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Chapter 1119: Gathering in Jing City!


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Godly Ancestor Xing Yun explained more things to Lin Feng, telling him about the territory. The World of Battles wasn’t like the Country of Eternity, and wasn’t divided into precise areas. It was a gigantic continent divided into territories occupied by powerful and influential groups. 

If a sect or clan became more powerful, the territory it occupied grew. If the sect or clan weakened, then its territory would become smaller as more powerful sects and clans stole bits of their territory. Therefore, it changed all the time. 

Jing City was one of the medium-level cities of the World of Battles. The most powerful influential group in Jing City was the Bai Clan, which was also the clan that had selected Bai Nü when they just arrived. 

The Bai Clan was a third-grade clan. It had existed for hundreds of thousands of years, and every year, a new young genius emerged from their group. The young geniuses of the Bai Clan all tried to become overlords and get on the List of the World of Battles. Even though they hadn’t succeeded yet, every generation of young geniuses of the Bai Clan had that goal. Even if they hadn’t succeeded yet, it didn’t mean the young geniuses of the Bai Clan were weak. 

This time, the Great Competition of the Universities was going to take place in the territory of the Bai Clan, so the Bai Clan had organized everything. If the Bai Clan hadn’t organized everything, the Competition couldn’t have taken place in Jing City. 

The leader of Jing City was the son-in-law of the Bai Clan, so the Bai Clan and Jing City had an extremely strong relationship. The Bai Clan could even give orders to Jing City’s government. 

Jing City had four hundred million inhabitants. There were tens of thousands of Supreme Gods and hundreds of Great Supreme Gods just in the Imperial City. There were only a few Godly Ancestors, however. 

Over a ten thousand li separated the University of Stars and Clouds and Jing City, but the reason why they had decided to leave in the evening was that they didn’t want to disturb the neighboring influential groups. All the influential groups thought the University of Stars and Clouds was extremely weak, after all. 


It took them less than three hours to arrive at Jing City. When they arrived, it was dark outside. On the horizon, one could see a piece of fading rosy sky. 

After entering the city, they found an inn and took a rest in their respective rooms. They waited for the sun to come up, and then the Great Competition of the Universities would start. 

The universities participating in the Competition were from everywhere in the world. Any influential group calling itself a university could participate: new ones, old ones, small ones, any university at all. Of course, that was provided they passed the preliminary exams! 

The University of Stars and Clouds had succeeded and gotten qualified thanks to Lin Feng. Not only had they passed, but they had also become one of the eight core universities of this Competition. It was a great honor and all thanks to Lin Feng. 

Back in the days, the top eight qualified repeatedly, and during the previous Great Competition, the University of Stars and Clouds hadn’t even gotten qualified. they had failed the preliminary exams, so they hadn’t been able to participate in the Great Competition at all. This year, they were a core university, so many people would be surprised. 

How could a university which was ordinarily weaker than a third-grade influential group become a core university the following year? Many people wouldn’t believe it!


Morning came, the sun rose and illuminated the region. More and more people gathered in the city as the day warmed. 

They hadn’t forgotten that the Great Competition of the Universities was going to start. It would be a fun and lively event. 

Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun arrived at the great palace where the Competition was going to happen. The kwoon of the palace was gigantic. The buildings were magnificent and grandiose. That territory covered an area of fifty li at least, and its buildings were dozens of meters high. The city wall surrounding the city was made of blue-green emerald. Inside the fortress were magnificent golden buildings. 

Nobody prevented anyone from coming in. Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun quickly entered the city. Their four young geniuses were already in town, as Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had let them enter first. Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun were stronger, so they had them go first. 

When Lin Feng and the godly ancestor entered, they waited for the four young geniuses to gather together, and they all walked towards the main kwoon. As they walked along, they could sense more and more threads of powerful Qi around them. 

High officials were not the only people who could live in the city center. Many strong cultivators also lived there, including some outstanding young geniuses. Living in the city center was a symbol of power and strength, an indicator of the inhabitants’ social status. 

