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Chapter 1121: Crippling Your Sword Cultivation!


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“Eight representatives, is there anything you want to say?” Jing Rui asked the eight representatives. The representatives of the eight core universities were allowed to ask questions before the beginning of the Competition. That was a rule, no matter who organized the Competition. 

But the representatives normally didn’t dare say anything, because Godly Ancestors gave face to other Godly Ancestors. Well, that was in normal times. 

There were exceptions, too. 

“Brother Jing, let’s liven things up with swords before the beginning of the Competition?!”

That wasn’t a suggestion, that was a request, and an unreasonable one. Jing Rui didn’t look happy. 

He raised his head and looked at the leader of Sword Ancestors University, Jian Zu. There was a huge smile on Jian Zu’s face. He had thought of saying that for a long time. He wanted the disciples of Sword Ancestors University to become famous from the beginning, and now was a good time to display their strength! 

Sword cultivation was extremely easy for the disciples of Sword Ancestors University. 

“When you say liven things up, what do you mean? One-on-one battles?” asked Jing Rui. He didn’t have much patience anymore, but he had to give the other man face. He had to be careful, especially since the Great Competition of the Universities hadn’t really started yet. 

When Jian Zu heard that, he looked at a disciple of Sword Ancestors University. That disciple was wearing a large blue robe and holding a sword. His sword seemed extremely heavy, so heavy that it seemed to be a burden for that cultivator. 

“Jian Xuan, come and greet all the masters,” said Jian Zu, pointing to where the other Godly Ancestors were seated on purple chairs. He didn’t point to Lin Feng and Bai Nü, which meant he didn’t think Bai Nü and Lin Feng were qualified to sit with them. 

Lin Feng and Bai Nü frowned. Bai Nü looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng also looked at her. Afterwards, Lin Feng turned his head away and looked indifferent. Bai Nü grinned. 

“Jian Xuan, come and greet the five Masters.”

“Greetings, Masters,” said Jian Xuan, bowing before Jing Rui and the other Godly Ancestors. He seemed very polite. 

Jing Rui ignored Jian Xuan, disdaining a mere disciple of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. Jing Rui could easily destroy a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, so that young man was insignificant to him. 

“Jian Zu, what do you think?” asked Jing Rui. Did he want to display his strength? They had already gone too far. 

A day passed quickly. Even if the Competition was spread over two days, it didn’t matter, but today, they could have continued until the semi finals and tomorrow, they could determine the top three. 

Therefore, they didn’t have that much time to waste. Now Jian Zu was causing trouble and ruining Jing Rui’s plans, which infuriated the latter, of course!

“Jian Xuan can compare his sword cultivation with another sword cultivator, and then we can start the Competition. What do you think?” suggested Jian Zu, smiling coldly. Many people noticed his attitude, but Jing Rui couldn’t refuse his request in front of so many people. 

“You have five minutes. If nobody has won in five minutes, the battle is over and we start the Competition,” said Jing Rui. He agreed, but he had conditions. 

Jian Zu smiled resplendently and nodded, “No problem. Five minutes is enough for Jian Xuan to prove how strong he is.”

“Jian Xuan, choose an opponent. If he agrees, you can start fighting using sword cultivation,” said Jian Zu, smiling indifferently and glancing at Lin Feng. 

It meant he wanted Jian Xuan to choose Lin Feng and suppress him. He hoped to humiliate the University of Stars and Clouds and their representative. He didn’t know much about the University of Stars and Clouds, but he knew they weren’t qualified to be there. 

They all wanted him to get down from the stage; Godly Ancestors couldn’t bully Great Supreme Gods, but Jian Xuan could. First, because he had a good reason, and second, because it was fair. 

Jian Xuan understood what his teacher meant. He looked at Lin Feng and grinned mockingly. He didn’t think Lin Feng was very strong. Now he had the opportunity to fight against him and he didn’t intend to miss it. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought Jian Zu would do something against him, and was caught unprepared. He had never offended Jian Zu and had never seen him before. He had never had issues with any of the students of Sword Ancestors University, either. 

And yet, Jian Zu wanted Jian Xuan to teach him a lesson. They took the initiative to provoke him first. Well, Lin Feng didn’t intend to leave the matter at that, and let these people bully him. 

“Representative of the University of Stars and Clouds, do you agree to battle to entertain the crowd and liven things up?” asked Jian Xuan. 

The crowd was surprised. Jian Xuan challenged the representative of a core university?! 

Things were getting fun. But this time, Lin Feng was surprised and excited, too. 

Di Shang and the three others looked worried and anxious. What if that guy stabbed and severely injured or even killed Lin Feng? It would be a terrible humiliation. Nobody would ever take the University of Stars and Clouds seriously again. The Competition would naturally fall through for them. 

However, if Lin Feng won, then Sword Ancestors University, which was a third-grade influential group, would feel offended. They had three four Godly Ancestors; Jian Zu wasn’t the only one! 

It was a dilemma. Whether Lin Feng agreed or refused, the outcome would be bad. 

