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Chapter 1111: List of the World of Battles!


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“Prince Lin Feng raised to five hundred million. Anyone else?” asked the old man, looking to the Young Masters who had bid before: Young Master Kong Du, Young Master Jing Shan, and the one whose face was covered. They had all bid too before. 

Kong Du frowned. His clan hadn’t asked him to get the World Dragon Skeleton at all costs, they just wanted a few precious items, so he couldn’t spend all his money on the World Dragon Skeleton. Therefore, he gave up and shook his head. 

The man whose face was covered remained silent. He didn’t want the skeleton for more than five hundred million. 

Lin Feng didn’t look at anyone, and just waited. The man whose face was covered and Kong Du had given up already. Jing Shan still had an opportunity. 

Jing Shan looked quite grave. Everybody was looking at him. Everybody thought the World Dragon Skeleton was extraordinary, so he couldn’t give up. No matter who Lin Feng was, he had to get that skeleton. 

“Five hundred and thirty million, plus thirty million gold stones,” said Jing Shan. If Lin Feng raised, then Jing Shan would have no choice but to give up. 

“Alright, since Young Master Jing Shan wants it for five hundred and thirty million godly coins plus thirty million gold stones, Prince Lin Feng, are you going to raise?” asked the old man, smiling kindly. Everybody understood what the old man was trying to do. 

The higher the price, the happier he was. 

Lin Feng looked at Jing Shan, then he glanced at the one whose face was covered. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know who he was, he could sense a faint dragon Qi from him. Other people couldn’t but Lin Feng could because he had pure dragon Qi in his body. He had given birth to a dragon, after all, and he also had the Dragon Belt and the Dragon Throne. 

The man had dragon Qi, and on top of that he had been trying to make the price skyrocket since the beginning. Li n Feng came to the conclusion that the man was probably from the World Dragon Clan and trying to make as much profit as possible. 

Therefore, Lin Feng finally gave up and let the man win the bid.  “I give up.”

 “Uncle, you…” Di Shang and Yu Men Jie’s expressions fell in confusion. The university had given him a few hundred million, why had Lin Feng given up the World Dragon Skeleton, which was an extraordinary treasure? 

“If you don’t justify yourself, you will regret it. I will report you to our teacher and he will take care of you!” spat Yu Men Jie glumly. 

Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming looked at Yu Men Jie angrily. Yu Men Jie suddenly felt great pressure and groaned with pain. He ground his teeth and tried to forget the pain. Even if those two were Godly Ancestors, he didn’t intend to flinch! 

Lin Ou looked at Lin Feng, inquiring what to do with the idiot. 

In the past, Lin Feng wouldn’t have wasted time. He looked at Yu Men Jie and smiled indifferently, then ignored him and didn’t reply after that. 

The atmosphere became extremely lively when Young Master Jing Shan raised again and won the auction. 

“Thank you very much, Brother,” said Jing Shan, smiling at his servant. He smiled at Lin Feng and thanked him earnestly, too. Lin Feng hadn’t stopped bidding because of the price, but Jing Shan didn’t know that, he just thought Lin Feng wanted to give the Bao Long Pavilion face. 

Jing Shan beamed confidently. He couldn’t know Lin Feng had given up the auction because of something else but it didn’t matter. If he thought Lin Feng had been nice, great! 

“No problem. We can help each other!” replied Lin Feng with a smile. Jing Shan heard him, he looked thoughtful for a few seconds. 

The Bao Long Pavilion had already succeeded. Even though the next item was great, it couldn’t be as good as the skeleton!

“Alright, next item, please!” called out the old man, smiling and waving at two women in red dresses. Their dresses were very revealing. One could see half of their beautiful snowy-white thighs. 

The two women brought out a gigantic yellow piece of leather that looked quite old. The crowd didn’t understand what such an item was doing at those auctions after the World Dragon Skeleton. 

“It’s an ancient scroll! The owner wants to remain anonymous.”

“What? A hundred million? How audacious!”

“That guy is insane! It’s a rip off! Why would anyone buy that scroll?”

“Why would I waste my money on something like that?”

Many people burst into an uproar. Such a high price for a crappy item? One hundred million godly coins?! People couldn’t believe it. 

The old man blushed. He didn’t know what to say from the top of the stage, but since the owner had asked him to set the starting price at one hundred million, he had no choice. 

Starting price, one hundred million! 

“Anyone?” asked the old man, glancing at the Young Masters in the front row. If nobody bid, then he wouldn’t be able to sell the scroll. 

“A scroll is useless if I don’t know what it contains. What if it just contained an ordinary skill? That would be worthless. I’m not interested,” said Kong Du, shaking his head. 

“Brother Lin Feng, it’s yours,” said Jing Shan, smiling at Lin Feng. He could see that that scroll was extraordinary, but he wasn’t interested. 

The man whose face was covered remained silent, so everybody looked at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng bid, then the item would be his. 

If Lin Feng didn’t want it, then nobody else would bid. 

Lin Feng glanced around; nobody wanted it? He grinned, and glanced at Di Shang and Yu Men Jie. 

They just looked back at him. 

Since it’s that way… 

“Alright for one hundred million,” agreed Lin Feng. The atmosphere was silent. 

“Eh…” Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming didn’t understand. Why did Lin Feng want that scroll? 

“Uncle, you’re going too far…” warned Di Shang. He was finally getting angry, too. Yu Men Jie was still looking at Lin Feng angrily. 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He ignored their expressions and said to the old man, “I’ll give you the money at the back of the stage after the auctions. For now, just give me the item.”

“Alright!” agreed the old man, smiling respectfully. He gave the scroll to Lin Feng personally. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and took it. It was soft and warm, definitely not an ordinary leather. It might not even be leather, it could be something that looked like it. 

Lin Feng took the scroll. Everybody looked at it, wondering whether that scroll contained a powerful skill or not. Otherwise it would be a waste of money. 

Lin Feng got ready to open the scroll. Di Shang and Yu Men Jie got closer and put their heads above the scroll to see better. Even though they were furious, they were also a little bit excited to see what was going to happen. 

Lin Feng unrolled the scroll. The first thing he saw was a words written in dazzling ink. 

List of the World of Battles!

“That’s the… That’s the World…” Yu Men Jie looked overjoyed all of a sudden. However, when he started speaking, Lin Feng looked at him furiously. 

“Shut the fuck up!”

Yu Men Jie was panic-stricken and stopped talking, but many people noticed his expression. Lin Feng had probably obtained an incredible treasure in that scroll. Yu Men Jie, a cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, looked dumbstruck. 

“Brother Lin, what did you obtain?” asked Jing Shan curiously. Kong Du also turned around and looked at Lin Feng. They both looked greedy. 

Lin Feng put the scroll in his space ring and smiled, “A battle array.”

“A battle array? It’s a battle array?” When the two of them heard Lin Feng, they were surprised. They couldn’t believe it. 

 They thought Lin Feng was hiding something, but they didn’t insist. 

Yu Men Jie could barely keep calm. It was the List of the World of Battles!

It was the List where all the overlords of the World of Battles were registered. It was extraordinary! It was normally almost impossible to learn anything about those overlords. With the list, things would be much easier! 

And for only one hundred million? 

The owner of the list had been kind. Luckily, Lin Feng had seized the opportunity, even if Yu Men Jie didn’t admit it. 

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