Only truly incredible cultivators owned great palaces in the city center!

A great palace could cost from three to four hundred million godly coins. It was about as expensive as a Godly Ancestor weapon, but strong cultivators didn’t care, they were usually happy to live in the center of Jing City. 

“Brother, I have friends who are high officials. I need to go and greet them. You take the young geniuses with you. I’ll come back later,” said Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, turning and walking away. He quickly disappeared. Lin Feng understood that Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s friends were probably cultivators who were extremely strong and had a high social status. 

But it was normal, as Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was a strong cultivator himself. He naturally knew many people outside of the university. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was also a guest from Liang City in Jing City. He wasn’t just the director of the university, he had other positions. 

“Let’s go then,” Lin Feng said to the four others, and they left. There were more and more people in town. Lin Feng realized how important the event was. 

Finding a place for the Competition wasn’t difficult in such a gigantic territory. However, there was an ocean of people. It was even difficult to walk through the crowd. 

Ten minutes later, Lin Feng and the four young geniuses had already walked over thirty li. They arrived in the central part of the kwoon. Lin Feng and the young geniuses saw a gigantic battle stage which was hundreds of meters high and thousands of meters wide. It was made of bluestone. 

On the edges of the battle arena were purple chairs. Not too many, but not too few people had taken a chair. Lin Feng glanced at the chairs and then at his talisman. It was purple, so he believed one of those chairs was for him. 

Those from the second-class universities were going to challenge the core universities and try to eliminate them. If the core universities lost, they were eliminated! 

“Uncle, we’ve arrived, I think,” said Di Shang. Di Shang had known Lin Feng for longer than the three other young geniuses. They had also talked a lot already. They had even been to the auctions together, so when Di Shang talked to Lin Feng, he was less careful and less formal than the others. 

“Let’s go and have a look. I think the Competition won’t start for a while,” Lin Feng nodded, and continued walking. 

They were together in the city center without Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, but the four young geniuses obeyed Lin Feng, knowing how strong he was. 

There were already a great number of disciples from different universities there by the time they arrived. Their elders and leaders weren’t with them. Many of them had the strength of the third or fourth Great Supreme God layer, so they weren’t true young geniuses. 

Lin Feng was surprised; the universities were only allowed to bring four young geniuses to the Competition. So why were there so many disciples? 

“Uncle, look over there.” Di Shang suddenly accelerated and caught up with Lin Feng. He pointed to a few people wearing blue clothes. Lin Feng looked at them and his expression stiffened. 

“Seventh Great Supreme God layer? Gigantic Hawks University?”

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw those people. GIGANTIC HAWKS UNIVERSITY was written on their robes, and they all had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer. They were extremely strong. 

“Gigantic Hawks University; last time, they finished fourth. This time, they qualified as a core university again,” said Di Shang, clenching his fists. 

His eyes were suddenly filled with anger. Lin Feng looked at Di Shang curiously. Di Shang’s reaction was a bit strange. But Lin Feng didn’t ask why, he just took note of the name of the Gigantic Hawks University. 

“Let’s go and get on the stage,” Lin Feng said calmly. There were already a large number of people from different universities on stage, so Lin Feng thought they had to get up there, too. 

Di Shang took a deep breath and glanced at the disciples of the Gigantic Hawks University one last time, then followed Lin Feng. 

The disciples of Gigantic Hawks University noticed that Di Shang had looked at them angrily. One them looked at him mockingly. 

“Isn’t that Di Shang from the University of Stars and Clouds? Haha! What? You got qualified this time?”

They all jeered at him. They also looked at Lin Feng and grinned even more mockingly. Lin Feng only had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. He was even weaker than Di Shang! 

So, of course, they looked at Lin Feng disdainfully. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he grinned. Interesting, very interesting! The University of Stars and Clouds and Gigantic Hawks University seemed like enemies! 

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