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Chapter 1112: Called by The Miss!


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“Alright, please bring out the next treasure,” ordered the old man. A woman in a red dress brought out a small box. The box was made of dazzling golden dragon scales, and a strange kind of Qi suppressed the crowd. 

Even though that thread of Qi couldn’t be considered powerful, it was still oppressive, which meant that the item within was something extraordinary again. It was probably something as valuable as the World Dragon Skeleton, and might even be worth much more. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have radiated such strength.

“Open the box,” ordered the old man, waving at the woman in the dress. The woman opened the box, and pure golden Buddhist lights illuminated the room, and even surrounded the whole building. 

Everybody was stupefied, especially Lin Feng, who had a particular affinity with Buddhist energies. Now that he had obtained the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill from the twelve Buddhist Ancestors, his Buddha strength was just inferior to the Buddhist Ancestor layer. When they opened the box, Lin Feng understood it was an extraordinary item. 

“A mala. It was used by an ancient Buddha in the ancient times. It is an honor to sell such an item today at the auctions. Therefore, the starting price is set at two hundred million,” declared the old man. Everybody was surprised by the change of his tone of speech. Many people also looked at the item greedily. A mala used by an ancient Buddhist Ancestor; it wouldn’t be bad to have it! 

“Two hundred million? Definitely worth it,” spoke up Kong Du, nodding heavily. He seemed very enthusiastic. He put his palms together and chanted a mantra, as if he were trying to beg the mala to take him as master, and that the Kong Sect would love it. 

There were three Buddhist Ancestors in the Kong Sect, and one of them was his teacher. Even though the mala had nothing to do with the Kong Sect, they would still be happy to have it. 

They didn’t mind spending a lot for it, either! 

“Three hundred million,” said Kong Du raising his plate. By starting so high, he was trying to make the others give up on the mala, because the Kong Sect would obtain it no matter what. 

Jing Shan and the man whose face was covered in black clothes looked at Kong Du. The man whose face was covered raised, “Three hundred and ten million!”

“Three hundred and fifty million!” shouted Kong Du raising his plate again. 

“Three hundred sixty thousand million!” shouted Jing Shan, raising his plate. Even if he didn’t obtain the mala, he didn’t mind. If he managed to make the price skyrocket, then the trip was worth it!

“Three hundred and eighty million,” bid the man in black clothes indifferently. 

“Four hundred million.” Kong Du had put his palms together and was chanting a mantra. This time, the bald Buddhist monk who was seated next to him shouted and raised. 

“Four hundred and thirty million,” Lin Feng declared, bidding for it finally. He had decided to get into the bidding only once the price exceeded four hundred million. He didn’t feel like speaking and wasting his energy for nothing. 

After four hundred thirty million, one had to think carefully if they really wanted it. That was an extraordinary price. The World Dragon Skeleton could be used to make weapons or armors, and in the end it had been sold for five hundred million to Young Master Jing Shan from the Bao Long Pavilion. 

The same would happen again; the mala would be sold for at least five hundred million, but the Bao Long Pavilion had no Buddhist cultivators, so even if they wanted it, they wouldn’t spend too much on it. 

If they bought something they couldn’t use, it was a waste. Therefore, Jing Shan didn’t intend to raise any more. He had made the price increase and was already happy about it. 

“Four hundred and fifty million,” said Kong Du, staring at Lin Feng on his right. At that moment, he already considered the bidding was between him and Lin Feng, nobody else. 

“Four hundred and sixty million,” Lin Feng replied, raising his plate indifferently. 

“Five hundred million,” said Kong Du, putting his palms back together, sounding and looking quite resolute. 

“Five hundred and thirty million,” Lin Feng said, raising the bid once more. Di Shang and Yu Men Jie were pulling long faces, but Lin Feng couldn’t care less. They thought that this item wasn’t very useful for the university. But Lin Feng wanted to buy it, so they had no choice but to follow him. 

“Five hundred and fifty million,” said Kong Du. 

“Five hundred and eighty million.”

“Six hundred million.”

“Six hundred and thirty million,” Lin Feng said, raising his plate calmly again. 

“Six hundred and seventy million,” said Kong Du. He was starting to get worried. He initially thought he would easily obtain this item, but now he was getting angry because Lin Feng kept raising. Buddhist cultivation held a special place in his heart. He really wanted that mala!

“Six hundred and eighty million,” Lin Feng countered. He didn’t intend to give up. 

“Benefactor Lin, can you not leave it to me?” said Kong Du. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He looked at Lin Feng with a heavy heart. He hoped Lin Feng would leave the item to him. 

But Lin Feng didn’t care about disappointing him. He just shook his head. He didn’t intend to give up. 

“Six hundred and eighty million,” Lin Feng repeated calmly. 

The university had lots of money. He had just spent one hundred million so far, nothing more. 

“Seven hundred million.” Kong Du shouted after taking a deep breath, grinding his teeth. The price had reached the limit the Kong Clan had imposed. They had given the order not to exceed seven hundred million. He had no choice but to give up if Lin Feng raised. 

“Seven hundred and thirty million,” Lin Feng answered, neither slowly nor hastily. 

Kong Du’s face fell, and everybody saw it. Nobody dared say anything, though. 

“I give up,” said Kong Du, forcing as smile. He glanced at Lin Feng curiously. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng wanted that mala so badly. Could it be that there was a feeling of gratitude or resentment between Lin Feng and the Kong Sect? He didn’t think so. 

But it was weird, he hadn’t offended Lin Feng and they weren’t enemies, so why had Lin Feng done all he could to obtain the mala? 

He just didn’t understand. Lin Feng had spent seven hundred and thirty million to obtain that mala… 

It was something positive, but Di Shang and Yu Men Jie didn’t look happy. They just thought that Lin Feng had spent way too much money for such an item. 


That item was the end of the auctions. Luo Pi had already left before, so only Lin Feng, the members of the Kong Sect, and those of the Bao Long Pavilion were left. 

Lin Feng looked around, and saw almost everybody had left already. 

The old man on the stage smiled wholeheartedly and said, “Princes and Young Masters, the auctions were a success this time. We hope to see you again!”

The old man then disappeared. 

The atmosphere turned gloomy and silent from the lively air of the auctions.

Lin Feng stood up and glanced at Di Shang and Yu Men Jie, indicating they were leaving the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments. 

Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming were at Lin Feng’s sides. Lin Feng had asked them to come out to scare people away. 

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng ordered calmly, getting ready to leave. Yu Men Jie and Di Shang also turned around. 

At that moment, the voice of a woman came from the sixth floor. 

“Prince Lin Feng, please come here!” the soft voice called out. When Lin Feng heard that, he was startled, and his hair bristled. He had so many beautiful wives, yet that voice still made him shiver. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the flight of stairs leading to the next floor. There were curtains made of long threads of pearls at the top, and he could see a feminine silhouette behind them. 

When Kong Du and Jing Shan heard Qian Jin Cai Yue’s voice, their expressions changed drastically. They looked at Lin Feng jealously and enviously. The Miss had taken a fancy to Lin Feng! 

“Brother Lin, go, the Miss is waiting for you,” Jing Shan smiled. 

Lin Feng frowned and looked surprised.

The Miss? 

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