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Chapter 1110: Five Hundred Million!


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“Young Master Luo Pi raised to one hundred and eighty million. Anyone else?” asked the old man when he saw the others remaining silent. If nobody raised, the Dragon Clan would be furious; one hundred and eighty million was far from enough for the item! 

If the skeleton of the Dragon Clan’s Godly Ancestor was sold at two hundred million, they would be devastated. The World Dragon Clan would never accept that. 

The old man looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had kept raising for the first item and now he was all calm and silent. 

Lin Feng ignored the old man’s look and glanced around. He was convinced that someone was going to raise. He also thought that the price would increase to at least three hundred million, if not more. Therefore, he didn’t need to bid for the time being. 

“Two hundred million.”

As expected, a few seconds later, a man seated on the left side of the second row, his face covered, bid. 

People noticed him only once he bid. He had been extremely discreet, so many people hadn’t noticed him. Some people thought that he was probably a strong prince in a powerful group. People who had invitation cards to the auctions all had special statuses, after all. 

The man wasn’t from the Luo Sect, the Kong Sect, the Bao Long Pavilion, or the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments. He couldn’t be from the University of Stars and Clouds, either, because Lin Feng was the representative of the University of Stars and Clouds. 

Lin Feng glanced at the man whose face was covered, trying to remember him as well as he could. He was probably an extraordinary young genius. He had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, but he was definitely as strong as a cultivator of the seventh. 

He’s a public figure, thought Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at the man whose face was covered and the man looked back at him. 

“Two hundred million,” said the bald man, scratching his head. It was probably a habit, but it could be a sign of anxiety, too. 

“Two hundred fifty million,” said Young Master Jing Shan languidly. 

“Three hundred million,” said the man whose face was covered, calmly raising his plate. Many people were stupefied. 

Who was that? He was there alone and he dared bid along with the most powerful young geniuses of the other groups. He was definitely extremely strong! 

“Three hundred and thirty million,” said Luo Pi grinding his teeth. He was already covered in cold sweat. That price had already exceeded the limit the Luo Clan had set, but he was willing to take a risk. 

“Three hundred and fifty million!” said Lin Feng finally. Di Shang and Yu Men Jie were relieved. They had thought Lin Feng wasn’t going to bid. The University of Stars and Clouds needed good items! 

They didn’t lack money, they actually had a lot, but the University of Stars and Clouds had been created for a short time only and by someone who wasn’t native, so people had bullied and oppressed them without excuse. 

This time, Lin Feng was going to help the University of Stars and Clouds regain face. Nobody would dare underestimate them again… or at least Lin Feng! 

Luo Pi felt devastated and hopeless. He had thought trying three hundred and thirty million would be enough, but he hadn’t even had time to pronounce the last syllable of his sentence before Lin Feng had already raised. 

He was so furious he started shaking violently, glaring at Lin Feng furiously. 

“You really want to fight with me, little boy?” Luo Pi looked at him ferociously. His eyes were filled with murder. Young Master Kong Du and Young Master Jing Shan both looked at Lin Feng in amusement. How did he intend to solve the issue this time? 

“Young Master Luo Pi, we are not enemies. Why would I want to fight with you? Am I not allowed to bid on items? Do I need to let you win everything?” retorted Lin Feng icily. Luo Pi looked even glummer. 

“You, alright, very good, little boy, I’ll wait for you outside after the auctions! You’ll see! Go! Let’s go!” shouted Luo Pi furiously, looking at the four tall and sturdy middle-aged men. They left the auction house angrily, giving up. The women in red dresses tried to get them to stay, but it didn’t work. 

Luo Pi had had enough. Lin Feng had infuriated him again, but he couldn’t do anything. He had to control his anger for the time being. He wasn’t strong enough, so he needed to ask for backup. He had to make Lin Feng pay the price for humiliating him!

“Wait for me!” Luo Pi swore at Lin Feng telepathically. 

Lin Feng frowned, not scared at all. “As you wish. Wait for me!” he shot back instantly.

Luo Pi left the great hall and the auctions continued. It didn’t stop just because of him. 

“Three hundred and seventy million,” said Young Master Kong Du, snickering and looking at Lin Feng next to him respectfully. No matter whether he would obtain the World Dragon Skeleton or not, it was a fierce and enjoyable duel! 

Lin Feng was the most serene one, because the money wasn’t his, so he didn’t feel bad spending it. At the same time, he hoped he could obtain items at their best value to yield a profit. 

“Three hundred eighty million!” countered Young Master Jing Shan, raising his plate. That was an extraordinary price already. But…

“Four hundred million!” raised the man whose face was covered. 

“Oh my heavens, who is that? He’s so rich!”

“I don’t know, but he seems very wealthy. He’s definitely from a great sect or clan.”

“Maybe. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, the auctions are really fun anyway.”…

Everybody was looking at the bidders and whispering. Three hundred million, not many people were willing to put so much money into an item. 

“Four hundred and thirty million!” challenged Young Master Jing Shan. 

“Four hundred and fifty million!” Young Master Kong Du raised. He seemed calm and serene. 

“Five hundred million!” stated Lin Feng at that moment. 

Five hundred million! 

Everybody was speechless. Five hundred million… That was one of the highest bids in the history of the auctions!

There was a room upstairs that looked like it had come out straight of a painting. A devastatingly beautiful woman was within. One glance at her could make anyone lose their senses. 

The woman was wearing a beautiful, brightly colored dress. She looked like a princess in a novel, but she was wearing a veil so one couldn’t really see her face. 

That woman was one of the leader’s women, Qian Jin Cai Yue! 

“Interesting. Very interesting. Five hundred million. I’m enjoying it,” Qian Jin Cai Yue smiled. The women in dresses around her looked ugly compared to her, even if they weren’t. But Qian Jin Cai Yue truly was incredibly beautiful, especially when she smiled. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue She was a woman who had caused the second greatest catastrophe of the city. Some time before, an extremely aggressive and violent cultivator had come to kidnap Qian Jin Cai Yue, but then an extremely powerful cultivator of the Godly Ancestor layer had shown up, beaten him up, and pulled his soul right out of his body. 

The strong cultivator had died, and his soul had become one of Qian Jin Cai Yue’s toys. 

Nobody dared put pressure on Qian Jin Cai Yue after that, so she lived alone, freely and leisurely, in the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments. 

“Miss, I asked about what you told me,” a woman in a red dress spoke up respectfully at that moment. She even knelt down and lowered her head. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue glanced at her and asked casually, “Who is he?”

“Lin Feng! He has just arrived in the World of Battles. He’s one of the young geniuses who have just arrived from the Country of Eternity. He was fourth in the ranking list, but no influential group chose him.”


“The twelve Buddhist Ancestors of Buddhist Mountain transmitted their knowledge to him!”

“Oh?” Qian Jin Cai Yue’s beautiful eyes twinkled like the moonlight at the surface of a lake. If men had been there, they would have all been aroused. 

“Go down. When the auctions are over, have him stay. I want to see him,” ordered Qian Jin Cai Yue icily. The woman in the red dress nodded and ran away with her head still lowered. 

On the fourth floor, the auction continued. 

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