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Chapter 1105: Liang City’s Auctions!

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“What are you doing here? Don’t you feel like you’re losing face even more?” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun shouted icily at the disciples. He knew that if he didn’t say anything, they might still continue provoking Lin Feng, which would be reckless. Lin Feng had already controlled himself. If it had been the past, Lin Feng wouldn’t have hesitated to kill them! 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was amazed by Lin Feng’s power. If Lin Feng used his full strength, he could definitely compete with cultivators of the seventh and eighth Great Supreme God layer, thought Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. Of course, if Lin Feng met one of the young geniuses who had the strength of the seventh or eighth Great Supreme God layer, then he would struggle. 

But Lin Feng’s strength was already amazing. If he continued progressing at that speed, he would break through to the Godly Ancestor layer within a few years at most, and become one of the youngest Godly Ancestors in history!

He thought Lin Feng would become one of them because there were other Godly Ancestors who were less than a thousand years old, and they were already at the top in the World of Battles. 

The eight disciples bowed before Lin Feng and called him “Uncle” in low voices. 

Lin Feng looked indifferent. He wasn’t angry that the young geniuses had offended him. He was angry at Yu Men Jie, because Yu Men Jie was jealous and bitter. 

But Lin Feng didn’t say that aloud. He didn’t tell Godly Ancestor Xing Yun anything about Yu Men Jie, either. Since Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had chosen Yu Men Jie as a disciple, Lin Feng had nothing to say. 

The eight young geniuses and Yu Men Jie left. Yu Men Jie still looked angry. He told himself he would definitely become vice-director someday! 

He didn’t know that Lin Feng didn’t really care about being a vice-director. Yu Men Jie considered that status as something glorious and incredible. Lin Feng thought it was trivial. 

“Brother, don’t worry about what happened today, they are just…”

“Brother, I just wanted to see how strong your disciples were. Don’t worry. If they provoke me again though, I cannot promise I won’t kill them,” Lin Feng interrupted him unhappily. He had given Godly Ancestor Xing Yun face this time, but if it happened again, he would kill them directly, not just teach them a good lesson. 

When Godly Ancestor Xing Yun heard how resolute Lin Feng sounded, he didn’t laugh. He knew Lin Feng was serious, so he also knew he had to make those reckless disciples understand that if they provoked Lin Feng again, they would die! 

“Don’t worry, brother. I will tell them,” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun nodded. It wasn’t easy to raise young geniuses; he had invested three hundred years of time to raise and train them. If Lin Feng killed them, it would be a great loss, especially since Lin Feng and he were now sworn brothers. 

Lin Feng nodded, and didn’t take it to heart. It was over. Lin Feng headed back to rest. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun pulled a long face. He had to teach those ungrateful disciples a good lesson! 

He couldn’t let them act recklessly again. They had to understand they couldn’t just walk around and offend anyone in the university. They were lucky Lin Feng hadn’t killed them all! 


Nobody other then Lin Feng slept that night.

The day after, early in the morning, Lin Feng woke up. He massaged his neck and arms, stood up and walked to the window. There was a rising mist above the ground, floating into the blue sky.

The gentle breeze pushed the mist away. The mist didn’t recede, it just floated away gently. 

The World of Battles looked like a beautiful painting compared to the Country of Eternity. It was a lovely place to live. 

“They all say the World of Battles is a cruel, terrifying, and violent world but I don’t think it is. They just demonized the people of the World of Battles,” Lin Feng sighed. There were good and bad places in the World of Battles, too…

“Teacher, the teacher wants to see you in the great hall.” A young man in blue clothes had appeared at the entrance of the great palace, but stayed far away from the door. He didn’t want anyone to believe he had violated the rules and stepped into the palace. 

Lin Feng nodded to the disciple, then flashed into the air and flew towards the great hall. The disciple in blue clothes looked after Lin Feng in admiration. The Great Supreme God in the sky is truly a young genius, thought the disciple. 

He hoped he could become that strong in the future!


Lin Feng soon arrived in the great hall.

He didn’t put on airs and adhered to common formalities. Many disciples didn’t know what to say. Lin Feng was the only one who dared enter the palace like that. If it had been someone else, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun would have punished them. Lin Feng seemed so dignified and majestic. 

