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Chapter 1122: Qualified!


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After a long time, people started chatting in the crowd. Lin Feng had amazed everybody. With the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he had defeated a cultivator of the sixth. On top of that, he had defeated him in a single attack, in less than a minute, and had crippled his sword cultivation! 

That was simply astonishing. However, it had happened to Jian Xuan. 

Jian Xuan looked at the Blood Sword at his feet. He felt empty. Lin Feng had crippled his sword cultivation, he didn’t need a sword anymore. That sword was his, but he would never use it again. 

Lin Feng’s sword cultivation was incredibly advanced. Jian Xuan hadn’t thought his sword cultivation would ever be crippled by someone like Lin Feng. At the beginning, he had just thought he was going to humiliate Lin Feng, but in the Lin Feng had humiliated him and more. 

Jian Zu looked unmoved, but on the inside, he was furious. Lin Feng had offended Sword Ancestors University and provoked him personally. 

Jian Zu glanced at Lin Feng icily, but Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to him at all, staying aloof and composed. 

“Alright, Jian Zu, have your disciple leave the stage. Let’s not delay the Competition any longer,” Jing Rui grinned. 

Everything had happened so fast. Jian Zu probably couldn’t believe what had just happened. If he had never taken the initiative to provoke Lin Feng, Jian Xuan’s cultivation wouldn’t have been crippled. 

Now, his cultivation had been crippled, what could Jian Zu say now? He had offended Lin Feng first!

It would be difficult for Sword Ancestors University to swallow the pill. 

Jian Xuan took a deep breath and controlled his anger. He waved at Jian Xuan, who immediately ran down the stairs of the stage. His Blood Sword was still on the stage. His sword cultivation had been crippled, so he didn’t want the sword anymore. 

Jian Zu raised his hand and the Blood Sword flew to his grasp. He glanced at Lin Feng and smiled thinly. “Lin Feng, little friend, since you won the battle, this sword is yours, take it!” he shouted suddenly. 

A blood red light beam shot towards Lin Feng’s chest at a terrifying speed. If the sword reached him, Lin Feng would die on the spot. 

Lin Feng pulled a long face. Jian Zu had found a good way to avenge Jian Xuan! He wanted to kill him while pretending he was giving him a present. That’s why he had shouted and thrown the sword as quickly as he could. 

The Blood Sword appeared in front of Lin Feng, half a cun away from him. At that moment, Lin Feng raised his hand, stretched out his arm, and then grabbed the sword firmly. 

His movements were extremely natural. He hadn’t made any effort to catch the sword. Lin Feng himself was surprised. What he had just done shouldn’t be possible? He hadn’t felt threatened at all. 

Eh? What’s that?

Suddenly, the sword glowed bright blood red, the red lights surrounding Lin Feng. The sword looked like a baby. It stayed in Lin Feng’s hand and didn’t want to let go of him. When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled. He raised the sword and smiled at Jian Zu, “Hehe, thank you so much for your wonderful present! This sword is great! Thank you very much!” Lin Feng acknowledged, putting the sword away.

 When Jian Zu saw that, he was furious. He initially wanted to kill Lin Feng, not help him! He couldn’t do anything now!

Who had thought the Blood Sword would betray the old man and get close to Lin Feng? That was astonishing as well!

The Blood Sword was one of the four great Great Imperial Weapons of Sword Ancestors University. It was one of the top two weapons. Its sword Dao was astonishing! 

And now it was Lin Feng’s. He had just given Lin Feng an item which cost several hundred million godly coins. He had given the precious sword to someone he wanted to kill! 

“It’s alright. Hehe. If you like it, that’s good. Hehe,” replied Jian Zu glumly, his face rather frightening. Nobody would dare offend him for a while. 

Lin Feng noticed a change in his expression and grinned despite himself. Then he ignored Jian Zu and waited for the Great Competition to start. 

“Alright, the Great Competition of the Universities can start! Second-grade can challenge core universities. Third-grade universities can challenge second-grade universities!” proclaimed Jing Rui. He didn’t feel like wasting any more time, and quickly announced the beginning of the Competition. He walked down the stage and went to stand at the foot of it, while an old man in a gray robe replaced him. 

The old man would manage the Competition until its end. 

“Who wants to do the first challenge?” asked the old man, calmly glancing around at the disciples of the dozens of universities. They also glanced at each other. All the universities initially wanted to challenge the University of Stars and Clouds. 