Lin Feng studied Jian Xuan. He looked fierce and quick, and was eyeing Lin Feng disdainfully. 

Indeed, Lin Feng only had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. They scorned him, because Jian Xuan had the strength of the sixth. 

“So? You don’t want to fight?” challenged Jian Xuan, smiling disdainfully when he saw Lin Feng didn’t reply, trying to infuriate Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng wasn’t angry. As a young genius, he had to control himself in front of Jian Xuan. 

“A sword battle? That sounds fun. If I win, what do I get? If you win, what do you get?

“There is no such rule. You challenge me to a sword battle, little brother Jian Xuan, but you don’t even know me, hehe, how come you feel so confident?” wondered Lin Feng. The crowd realized Lin Feng wasn’t a coward. 

He sounded completely indifferent, but what he said had the same effect as gunpowder. It was explosive. He had simply and straightforwardly humiliated Jian Xuan and made him look like a fool. He even called him “little brother”, which was extremely pejorative. 

Jian Xuan was initially in a good mood, especially because he was challenging the representative of a university, but Lin Feng had humiliated him. Now he was infuriated, but he didn’t know what to say. 

“Hmph! You must be Lin Feng. I respect you as the representative of a university and I wanted to be polite, but you don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. I was patient, but there are limits to my patience!

“Lin Feng, simply answer my question: will you dare or not have a sword battle against me?” shouted Jian Xuan angrily. He was trying to make people believe Lin Feng didn’t dare fight against him because of fear. 

That way he could regain a little face, and humiliate Lin Feng back, which was exactly what Jian Zu wanted to see. He was happy to have such a disciple. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought Jian Xuan would dare provoke him like that, but since it was that way, he had to act. 

“Alright, I accept your challenge. Let’s have a sword duel,” Lin Feng said. Then he flashed and landed ten meters away from Jian Xuan. 

They glanced at each other icily. Their eyes were filled with killing intent. 

“Lin Feng, little friend, go easy on Jian Xuan, he’s a younger than you after all,” said Jian Zu, making fun of Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng ignored him. He didn’t need to pay attention to Jian Zu. 

“Lin Feng, show me your sword skills. Since you’re a representative, you must be an extraordinary cultivator, so I want to learn from you!” exclaimed Jian Xuan, smiling icily. He cut out with his sword, and a blood-red light beam appeared. The crowd started cheering for him and applauding. 

“How scary!”

“His sword is almost a Godly Ancestor weapon!”

“No, it is already a Godly Ancestor weapon.”…

“What’s wrong, Lin Feng? You haven’t drawn your sword yet. Don’t you dare draw it?” taunted Jian Xuan when he saw Lin Feng still hadn’t drawn his sword. 

“Jian Xuan, my sword cultivation is eternal and intangible, I will destroy your sword Dao,” Lin Feng said, raising his head after a long time. He was staring at Jian Xuan coldly. 

Jian Xuan’s expression froze. Lin Feng was trying to humiliate even more. Jian Xuan’s eyes filled with flames of fury and he immediately charged Lin Feng, swinging his gigantic sword. 

“I don’t care about what you say! I will show you how strong I am when it comes to sword cultivation! Haha!” proclaimed Jian Xuan, bursting into laughter. He cut at Lin Feng’s chest. 

Many people closed their eyes. They didn’t dare looked at the blood-red lights emerging from the sword. 


“My sword cultivation is eternal and intangible, I will destroy your sword Dao. As simple as that!”

The crowd heard someone laughing cruelly. Qi rolled in waves in every direction. Everybody looked up, their eyes wide. Lin Feng was firmly holding a sword. Blood appeared indistinctly. However, that wasn’t the main point. 

The main point was that he taken it from his opponent by force. Jian Xuan looked grim, and his face was red. 

Lin Feng was holding the sword easily. He raised his foot, flashed, and slashed. His sword moved straight towards his opponent’s arm. 

The sword streaked across the sky and shot towards Jian Xuan. 

Jian Xuan was terrified and paled. He saw the sword descending towards his head. 


Suddenly, Lin Feng’s sword stopped just above Jian Xuan’s head, only one centimeter away. Jian Xuan was so scared his soul almost flashed out of his body. He had been so scared he had lost his sense of time and one second felt like a hundred years. 

One attack, my sword cultivation is eternal and intangible, I destroyed your sword Dao. It was as simple as that!

“Jian Zu, I gave you face since you told me Jian Xuan was of the younger generation. I didn’t kill him. Don’t forget that. And take this sword back. Remember, a sword cultivator should always be able to destroy another sword cultivator’s sword Dao! Sword cultivation is eternal and intangible!” Lin Feng said, throwing the gigantic sword back at Jian Xuan. 

Then he walked back to the edge of the stage and sat down on his chair. 

At that moment, the atmosphere was extremely silent. 

Jian Xuan looked miserable and pitiful. He was probably crying on the inside. 

His Sword cultivation had been crippled! 

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