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Chapter 1109: World Dragon Skeleton!


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“Ten million!” bid Luo Pi after a while from the second row. He raised a plate; on it was written Ten Million. They had to do so as proof they had the funds. 

When Luo Pi shouted ten million, everybody became silent for the time being. Ten million for two Pure Qi Enhancing Pellets wasn’t worth it, most people thought. 

“Twelve million,” countered someone casually. That person was in the first row. Everybody looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. Lin Feng raised a plate on which was written Twelve Million. The old man on stage rejoiced and smiled broadly. Many people were astonished by the bid. 

“We got twelve million there. Thirteen anyone? Fourteen?” the old man smiled. Everybody thought it was way too high for two Pure Qi Enhancing Pellets. They didn’t need to waste their money on such things. 

Di Shang and Yu Men Jie both looked at Lin Feng skeptically. Why was he willing to spend so much money on such items? Why did he want the pellets that much? Nobody really needed them in the University of Stars and Clouds for the time being. 

They were both confused, but they didn’t say anything. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had sent them with Lin Feng and had told them to obey Lin Feng, so they had nothing to say. They had to abide by the rules Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had set. 

“Thirteen million!” shouted Luo Pi furiously, raising his plate. Everybody was dumbstruck. 

The Young Master of the Kong Sect, the Young Master of the Bao Long Pavilion, and all the other Young Masters noticed that there were tensions between Lin Feng and Luo Pi. It was like Luo Pi was trying to regain his honor by winning the bid. 

While the crowd was thinking, Lin Feng raised his plate again and said coolly, “Fourteen million!”

“Fifteen million!” Luo Pi raised his plate again. 

“Seventeen million,” countered Lin Feng, without even glancing at Luo Pi. His expression remained the same, as expressionless as if he didn’t care at all. 

Yu Men Jie and Di Shang were both confused. What was Lin Feng trying to achieve? 

“Eighteen million.”

“Twenty million.”

“Twenty-three million.”

“Twenty-five million.”

“Twenty-eight million,” said Lin Feng, raising his plate again. 

Luo Pi glared at him in fury and clenched his fists. He wanted to punch Lin Feng’s head and make it explode, but unfortunately, he was too weak for that. 

“Thirty million! It’s mine!” shouted Luo Pi, hammering the table with his fist furiously. He stood up and stared at Lin Feng furiously. 

“Alright, Young Master Luo Pi; you are the prince of the Luo Clan and you have lots of money. Those two Pure Qi Enhancing Pellets are yours for sixty million. Congratulations,” said Lin Feng, smiling in amusement at that moment. His expression showed that he had given up on the bidding. 

Everybody looked at Luo Pi. He was bright red, and then suddenly, he coughed up blood. His Qi became extremely weak. Lin Feng had infuriated him, and pushed him too far! 

“Young Master, are you all right?”

“Young Master, Young Master!”

Luo Pi coughed up more blood. The expressions of the four middle-aged men behind him fell. They grabbed Luo Pi to support him and prevent him from collapsing. But Luo Pi’s heart kept twitching painfully. 

When he bid thirty million, he didn’t know it was for only one pellet. He was apoplectic. What a joke! For two stupid pellets, the price was doubled, so he would have to pay sixty million for them! His father would definitely be furious with him! 

He had been fooled by Lin Feng, but he had no choice but to force a smile. He could only blame himself. Who told him to continue provoking Lin Feng? By doing so, he would just injure himself! 

He had no choice, but to swallow the bitter pill. 

“Alright, since nobody is raising, I declare that the two Pure Qi Enhancing Pellets are Young Master Luo Pi’s for a total sum of sixty million godly coins. Please go to the back of the stage to pay,” said the white-bearded old man, smiling at Luo Pi. Luo Pi and the others all turned purple. 

This would be a huge issue for the rest of the auctions. Lin Feng was really evil. Luo Pi knew he really had to be careful, and he couldn’t let Lin Feng deceive him again. 

“Alright, alright!” responded Luo Pi, gnashing his teeth unhappily. The old man didn’t care, he was just in charge of the auctions and of selling things. He didn’t care about the rest. 

