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Chapter 1115: Fifty Overlords!


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“Who are you, Your Excellency? How dare you steal items from the World Dragon Clan! You’ve got balls, little boy!” shouted the leader of the group, staring icily at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng’s Qi weakened a tiny little bit, he would attack and grab the ring back! 

Lin Feng was wearing a black plaited bamboo hat and had changed his clothes. Those people couldn’t know it was him, so he didn’t need to worry. Even if they recognized him, he wasn’t afraid, so it didn’t even really matter. 

He definitely wanted the World Dragon Skeleton! 

“See you!” Lin Feng replied, bursting into laughter. He got turned to leave and the atmosphere became tense. The eight members of the World Dragon Clan looked grim and chased after him. 

Eight cultivators of the sixth Great Supreme God layer were chasing Lin Feng. It wasn’t an easy situation for Lin Feng, but he wasn’t stupid. He didn’t intend to fight them. That was useless. 

These cultivators weren’t too strong. Lin Feng could go into his spirit world if he wanted to and those people wouldn’t be able to come inside. Apart from Godly Ancestors, nobody could enter Lin Feng’s world without his permission. 

Lin Feng released space and time strength; it turned into a vortex, Lin Feng flashed into his spirit world, and disappeared. 

The eight members of the Dragon Clan were stunned. Lin Feng had vanished without a trace!

The dragons roared in rage and made the whole mountain range shake. Initially, they wanted to sell the World Dragon Skeleton for a high price and then take it back, but who would have thought they had been unaware of the thief tracking them!


Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming saw Lin Feng disappear and understood he had gone back to his spirit world. They waved at Di Shang and Yu Men Jie, and they all left to go back to the university. 

The eight members of the Dragon Clan waited there for two hours. In the end they left and went back to the Dragon Clan, where they would definitely be severely punished. 

Lin Feng didn’t pay any attention to them. 

When he went back to his spirit world, he went to see his wives. Huo Wu’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. Yue Meng He, Qiu Yue Xin, and Duan Xin Ye took care of the others. 

Lin Feng had an idea; once his three wives had given birth, he would come back to his spirit world, but now wasn’t the right time. Lin Feng left again and went back to the World of Battles. 

An hour later, Lin Feng went back to the University of Stars and Clouds. He went straight to Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s room and got ready to give him what he had obtained. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had heard about the auctions from Yu Men Jie, but what Yu Men Jie talked about the most was biased against Lin Feng and how he had been dull and stupid. He Lin Feng said had bought things they didn’t need and refused to buy things they really needed. He didn’t tell Godly Ancestor Xing Yun Lin Feng had obtained the dragon skeleton without paying for it, though. He didn’t tell Godly Ancestor Xing Yun that part of what he meant by “Lin Feng had only bought things they didn’t need” was the List of the World of Battles! 

Di Shang also reported to Godly Ancestor Xing Yun and told him everything, good and bad. He didn’t act like Yu Men Jie, who had mainly criticized Lin Feng. 

After that, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun went to prepare two new rooms for the newcomers, Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming. The people Lin Feng had brought were treated as distinguished guests. 

After that, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun went to the rooftop of the great palace to wait for Lin Feng. He wasn’t worried about him. 

Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in the sky and flew down to the palace. In the end, Lin Feng landed in front of Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, who was standing on the rooftop. 

“Brother, you did great at the auctions, eh?” the godly ancestor exclaimed excitedly before Lin Feng even had the time to stand firmly. Apart from the Pure Qi Enhancing Pellets, Lin Feng had obtained everything: the mala, the dragon skeleton and the List of the World of Battles. 

He had stolen one item, the World Dragon Skeleton, he had bidden on the mala, and he had obtained the last item at the lowest price possible, one hundred million. 

He hadn’t even had to face danger. The members of the Dragon Clan didn’t know who he was, so they couldn’t find him. 

Lin Feng confirmed what they had obtained, no different from what Di Shang had said. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun smiled happily. Lin Feng didn’t try to hide anything from him, so he knew he could trust Lin Feng. It was one of the reasons why he had sent Lin Feng to the auctions; to see if he could trust him! 

Lin Feng had naturally thought about that, but he wasn’t angry, as nobody had gotten hurt. If that’s what Godly Ancestor Xing Yun needed to trust him completely, it was fine. 

“Brother, how do we share the three items?” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun smiled. He didn’t intend to take all the treasures. He wanted to share with Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng had obtained three treasures this time, so he could claim all the credit. Not just anyone liked to take the risk of going to auctions. 

“Brother, everything is for you. It was your money, so the items are yours. If you want to do something for me, just let me have a look at the List of the World of Battles. I’m curious about it,” Lin Feng replied honestly. He didn’t look hypocritical or greedy at all. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had even more esteem for Lin Feng, but he couldn’t take everything, either. Lin Feng could have a look at the List of the World of Battles like all the disciples of the university. He didn’t intend to hide it from them. 

So, he couldn’t only let Lin Feng just have a look at the List of the World of Battles. He kind of wanted the World Dragon Skeleton, because the university didn’t have incredible treasures and he wanted to make a Godly Ancestor Weapon. 

Regarding the mala, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun knew that’s what Lin Feng wanted the most. 

“Brother, you can have a look at the List of the World of Battles, and you should take the mala,” said Godly Ancestor Xing Yun resolutely. 

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, satisfied. He really did want the mala. Since he had the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill, the mala would be extremely useful, especially during duels. Thanks to the combination of both, his power would increase by a third! 

It was a win-win deal. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun couldn’t wait to take the ring and leave. He needed to find a peaceful place to focus on making a weapon using the skeleton. Of course, he couldn’t do it alone; he needed a powerful weapon expert to help! But the university had a very powerful weapon expert. 

With that expert, they would be able to make an extraordinary Godly Ancestor weapon. It would become a symbol of the university, but actually, it would mainly be Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s weapon!


Lin Feng went into the great palace, not looking at the mala for the time being. He was more excited about seeing who the overlords were. 

Not many people knew who the strongest overlords of the World of Battles were. Only a few very extremely powerful Godly Ancestors would know who they were. The university could be happy to have it, even if they paid a high price for it, because it was worth it! 

Lin Feng closed the door and sat down on his bed, taking out the List of the World of Battles. The paper was thick and old. It definitely wasn’t cowhide, Lin Feng was sure about that. 

If he wasn’t mistaken, it was deerskin-? 

Lin Feng unrolled the scroll and read its contents, which were written in small orange letters. The columns were clean and distinct. There were fifty of them. Each column described an overlord of the World of Battles. 

When Lin Feng read all that, he was excited, and his blood started boiling. He clenched his fists and felt even more motivated to become extremely strong. 

He wanted to surpass these people. Lin Feng wanted to reach the very top, and then he would go into his own world and live with his family. 

But before doing that, he still needed a lot of time. First, he had to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, then he needed to become one of the strongest among them, and finally he would become as strong as those overlords! 

“Fiftieth overlord, Xiao Hun Hall, Xiao Hun. Crazy; once, he killed twelve great Godly Ancestors at one time and suddenly became famous.

“Fourty-ninth, Rainy Zhaoge, Luo Zhao Sheng. Godly Ancestor. He once slaughtered a second-grade influential group, killing over twenty Godly Ancestors. He became famous thanks to that fight.”…

 “Forty-fifth, the Cavaliers of the Desert, Chieftain, Godly Ancestor. Once, he once led the Da Mo Tie Qi to war and they massacred an ocean of people.”…

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