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Chapter 1120: Extreme Mockery!


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“What? Di Shang, aren’t you going to greet your big brother?” asked a voice icily. Many people turned around and when they saw the disciples of Gigantic Hawks University, they were wary. 

One of the four disciples of Gigantic Hawks University laughed mockingly and pointed at Di Shang. 

Lin Feng glanced at him and then at Di Shang. He realized they looked sixty percent similar. The man had said, “when you see your big brother”, which probably meant they were biological brothers. 

When Lin Feng looked at Di Shang’s eyes, he was convinced they were biological brothers, but they weren’t friends. 

“Di Xia, we cut ties a hundred years ago. We’re like strangers to each other now. You are not my older brother anymore!” shouted Di Shang furiously. He hated Di Xia. 

Lin Feng noticed more and more people were gathering around them. The sun was already high up in the sky and the Great Competition was going to start soon. They couldn’t waste any more time there. 

“Di Shang, come with me. Let’s go,” Lin Feng said, pointing to the stage. The three other young geniuses followed Lin Feng. Di Shang turned his head and got ready to follow Lin Feng. 

When Di Xia heard Lin Feng and saw that the four young geniuses obeyed him, he was surprised. 

“Brother, my little brother and I are not done talking. Asking him to leave isn’t very respectful,” said Di Xia coldly. 

Lin Feng sensed ice-cold deadly energies, but he didn’t need to take it to heart. Di Xia couldn’t pose a threat to him. He had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, but Lin Feng could easily defeat him in about a hundred attacks. 

“Brother, if there are problems, they can be solved on the stage. Right now, I don’t have much time to waste with you,” replied Lin Feng indifferently, and continued walking. 

When Di Xia heard that, his expression froze. He looked at Lin Feng’s back angrily and clenched his fists hard enough to crackle them. His eyes were filled with killing intent. 

“The University of Stars and Clouds better behave if they don’t want Gigantic Hawks University to destroy them. Hmph!”


“Uncle, I’m sorry. You must feel ashamed to be standing with me,” said Di Shang. He felt guilty and sorry for Lin Feng. Actually, Lin Feng did feel sad; Di Shang looked so weak and fragile in front of his older brother. Lin Feng had a bad feeling about the situation. 

But he smiled and shook his head. He tapped Di Shang’s back and remained silent. He waited for Godly Ancestor Xing Yun to join them. 

But Godly Ancestor Xing Yun didn’t show up before a man shouted out loudly on the stage. His voice sounded fearsome. Even Lin Feng had the feeling his heart had just gotten a jolt and almost exploded. 

Everybody on the stage and at the foot of it stopped talking and looked at the man who was standing in the center of the stage. 

He was a middle-aged man, thin and wearing a white robe. He looked handsome, but ominous. He had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer. 

“That’s the leader of Jing City, Jing Rui!” whispered Di Shang. 

“Now, when I call your name, the name of your university or of your leader, sit down!” declared Jing Rui, rolling up his sleeves. He took out a small golden card. The names of the eight core universities were written on it. 

“Spiritual Warriors University, sit down,” said Jing Rui. An explosive Qi rolled in waves above the stage. Many people were startled and almost fell down. 

When the Qi dispersed, a person had already appeared on a purple chair. It was an old man. He was skinny and his skin was extremely dry. He looked quite fearsome. The old man sat down and closed his eyes. He had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer, and looked imposing and awe-inspiring. Nobody dared say anything. 

When one had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer, one could do so much. Godly Ancestors were already the strongest cultivators. Of course, there were low-level, medium-level and high-level ones, but one could differentiate them only when one saw them battle. Some Godly Ancestors could defeat ten other Godly Ancestors alone. 

Some Godly Ancestors were slaughtered by other Godly Ancestors. It all depended on talent and previous cultivation practices. 

“University of Heaven and Earth. Please sit down!” shouted the man once again. A middle-aged man in red clothes walked slowly towards a chair. He rolled up his sleeves and sat down, much more discreet than the leader of Spiritual Warriors University. 

“Si Ji University. Please sit down!”

“Imperial University. Please sit down!”