In the past, they weren’t even often qualified, and when they did, they participated as a third-grade university. Now they had become a core university, but people initially still intended to challenge them. But then they had seen Lin Feng fight and felt like they had to be more careful. 

Not just any university could qualify as a core university, so the crowd assumed they had trump cards. Now, they had to think of who they were going to challenge for good. 

The atmosphere suddenly became silent. 

“Di Dan University, I challenge the University of Stars and Clouds.”

Finally, someone spoke and in the end, they challenged the University of Stars and Clouds. For the time being, nobody knew whether the University of Stars and Clouds had trump cards or not, and in any case, they knew that the University of Stars and Clouds was probably the weakest of all the core universities, or at least one of the weakest. All the others were in quarterfinals at every competition. 

That’s also why Di Dan University didn’t mind challenging the University of Stars and Clouds. Even if they lost, it didn’t really matter, and if they won, they would also become a core university! 

The challenger was a short middle-aged man in a blue robe. He had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, and was holding a sword. He went to the center of the stage and looked at Lin Feng icily. 

“Does the University of Stars and Clouds accept our challenge?” asked the short man. 

“I’ll fight against you,” Lin Feng said directly. The man had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, so Di Shang and the others couldn’t fight against him. 

“You? What a joke! You’re the representative of a university, how could you fight against me? Do you want to bully people or what?” The man didn’t want to fight against Lin Feng at all, so he tried to use Lin Feng’s status as a representative to indicate such a battle wouldn’t be fair. 

He pulled a long face and looked unhappy, waiting for Lin Feng’s answer. He was sure Lin Feng would have to accept his request!

Because he was the representative of a university, he couldn’t accept a request, apart from battles which took place before the exam, like his fight against Jian Xuan. 

Lin Feng frowned. If representatives couldn’t fight, then he had to rely on Di Shang and the others, but they couldn’t compete with such challengers. They were inevitably going to lose, and they would lose the opportunity to be qualified for the next rounds. 

The atmosphere became even more grim. 

“Hehe, that is true, representatives can’t participate in the Competition, but Lin Feng is not the representative of the university. He just stayed on my seat for a little while so that it wasn’t empty. 

“I’m back! Lin Feng, you can participate in the Competition,” declared Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, showing up at that moment. In the blink of an eye, he appeared next to Lin Feng. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was the only Godly Ancestor of the University of Stars and Clouds, so when Di Shang and the others saw him, they sighed in relief. As long as Lin Feng could fight, everything would be fine. They would even end up in the top eight! 

Lin Feng stood up and gave the chair to Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. Then he went down to Di Shang and the others and looked at the short man. 

Di Shang and the others felt safer, as if Lin Feng was their pillar. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was back, Lin Feng was with them. They didn’t feel anywhere as nervous as they had before. 

“Brother, this time, can I accept your challenge?” inquired Lin Feng, smiling at the man mockingly. 

The man looked outrage just before, but now that Lin Feng could participate in the Competition, he looked mostly glum. He couldn’t stop halfway. If he didn’t agree to fight against Lin Feng, then Di Dan University would have even less chance of doing well. 

All he could do was hope. Thinking about that, the short man looked resolute and decided to resign himself to fate. 

“Of course, you can. But, hehe, get ready to lose, Lin Feng!” proclaimed the short man, smiling icily. 

He was doing it on purpose, trying to put pressure on Lin Feng. He wanted to make Lin Feng think fighting against him was a mistake. 


“Nonsense. I don’t need to get ready to fight against someone like you!” Lin Feng replied, his tone dismissive. He disappeared from where he was and the temperature suddenly dropped above the stage. 

The short man’s expression suddenly changed. He glanced around, but couldn’t see Lin Feng. Suddenly, he sensed energies behind him and his expression flared in alarm. 

Oh no! 


Something nearly destroyed the stage. 

Everybody was speechless. 

Lin Feng had defeated the short man in one attack as well. On top of that, even though the short man knew Lin Feng was behind him in the end, he hadn’t had time to react and Lin Feng had blown him away. The man crashed on the edge of the stage. 

Half a centimeter more and he would crashed at the foot of the stage, in which case everybody would have laughed at him.

Di Dan University had challenged the University of Stars and Clouds, and now the University of Stars and Clouds could be sure they were going to participate in the quarterfinals. 

There was something the crowd hadn’t realized yet. The University of Stars and Clouds was the first one to qualify to participate in the quarterfinals. 

Otherwise, they would be speechless! 

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