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Chapter 1116: Godly Ancestor Tu Jin!


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Fortieth, Tai Qing Sect, Qing Yu Sheng, Godly Ancestor. A thousand years ago, he arrived in the World of Battles and there was a bloodbath because of him; he killed twenty Godly Ancestors and entered the Tai Qing Sect.

That was the most outstanding young genius the Tai Qing Sect had in the World of Battles? He was in the list of overlords! 

Lin Feng looked at Qing Yu Sheng’s listing for a long time. Qing Yu Sheng was forty-fifth in the list. Lin Feng had more and more hope, convinced he could become an overlord if those people could. He was getting closer and closer to breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer. After that, he would be able to compete with those overlords, but they were all at the top of the hierarchy in different powerful groups. They weren’t the only ones on Lin Feng’s path; to compete with them, he needed to get rid of the people who would prevent him from reaching them, those who had lower ranks in their respective groups. 

Thirty-ninth, leader of Zhu Sword Mountain, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian. On the night he broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer, he killed some well-known Godly Ancestors and became famous. 

Thirty-eighth, former leader of Zhu Sword Mountain, Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian!

Thirty-seventh, World Dragon Clan, Jie Qing Tian, Godly Ancestor. A thousand years ago, he stepped into the limelight, he was the first young genius of the World Dragon Clan. He was extremely cruel and violent. He liked to torture his enemies before killing them. In the World Dragon Clan, they called him the Flesh Devouring Machine! 

“World Dragon Clan, Jie Qing Tian? The first young genius of the World Dragon Clan is one of the overlords and has the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer? Incredible!

“If they hadn’t only sent the few Great Supreme Gods and if Jie Qing Tian had been there, I wouldn’t have been able to steal the skeleton, but I guess even the elders of the World Dragon Skeleton don’t get to see such powerful people regularly?

“Overlord, the most supreme god of the World of Battles!”

Lin Feng was getting more and curious about the overlords. He was also excited, and couldn’t wait to become an overlord someday. 

“Twentieth, Leader of Demon Dragon Clan, Kui Gang, Godly Ancestor, the highest leader of the Demon Dragon Clan.

“Ninetieth, Tian Ji Sect, Tian Yu Dao. Godly Ancestor.”

“Fifth, Human Clan, Fu Yi, Godly Ancestor. Long ago, he was the highest administrator of the World of Battles, but then some people surpassed him and now he’s fifth. He’s mysterious and doesn’t like to show up in public!”

Fu Yi from the Human Clan? He must also be a young genius from the Ancient Human Clan, thought Lin Feng. He was still getting more and more excited. 

Fourth, Buddhist Mountain of Sadness, Godly Ancestor Shi Guang, Buddhist Ancestor! Back in the days, on a battlefield where a massacre had occurred, he managed to convert forty Godly Ancestors to Buddhism! 

Third, Demon Region, Godly Ancestor Mo Xiao, Godly Ancestor. On a battlefield, alone, he killed twenty Godly Ancestors and then destroyed their second-grade sect! 

Second, leader of Essence of the Universe, Hong Meng!

First, Ancestral World’s leader, Zu Jie! 



After reading the list, especially after seeing the last two names, Lin Feng took a deep breath. They were both from first-grade influential groups and at the top of the List of the World of Battles. 

Other than them, Lin Feng thought that the third, fourth, and fifth overlords weren’t that strong so he felt even more confident. He would definitely succeed! 

He would make the Lin Clan rise again, but in the World of Battles this time. The Lin Clan would be glorious! 

“Overlords, wait for me, Lin Feng!” Lin Feng said, clenching his fists. He sounded determined and enthusiastic. 

“He doesn’t intend to stop until he became the very best! Haha! Good boy! You like talking nonsense, eh!? How arrogant! Haha!” shouted someone suddenly. 

The List lit up dazzlingly and flared with light. A mighty Qi emerged. Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on, but he flashed towards the door as a silhouette emerged from the List and turned into a human shadow, before solidifying into a real person. 

