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Chapter 1108: Pure Qi Enhancing Pellet!


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“You, come here,” said Lin Feng to the woman in the red dress suddenly. He crooked his forefinger and stared at her, his expression unfriendly. 

Many people suddenly realized that the University of Stars and Clouds had changed, and that change was embodied by the man in front of them. 

The woman started to panic. She took a deep breath and smiled at Lin Feng. She walked over to Lin Feng, rolling her hips and trying to look sexy and seductive. 

“Sigh, Prince, I am not very smart, I hadn’t seen you were so strong and powerful. Please don’t blame me! We should get to know each other, handsome,” said the woman, staring Lin Feng in the eyes and licking her lips. Many of the men around were already aroused, and wanted to sleep with her. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, some of them would have asked her to come to a room on the first floor with them. 

The first floor was where all the prostitutes were. 

Lin Feng glared at the woman. She looked filthy and disgusting. Lin Feng felt like puking. But he had called her and there was a reason for that. 

“Bring me to the fourth floor.” Lin Feng grabbed one of her breasts. They were big and soft. How enjoyable! 

Lin Feng felt like repeating Buddha be praised a thousand times and hoped his wives would understand if they were here. 

“Prince, please come with me.” the woman walked away, still rolling her hips. At that moment, Yu Men Jie and Di Shang were both shaking, and couldn’t stay calm. 

Di Shang didn’t even dare say anything to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was really aggressive and crazy. 

When they passed the first floor, they didn’t stop. Lin Feng wanted to go to the fourth floor. The fourth floor was much wider. There were thirty tables and thirty chairs. Each table was a dozen meters wide. The hall was gigantic and there were many women in red dresses all around. 

At the same time, there were many people seated there. They had seen how imposing and awe-inspiring Lin Feng had been a moment before when he defeated the Young Master of the Luo Clan, They wondered whether Lin Feng would manage to get back to the University of Stars and Clouds alive.

“Please sit down, Prince,” said the woman in red dress bringing Lin Feng to a table at the very front. It was in the very middle of the first row at the front. Initially, that seat had been reserved for Luo Pi, but she had no choice but to give it Lin Feng now 

Lin Feng didn’t think twice and sat down. Lin Feng didn’t care about his seat, but since the woman had brought him to that one so why not sit? When he sat down, the woman grinned coldly. She had achieved her goal. Lin Feng dared sit there, which was a terrible offense to the Luo Clan. 

The seats of the University of Stars and Clouds were to the sides. They had used the same seats for hundreds of years, but this time Lin Feng was seated in one of the Luo Clan’s seats. The Luo Clan wouldn’t forgive him. 

She wasn’t qualified to choose seats for the guests. The seats were predetermined by high officials. She couldn’t wait to see if Lin Feng would still act aggressively and arrogantly in front of the members of the Luo Clan! 

“You can leave.” Lin Feng took out a million godly coins and gave them to her. She wanted to sit on his lap and obtain more money from him, but Lin Feng pushed her away. 

He didn’t do it with much strength, but the woman understood. She grunted icily and left the fourth floor, heading back to the entrance to welcome guests. 

Yu Men Jie and Di Shang’s expressions fell, staring at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. Lin Feng was seated in Luo Pi’s seat, and the seats reserved for the University of Stars and Clouds were empty. 

Di Shang walked over to Lin Feng and said worriedly, “Uncle, this seat…”

“Shhh. Sit down. The auctions are going to start,” Lin Feng interrupted him. Lin Feng pointed to the stage, where an old man was standing on the stage. 

Di Shang understood what his Uncle meant, but he was still extremely worried. The University of Stars and Clouds wasn’t that strong, they couldn’t afford to offend an influential group like the Luo Clan. 

At the same time, Di Shang was also excited for the University of Stars and Clouds. Someone powerful and aggressive was standing up for them! The University of Stars and Clouds was also going to enjoy the auctions this time. In the past, all the other groups used to make fun of the University of Stars and Clouds, but this time Lin Feng was there and he had even taught Luo Pi a good lesson!

