Punch!” shouted Lin Feng, throwing a punch at the man’s chest. He didn’t restrain his strength, so when he punched the man, the man coughed blood and crashed to the ground. 

He was the first one Lin Feng took down! 

“Next!” said Lin Feng, glancing at the seven remaining young geniuses and smiling widely. He focused on the one who was standing at the front, wearing a black robe. 

Lin Feng flashed towards him. Even if that man also had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he was extremely weak compared to Lin Feng, who had lived in three different worlds. His fighting abilities were much better than a disciple like this! 

After that punch, another young genius was defeated. 

The second one was down!

When Godly Ancestor Xing Yun saw that, he felt less excited, and was starting to be worried. He didn’t want to see this. When the disciples fell down from the sky like that, they didn’t look like young geniuses anymore, they looked like old socks being thrown from the sky. 

After the first one and the second one, there was also a third. 

Lin Feng threw a punch at him. His energies were dazzling. The third disciple was bombarded by Lin Feng! 

The third one was down! 

The fourth one was down! 

The fifth one was down!…

“Everybody, let’s join hands!” shouted a young swordsman desperately. Even if they couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, they had to show him they weren’t weaklings. They couldn’t let Lin Feng think they were extremely easy to defeat! 

Three threads of sharp sword Qi shot towards Lin Feng swiftly. At that moment, Lin Feng felt a little bit of pressure, but not too much. It was fine if he just took them down one after the other easily, it needn’t all be fun. 

Cyan sword lights flashed. Lin Feng took out his Sword of Remote Times. One sword against three! They collided and sparkled. All the disciples’ expressions plummeted. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun would never forget this scene either, as the sixth, seventh and eight young geniuses all fell down from the sky. 

Lin Feng was safe and sound, standing high up in the air, watching the eight young geniuses on the ground indifferently. Yu Men Jie was still down there, too. Lin Feng had defeated nine young geniuses today. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun forced a smile. He didn’t know what to say or do. Lin Feng was really too strong compared to them. With that kind of strength, even cultivators of the sixth Great Supreme God layer couldn’t defeat him. 

Could it be that Lin Feng could compete with a Godly Ancestor? 

Thinking about that, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun grinned and then smiled broadly. 

“Brother, take this punch!” he shouted suddenly. His Qi rolled around him. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength move towards him. It would reach him in three seconds. 

Lin Feng released Buddha, demon, and Genesis Spiritual strength and fused them together. His energies appeared in front Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s energies. 

Boom, boom, boom!…

There were three explosions. Lin Feng had used three kinds of strength and still the Godly Ancestor pushed him tens of thousands of meters away. He was pushed from the great palace to the edge of the University of Stars and Clouds’ territory. He almost crashed into the wall encircling the territory of the university. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He knew how huge the difference between Godly Ancestor and Great Supreme Gods was. Or at least, he realized that he couldn’t compete with Godly Ancestors for the time being, they could still easily crush him! 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun wasn’t one of the strongest Godly Ancestors. His Qi was even weaker than Fu Hao’s Qi. It was clear he was much, much weaker than the Fire Spirit or the Four Great Battle Ancestors. 

Therefore, Lin Feng also understood that even though the Godly Ancestor layer wasn’t divided into sublevels, there were still differences between them!

Lin Feng took a deep breath and flashed back to the great palace, where the eight young geniuses and Yu Men Jie didn’t look proud and fierce anymore! 

Lin Feng had shaken the eight greatest young geniuses of the university, becoming a legend in the history of the university!

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