It was an old man. He was wearing clothes from back when the situation was chaotic. The old man’s hair wasn’t completely grey, so it was difficult to guess how old he was, but his Qi seemed old too. Lin Feng didn’t have enough information to accurately assess the situation, all he knew was that the old man was probably quite strong. 

He had been hiding in the List of the World of Battles. Lin Feng had no idea how strong the old man could be. 

The old man was definitely a Godly Ancestor. His Qi was much more powerful than Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s. He could probably defeat someone like Godly Ancestor Xing Yun in one attack. 

Since the old man had been hiding in the List of the World of Battles, it probably meant he was extremely strong. 

“Little boy, don’t be surprised. I am just one of the Godly Ancestors who live in the List of the World of Battles,” said the old man, smiling calmly when he saw Lin Feng looked at him curiously. The old man was very surprised because it was the first time he had seen a young genius who was less than a thousand years old and already had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer. This young man also had his own world, and inside it was an extremely powerful Genesis Primordial Spirit just about to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. 

Lin Feng was curious about the old man, but the old man was even more curious about him. 

“Master, you were in the List of the World of Battles the whole time?” asked Lin Feng. He was astonished. He hadn’t dreamed that there would be a Godly Ancestor hiding inside the scroll… 

“So? I’ve been living in there for hundreds of thousands of years,” the old man replied casually. He was used to the question. 

“Hundreds of thousands of years?” Lin Feng swallowed. It was hard to believe. That List had existed for hundreds of thousands of years? Was there a small world inside the List? 

“Master, you must have a very high status since you lived in that List,” Lin Feng guessed aloud. He couldn’t be an ordinary cultivator, as ordinary Godly Ancestors certainly couldn’t live in the List of the World of Battles. 

“Hehe, little boy, you’re smart. Indeed. I have a pretty important identity,” the old man grinned. Lin Feng was perspicacious. He had guessed right, so the old man thought even more highly of him. He knew that this young man would also become someone important someday. 

“Some people call me Godly Ancestor Shi Jin; you’ve probably heard of me before, right?” the old man smiled at Lin Feng in amusement. 

Lin Feng glanced at the List of the World of Battles and saw Godly Ancestor Shi Jin’s name on it, fifteenth on the list. 

Fifteenth, Founder of the List of the World of Battles, Godly Ancestor Shi Jin, Godly Ancestor. Good to others, hides in the List of the World of Battles most of the time, but back long ago, he went mad and killed millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of Supreme Gods, thousands of Great Supreme Gods, and a dozen Godly Ancestors… 

When Lin Feng saw that, his expression changed drastically. The old man in front of him had slaughtered millions of people, and was fifteenth on the List of the World of Battles? 

The most terrifying part was that he was the one who had founded the List of the World of Battles, which meant he had probably assessed the strength of all those people by fighting against them! 

“What’s wrong? You’re now worried because you saw my name on the List?” scoffed Godly Ancestor Shi Jin. 

Lin Feng shook his head slowly. He remained composed as he replied, “No, I was just wondering when I would catch up someone like you.”

“Eh? Haha! Good little boy! You admire me! Haha! Not bad! Not bad!” said Godly Ancestor Shi Jin. He was startled at first, and then burst into laughter. He was now even more satisfied. Since Lin Feng had left the auction house, he had been observing Lin Feng, including how he had reacted in front of Qian Jin Cai Yue. He had also seen when Lin Feng had stolen the World Dragon Skeleton from the members of the World Dragon Clan. Just now, the young man had been polite and assessed the situation properly. To Godly Ancestor Shi Jin, Lin Feng was a proud and ambitious dragon, not a tiny fish. 

Since an overlord who was fifteenth on the List thought that, it meant that a really bright future awaited Lin Feng!

“Master, since you live in the List of the World of Battles, are you the one who gave the List to the auction house so that they could sell it?” Lin Feng asked after a long time thinking. 

The old man of the auction house had said that a mysterious cultivator had asked them to sell that List, but who was the owner who wanted to remain anonymous? 

It was time to understand what was going on. Therefore, Lin Feng needed explanations!

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