“The next treasure is the main item of the auction. Everybody, look!” exclaimed the old man. Two women in red dresses brought out a gigantic silver box. 

Lin Feng twitched. His pure dragon Qi was roused. The dragon throne he had taken from the Lun Bi Empire and the dragon belt he had obtained in the Fa Lan Empire also started trembling. 

Even without those two items, Lin Feng’s pure dragon Qi would have also been awakened. He had forgotten he still had the two dragon items, but this time, they were reacting too!

Dragon Qi? That item probably has something to do with the Dragon Clan, thought Lin Feng, remaining calm and aloof. 

“Everybody, look! Open!” proclaimed the old man loudly. The two women opened the frame, and a ten meter dragon skeleton appeared, looking quite lifelike. Everybody was astonished. It was as shiny as crystal and rainbow colors shone from it. 

Pure dragon Qi filled the air. Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng was not the only one who felt excited. If his dragon Qi reacted, it meant they were trying to tell him that this item was extremely precious, and that he had to obtain it! 

Could my two items be connected to this dragon skeleton?, thought Lin Feng grimly, his curiosity piqued. His pure dragon Qi shook even more violently. 

His Buddhist Qi could barely control the dragon Qi anymore. It showed how extraordinary that item was!

“World Dragon Skeleton; the skeleton of a dragon Godly Ancestor from the Dragon Clan! It’s extremely old, from the ancient times. The descendants of the Dragon Clan then refined it and it became the World Dragon Skeleton. This skeleton can be used to create Godly Ancestral Weapons.

“If you don’t use it to make a weapon, you can also use it to make armor. That way, a cultivator could resist the attack of a Godly Ancestor and survive. The World Dragon Skeleton is definitely extraordinary!

“The reason why there is such an item at the auctions of Liang City is because we do business with the World Dragon Clan. The World Dragon Clan needs money, so they’re selling the World Dragon Skeleton.

“No matter who wins this one, the World Dragon Clan will contact and congratulate the winner personally and directly.

“Alright. No need to talk to much. The starting price for this treasure is eighty million godly coins.”

“A hundred million!” burst out someone on the third floor as soon as the old man said that. Everybody was astonished on the other floors of the building. They weren’t qualified to join the auctions, but when they heard the price, they knew it was a costly item. 

However, a hundred million godly coins for the World Dragon Skeleton was still cheap. Everybody knew that price wasn’t enough to win the World Dragon Skeleton! 

“A hundred and thirty million!” called out Luo Pi, grinding his teeth. He had no choice but to bid, as his clan had given him the order that he had to buy that World Dragon Skeleton. It was one of the things they wanted the most; no matter the price, he had to get it, and his limit was three hundred million!

“A hundred and fifty million,” countered a young man on the first road. He was on the right of the first row, wearing a robe with wavy patterns on it. 

“Young Master Jing Shan, he’s from the Bao Long Pavilion.” whispered Di Shang in Lin Feng’s ear. When Lin Feng heard the name of the Bao Long Pavilion, he thought they were probably connected to the Dragon Clan (Translator’s Note: Bao Long means “Precious Dragon”) so it wasn’t surprising they wanted this item. But, it didn’t matter; it could still be used to make extraordinary treasures, even for people who weren’t connected to the Dragon Clan. 

“One hundred and seventy million,” a bald man seated on Lin Feng’s left raised calmly. Lin Feng understood that all the members of the powerful influential groups of the city were competing for this item. 

The Young Master of the Kong Sect, Young Master Kong Du, also bid. 

Lin Feng glanced at Young Master Kong Du, surprised. He was a Buddhist cultivator and had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, which in Liang City could already be considered exceptional for a young genius. 

He was a Buddhist cultivator; were there multiple branches of Buddhism in the World of Battles? Lin Feng was surprised. This world was completely different from the Country of Eternity. In the World of Battles, there were extremely strong cultivators. Lin Feng thought he might even bump into some demon cultivators at some point, too! 

“One hundred eighty million!” shouted Luo Pi angrily. Three people were now competing for the item.

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