The members of the Luo Clan weren’t the only ones who seen it; everybody else had too!

Di Shang and Yu Men Jie glanced at each other and then sat down at Lin Feng’s sides. They had to obey him since they had come with him. 


After a long time, Luo Pi came in, looking glum and furious. There were four evil and cruel-looking middle-aged men with him who weren’t there before. When they arrived in the great hall, Luo Pi was completely dumbstruck. Lin Feng and his two servants were seated on the Luo Clan’s seats? 

Flames of fury appeared in his eyes, but he couldn’t do much; Lin Feng had already taught him a good lesson. 

“Elders, that man humiliated me. Go and teach him a good lesson,” ordered Luo Pi spitefully, pointing at Lin Feng. The four tall and sturdy men behind him nodded and walked up to Lin Feng angrily. 

The atmosphere became extremely tense. The representatives of the other influential groups, such as the elders of the Bao Long Pavilion and the Young Masters of the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments, plus the waitresses all looked at Lin Feng. He was in danger this time. 

Di Shang and Yu Men Jie stood up hastily and worriedly, but Lin Feng dragged them back down. 

“Masters, come out and let’s have some fun.” Lin Feng’s voice resonated all around in his spirit world. Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming heard Lin Feng and appeared in the great hall. 

Everybody was astonished when they saw the two Great Supreme Gods appear all of a suddenly. Both had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer! 

In Lin Feng’s world, both Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming had broken through to the sixth Great Supreme God layer, and were growing stronger and stronger. Lin Feng had brought both of them back to life. 

Today, they could be useful!

“Little boy, give us two seats,” said Shi Si Ming, smiling kindly at Di Shang. Di Shang hastily stood up and gave his seat to him. 

Yu Men Jie had no choice, as he also stood up and gave his seat to Lin Ou. They ended up standing at Lin Feng’s side. 

There were now Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming, who had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer; Di Shang and Yu Men Jie, who had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer; and so did Lin Feng, so they weren’t weaker than any of the other entourages from other influential groups. 

When the four middle-aged men saw all that, they stopped walking. Of the four of them, there was one cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer; the three others had the strength of the fifth. If they continued provoking Lin Feng, they would all suffer losses. It could even end up tragically. 

The four men looked back at Luo Pi. Luo Pi looked extremely unhappy. He raised his hand and waved them back, even if he didn’t feel like it. He randomly chose seats on the second row. 


Luo Pi sat down and the auctions started. 

“Hehe, welcome to Liang City’s auctions, everybody. Today, there are six precious treasures for sale and appetizers. Bring some the appetizers to the guests.”

When the white-bearded old man said that, all the waitresses in red dresses started walking around, rolling their hips when they walked. They all brought beautiful golden boxes to the old man, then went back to the stage again. 

Everybody was amazed by the beauty of those women, apart from Lin Feng, whose wives were all devastatingly beautiful. 

“Everybody look,” said the old man, opening a golden box. Dazzling lights illuminated the whole room. 

There were two golden pellets inside, as big as thumbs. Their sweet smell filled the air of the room. Everybody in the building could smell the bewitchingly sweet odor. Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed when he sensed that Qi, because it triggered his pure Qi system. 

“Two Pure Qi Enhancing Pellets, very useful for Great Supreme Gods and Supreme Gods. It improves their pure Qi system and make it more stable. When a cultivator takes one pellet, he can break through up to sixty percent of a cultivation layer,” explained the old man. It drew the attention of many independent cultivators. Those pellets could be used to break through to a cultivation layer safely without any incident! 

“The starting price of this auction is five million godly coins,” said the old man. 

“Six million!” shouted a tall and sturdy man in black clothes from the last row. He sounded determined. Everybody in the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments heard him. 

“Seven million!”

“Eight million!”…

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