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Chapter 1117: The Ice Spirit Becomes Stronger!


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The atmosphere turned silent when Lin Feng asked that. Godly Ancestor Shi Jin’s expression sharpened. Even though it wasn’t that obvious, Lin Feng had still noticed something. 

After a short time, Godly Ancestor Shi Jin shook his head in resignation and said gravely, “No, it wasn’t me. It was my disciple. Hehe,” his dry smile indicating what he had said was even deeper than it sounded like. He had said too much already. 

He didn’t want to tell Lin Feng more than that, and didn’t need to yet. Lin Feng was just a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. If he became a Godly Ancestor, then the old man would tell Lin Feng more about it. Even if he broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to solve the issue because he wouldn’t even be in the top fifty of the List of the World of Battles, let alone the top ten. 

Therefore, the old man didn’t reply. Lin Feng was also very smart so he when he saw the old man pull a long face, he didn’t insist. “Master, does the List of the World of Battles ever change? Like, is it updated sometimes?” he had to ask. 

Godly Ancestor Shi Jin glanced at Lin Feng approvingly. Lin Feng was brave, smart, talented, and had enough potential to become an overlord someday. If someone raised him, he would become a deadly weapon. 

But the old man was also a bit scared, and he didn’t want to recruit more disciples for the time being. He’d had a disciple who had bullied him and tried to kill him once, so Godly Ancestor Shi Jin didn’t trust students so easily anymore. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what the old man was thinking. He just knew the List of the World of Battles had to change and be updated sometimes. 

“Indeed. The List of the World of Battles does change sometimes, and it is actually time to update it. It is updated every fifty years. That way, that’s one overlord for each year. If in one year twenty people enter the List, I usually update it.

“Because of the change every fifty years, things always become more lively for a while. Many people who are thirty-first to fiftieth on the List do their best to rise in the ranks.

“This year, the chance was six months ago, so the List you see there is the new one. Don’t underestimate the former overlords, though. They are very strong. You may end up on the List after the next revision,” Godly Ancestor Shi Jin told Lin Feng. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he was even more excited. He wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip. “Master, who is this Overlord?”

“The boss of the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments, Qian Jin Cai Yue’s mother, Qian Bi Qiong.”


Half an hour later, Lin Feng took the List of the World of Battles, he already knew about all the overlords. Lin Feng knew he had to be more careful in the World of Battles. 

Afterwards, Lin Feng realized he had nothing to do. The exams for the Competition of the Universities were over. What could he do? 

Suddenly, Lin Feng remembered something; the Ice Spirit was going to break through! 

If the Ice Spirit broke through, his world would be unstable; he would need to watch and protect it! An accident could easily happen! Lin Feng had just gone to his spirit world and he had only thought of his children, he had completely forgotten to check on the Ice Spirit. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng didn’t waste a further second. If the Ice Spirit started breaking through, his world would be in danger!


Lin Feng disappeared from his room and appeared at the foot of the tree of life. The leaves of the tree of life were extremely durable, and when Lin Feng was next to the tree, it felt like he had just eaten something and had more energy. 

Lin Feng didn’t go home, and headed to the ice world. There was an iceberg in his world with a hole that led there. 

Lin Feng could sense the ice-cold Qi around him. Lin Feng had to use Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill to protect himself from the ice, as it was several hundreds of thousands of degrees below zero there. Anything could freeze instantly! 

Suddenly, Lin Feng raised his arms, and modified a rule of his spirit world. Now, he could sense anything or feel anything, as if he were his spirit world itself. 

Under the ground, the temperature kept decreasing. Everything was frozen inside. The temperature was so low it could easy kill a cultivator at the top of the Supreme God layer. 

It was absolutely awesome. That was the strength of the Ice Spirit, a Genesis Primordial Spirit. If she had started breaking through in the World of Battles, it would have drawn everybody’s attention. As long as Lin Feng locked his spirit world and hid her Qi, everything would be fine. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng raised his arms and started chanting magic words. The ground and the sky started shaking, and earth and life strength emerged from Lin Feng’s hands. He felt almighty. 

Lin Feng opened his arms and his spirit world was completely closed. No Qi could spill out. Even Godly Ancestor Shi Jin wouldn’t find out about this. 

At the same time, the iceberg under the ground started trembling. Lin Feng did his best to suppress the shaking. 

The tree of life also started shaking. Lin Feng realized he had to do something, or the tree of life would wither. 

Once Lin Feng realized the tree of life was in danger, he put his hands on the tree of life and protected an area of ten thousand li all around it, including his home. He didn’t want the earthquake to destroy his home! 

The tree of life’s branches stopped shaking, and its leaves became emerald again. 

The Ice Spirit, she had reached a crucial moment in the process. 

Lin Feng saw an illusion of Meng Qing. Her silhouette was blurry and her white dress reached the ground. Her Qi was like the Ice Spirit, but she looked pure and noble. Of course, it was just an illusion from the ice world. Meng Qing’s silhouette quickly disappeared again. 

Lin Feng realized the Ice Spirit was really about to break through and he had to pay attention and ensure the safety of his spirit world. He couldn’t let the energies of the Ice Spirit destroy his spirit world, but at the same time he had to be careful so the Ice Spirit wouldn’t fail. It could be dangerous for Meng Qing too!

The Ice Spirit and their Ice General had a hierarchical relationship, but Lin Feng and the Ice Spirit had made a pact. If something happened to the Ice Spirit, it would be a calamity for the Ice General as well. Lin Feng had to be extremely careful, if only for Meng Qing. 

The Ice Spirit still needed a long time to break through. Her ice Qi didn’t suffice. After using the whole ice Qi of the spirit world, she was halfway in the process. After that, she had to make her energies become stable.

It took her three days. Lin Feng stood there protecting the spirit world for three days as well. 

During those three days, Lin Feng didn’t do anything else at all. He just stood there and looked like a Demon God and a Buddhist Ancestor; a Sakyamuni, dignified and majestic. 

After those three days, Lin Feng felt the temperature start increasing again. It was now a few tens of thousands of degrees below zero, not hundreds of thousands anymore, and it continued increasing. 

When Lin Feng felt that, he smiled. Now he was excited; had the Ice Spirit truly succeeded? 


Deep in her ice world, the Ice Spirit was seated cross-legged, surrounded by Ice Spirit cold Qi. Her lips were covered by a layer of ice. Her face was so pale she looked scary, but her skin was also covered by a layer of ice, so it was impossible to see its true color. 

She actually looked beautiful, cold, and pure, but one didn’t feel like getting closer to her. She looked too cold. Still, men also liked to dream about women they couldn’t obtain… 

Meng Qing was standing a thousand meters away, wearing an icy white dress. One wouldn’t feel like getting close to her, either. 

The Ice Spirit and Meng Qing were both ice cultivators. Even though their energies were completely different, they were both beautiful in an ice-cold way. However, Meng Qing looked much less cold than the Ice Spirit, partly thanks to Lin Feng’s love for her. 

The Ice Spirit was breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer; it was the last step! 

In three days, the Ice Spirit finally broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer. She was now like the Fire Spirit, and had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer as well! 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. His spirit world was finally going back to normal. 

He removed the energy which had sealed his world. His tree of life became full of vitality again. It even became more powerful thanks to the Ice Spirit’s ice Qi, even more durable then before. 

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