Not only was Lin Feng the only one who dared do that, but when he arrived Godly Ancestor Xing Yun even greeted him with a huge smile, and wasn’t angry at all. The disciples realized Lin Feng was probably much stronger than they had thought. 

“Brother, sit down,” said the ancestor, waving to a chair. 

Lin Feng waved and said, “Brother, just tell me what you want. If there’s nothing in particular, I want to go and visit the city.”

“You want to go to Liang City?” asked Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. He was surprised, but then grinned. He was initially wondering how to tell Lin Feng about it. But since Lin Feng had mentioned it himself, it was perfect!

“That city is called Liang City?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Brother, go and visit. No problem. Hehe,” said Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. He took out a red invitation and gave it to Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the invitation card; nothing was written on it, so Lin Feng inspected its contents. 

“Auctions? Liang City’s auctions?” Lin Feng was surprised. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun thought Lin Feng’s godly awareness was powerful. He had managed to check the content of the invitation card even though Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had put his own godly awareness of the Godly Ancestor layer inside. No wonder Lin Feng was considered a young genius! 

“Brother, are you interested?” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun smiled cheerfully. He really hoped Lin Feng would go and obtain some useful items. 

He was always afraid items of the university would get stolen. He was a Godly Ancestor, so he couldn’t really impose himself. But this time, Lin Feng was there and not many people could compete with him. 

When Godly Ancestor Xing Yun thought about that, he was relieved. 

“Will there be good items at the auctions?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. He hadn’t been to auctions for a very long time. He was a Great Supreme God now and items at auction houses usually weren’t very useful for Great Supreme Gods. 

“Of course. Auctions in the World of Battles are one way of obtaining precious items, beasts, skeletons, and all sorts of things you can use for cultivation. Imagine the skeleton of a Godly Ancestor… You can make extraordinary things with the skeleton of a Godly Ancestor. Skeletons, scrolls, and ancient books you can find in extraordinary Godly Ancestors’ graves are incredibly useful. 

“There are many crystals which are very useful for Great Supreme Gods. Thanks to those crystals, a Great Supreme God can make more progress in one day than in a month of cultivation practice. 

“And when Great Imperial Weapons show up, then people go crazy and sometimes there are deadly fights!

“What do you think, Brother, are you interested?” asked Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, grinning widely. 

Such auctions didn’t exist in the Country of Eternity. One had to find treasures or steal them from people. It was very primitive. 

During these last few years, Lin Feng hadn’t gone to any auctions. But in the World of Battles, auctions seemed much better. There were even items useful for Great Supreme Gods. Lin Feng thought that it would be a pity if he didn’t go. 

Initially, he just wanted to walk around and visit the city, but since there were auctions, why not go? 

“Brother, give me the invitation card. I’ll go!” answered Lin Feng agreeably.

“Haha! Good! You’re brave, Brother!” replied Godly Ancestor Xing Yun happily. He hastily gave the invitation card to Lin Feng, then glanced at the eight young geniuses and Yu Men Jie, who had just arrived. 

“Brother, choose a disciple to go with you,” instructed Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, pointing to the young geniuses and Yu Men Jie. All the Great Supreme Gods of the university were there, and Lin Feng could choose one as his servant. 

The eight geniuses looked at Lin Feng respectfully. They slowly started accepting him as vice-director and recognized him as a strong cultivator, except for Yu Men Jie. 

Yu Men Jie pulled a long face. Lin Feng was a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, just like him. Why had he obtained such a high position in the university, even though he was a newcomer? 

Yu Men Jie was angry. He looked at Lin Feng and hoped he would be chosen to go to the auctions. The auctions were also a good place to show how strong someone was. 

Yu Men Jie didn’t think of just the University of Stars and Clouds. He wanted to be admired by everybody in the World of Battles, not just the members of the university. 

“Since it’s that way, I’ll choose Yu Men Jie!” said Lin Feng emotionlessly after a long time. Everybody was astonished. 

“Yu Men Jie, Di Shang, you’re going to the auctions with Uncle Lin Feng!” Godly Ancestor ordered Xing Yun sternly. 

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