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Chapter 1114: Carelessness and Danger!


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Lin Feng looked glum. “Great Miss, are you joking? You’re from the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments, the biggest influential group in Liang City. How could you join the University of Stars and Clouds, which is extremely weak? I don’t believe you,” Lin Feng responded wryly. 

He couldn’t believe her. The Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments and the University of Stars and Clouds belonged to different worlds. How could Qian Jin Cai Yue want to join the University of Stars and Clouds? 

“Prince Lin, what if I told you that it was because of you that I wanted to join the university?” replied Qian Jin Cai Yue, smiling seductively. 

Lin Feng blushed for a few milliseconds, but then looked quite solemn as he said, “Great Miss, I need to pick up stuff at the back of the stage. Perhaps later.” Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting too much time so he got ready to leave. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue looked angry suddenly.

“Prince Lin Feng, I already told the staff that they couldn’t let anyone take their precious treasures unless you were there. You don’t need to worry.” protested Qian Jin Cai Yue, sitting up. She flashed off her bed, pushed a chair out of the way and ran after Lin Feng. Then she flashed in front of him and took him in her arms. Lin Feng could feel her chest against him. 

He could picture her two soft breasts, which made his cheeks redden. He definitely had a reaction. Her skills were incredible. 

“Great Miss, please behave,” Lin Feng said icily. In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere became ice-cold. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue pouted and got even closer to Lin Feng. She started rubbing her body against him. 

She was heavenly-gifted!

“You, wait for me. In three days, I will come to the university. Remember me, honey,” said Qian Jin Cai Yue, grinning teasingly. She had the advantage at the moment. 

He wanted to push her away, but he didn’t. 

“Alright, alright. Someone come here and bring Prince Lin to the back of the stage. Everybody can pick up their treasures now,” said Qian Jin Cai Yue firmly. She walked away from Lin Feng. 

Two women in red dresses who were kneeling down below stood up and ran to the flight of stairs and looked at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was surprised at the strange rules. He wanted to leave this place even more. He turned around and walked down the flight of stairs. 

“Don’t forget me, Prince Lin!” Qian Jin Cai Yue called out with a smile. Lin Feng ignored her, and walked to the back of the stage. 


Time passed slowly. The atmosphere was calm. Before that, Jing Shan had asked for his World Dragon Skeleton but the staff had categorically refused and informed him that until Lin Feng had come back down, nobody could pick up their treasures. 

They said that it was an order Qian Jin Cai Yue had given to them and they had no choice, not even for Young Master Jing Shan, even though she knew he was an incredible Great Supreme God in Liang City. She rarely praised Great Supreme Gods because not many of them could compete with her. 

But even though she was extremely strong, she still liked to be seductive and pretend to be soft. She liked to pout and pretend she was sad so that people would show compassion for her. 

Lin Feng and the two women in red dresses arrived in the back of the stage. The atmosphere was really awkward. Lin Feng glanced at the two objects in front of him: the mala and the World Dragon Skeleton. 

“Please, Prince Lin and Young Master Jing Shan, here are your treasures,” a woman in a red dress told them. 

That woman acted respectfully thanks to Lin Feng. If Lin Feng wasn’t there, she might not even spare a glance for those people. 

Lin Feng nodded, took out his space ring, counted the money inside, and threw it at the woman, then smiled indifferently and said, “Just take the money.”

Lin Feng took the mala and looked at it. He turned around and glanced at Shi Si Ming, Yu Men Jie, and the others and nodded, indicating they could leave. 

The four people followed Lin Feng, walking down the flight of stairs, and left the building. When they arrived outside, there were many people and the atmosphere was a bit tense. 

“Uncle, are we going back to the university?” Di Shang asked Lin Feng. He had the feeling Lin Feng wasn’t going to go back to the university that quickly. 

“No. I want to steal the World Dragon Skeleton,” Lin Feng answered, smiling calmly and shaking his head. Di Shang and Yu Men Jie almost fainted when they heard that. They looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide, unable to believe it. 

“Uncle, you… seriously?” asked Di Shang. He was getting excited and happy at that moment. 

“Shh. Let’s go and hide until Jing Shan comes out,” Lin Feng ordered. He flew to a road which led out of Liang City. It led to a long and narrow path which led to the mountains. 

“The Bao Long Pavilion’s members must take the road over there to head back,” said Di Shang, pointing to another road at the foot of the mountains, warning Lin Feng. 

“Let’s go then!” Lin Feng said, flashing away. In less than five minutes, they arrived at the top of the mountain overlooking the road the members of the Bao Long Pavilion had to use to go back. 

“If I am not mistaken, we’re not the only ones who want to steal the World Dragon Skeleton,” Lin Feng frowned. 

Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming understood. In any case, it was to be expected; many people wanted to obtain that precious item, including the man whose face was covered. He had acted strangely and Lin Feng thought he was a spy the World Dragon Clan had sent out. 

Their goal was extremely clear. They hoped the World Dragon Skeleton would be sold at the highest price possible, and then on the way back, they could steal it back!

As expected, in the distance were a few people in black clothes, moving extremely fast. They were also extremely good at hiding. 

Those people were dressed exactly the same way as the man whose face was covered, and they all had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. 

They were also hiding there, waiting for Jing Shan. 

The men in black clothes had also guessed right, Jing Shan and his three servants had to take this road to go back. 

“Go!” shouted someone suddenly. All the demonic beasts of the forest roared out in response. The men in black clothes all flashed and appeared in front of Jing Shan and his servants. 

When Jing Shan saw they all had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, his legs started shaking, and he looked very unhappy. 

These people’s Qi was dragon Qi. When Jing Shan saw that, he understood. 

“Damn you, World Dragon Clan! You resorted to despicable methods to scam people! You fucking disgust me!” spat Jing Shan grimly. He had spent over five hundred million coins to obtain the World Dragon Skeleton, and now they wanted to steal it back from him? 

“You better give up. A wise man understands and submits to circumstances. Young Master Jing Shan, don’t lose your life because of the dragon skeleton!” threatened the leader of the group. Jing Shan and his servants’ expressions fell. 

The atmosphere became oppressive. Jing Shan was in a dilemma. Give up? Or risk his life? 

“Young Master Jing Shan, there’s more of us than you think!”

They heard two more dragons roar. Two men in black clothes came out of the depths of the mountains. They turned into two hundred zhang long dragons!

Two more cultivators of the sixth Great Supreme God layer from the World Dragon Clan! 

When Young Master Jing Shan saw that, his face stiffened, and he sighed helplessly. He had no choice. 

“The World Dragon Skeleton is yours. Let us go,” said Jing Shan, taking out a space ring and throwing it at them. He and his three servants flew away as fast as possible, and quickly disappeared. Their Qi disappeared quickly. 

The ring was still floating in the air. When the members of the World Dragon Skeleton saw that, they roared in delight. They had obtained godly coins and their item back, they were the biggest winners of the auctions! 

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

“Everybody, now, it’s time for you to hand the World Dragon Skeleton over,” Lin Feng said coming out of his hideout as soon as Jing Shan and his servants had left. He raised his hand, condensed Genesis Spiritual strength, and then a beam of light shot towards the ring that contained the skeleton. 

The sound of what seemed to be a crying dragon spread in the air. The Genesis Spiritual strength pushed that dragon three hundred meters away. The space ring fell into Lin Feng’s hand, and he grabbed it firmly. 

He inspected the contents with his godly awareness and as expected, saw the World Dragon Skeleton.

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