“Gigantic Hawks University. Please sit down!”

Five Godly Ancestors were sitting down on purple chairs. They all looked different, but people all looked at them in amazement. It was rare to see so many Godly Ancestors seated together. 

“Bai Clan University. Please sit down!” shouted Jing Rui, looking at a woman in white clothes. 

The woman looked noble and ice-cold. Her Qi was cold, too. 

Lin Feng had already noticed her. She hadn’t said anything so far. When he heard the man’s announcement, he was astonished, because Bai Nü had come out. 

Bai Nü had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, and was the representative of Bai Clan University. It was hard to imagine. It also meant that the Bai Clan had a university, Bai Clan University!

Bai Nü probably had an exceptional social status in the Bai Clan, so it wasn’t surprising that her position was high in Bai Clan University, as well. 

“Uncle, what should we do? Our teacher is not back yet and they’re going to call us soon,” said Di Shang. He was extremely worried. One hour had passed and their teacher wasn’t back yet, so he had a bad feeling. 

Thinking of that, Lin Feng looked grave and serious. But if Godly Ancestor Xing Yun didn’t come back, then he would have no choice but to replace him. Even though other people would make fun of them, at least, that’d show them the university was here!

“Sword Ancestors University. Please sit down!” sounded off the man. A man in blue-green clothes holding a sword came out. The handle of his sword was small and the blade was only one meter long, but it looked terrifying and extremely sharp. 

It was a Godly Ancestor weapon!

The leader of Sword Ancestors University was also a Godly Ancestor. If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, he was probably the Ancestor of Sword Ancestors University. 

“University of Stars and Clouds, representative, please sit down!” shouted Jing Rui finally. Everybody was stupefied when they heard University of Stars and Clouds, as if something impossible had been happening. Jing Rui had called the University of Stars and Clouds?! The weakest university? It was hard to believe! 

“How is that possible? The University of Stars and Clouds is a core university this year?”

“It must be a mistake? How could the University of Stars and Clouds be a core university this year?”

“Master, are you sure this isn’t a mistake?” asked someone to Jing Rui. Jing Rui ignored that person, but he looked at Lin Feng and frowned. 

“What should we do, Uncle?” asked Di Shang nervously. 

Lin Feng nodded at him to tell him to calm down. The best idea was to replace Godly Ancestor Xing Yun for the time being, to avoid being oppressed too much. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng flashed and landed next to the chair before sitting down. He moved so fast that the crowd didn’t have to react at first. 

But after a short while, many people burst into laughter at the foot of the stage. So many people couldn’t control themselves, they even cried to tears. 

“Haha! So funny! The University of Stars and Clouds sent a disciple of the fifth Great Supreme God layer? What are they doing? Are they trying to make fun of Godly Ancestors?”

“I don’t understand, doesn’t the University of Stars and Clouds have a Godly Ancestor? Why isn’t he here? Aren’t they afraid other influential groups will bully them?”

“Uhhh, what’s wrong with the University of Stars and Clouds?! Haha!”…

For Di Shang and the other young geniuses, it felt as if they were being slapped extremely hard by everybody. They all lowered their heads in humiliation, and didn’t dare look at the crowd. 

Lin Feng was seated on his chair, looking quite composed. He didn’t care about those people, because he didn’t fear them. 

The six other Godly Ancestors noticed that Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, so they understood things weren’t as simple as most people thought. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared sit there. 

They had all heard that the young geniuses of the lower world had arrived and that one of the young geniuses hadn’t been chosen by any influential group. He had gone to the University of Stars and Clouds and helped them get qualified. In the end, the University of Stars and Clouds had qualified as a core university thanks to him. 

Initially, they didn’t believe it, but now they did. The young man seated on a purple chair was that young genius! 

“Alright, enough chit-chattering!” an icy voice interrupted them. Everybody raised their heads and stopped talking. Many people looked terrified. 

Jing Rui glanced at Lin Feng, and at his wife’s little sister, Bai Nü. Apart from them two, everybody else on the purple chairs was a Godly Ancestor. Bai Nü and Lin Feng were both young geniuses from the lower world. 


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