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Chapter 1123: Chaos on The Stage!


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“University of Stars and Clouds, first university to get qualified for the quarterfinals!” announced the old man in gray clothes. Many people at the foot of the stage thought, The University of Stars and Clouds is normally the weakest one but now they have a terrifying and aggressive cultivator called Lin Feng.

He had defeated Jian Xuan from Sword Ancestors University in one attack, and even worse, he had crippled his Sword cultivation! 

He had also defeated the representative of Di Dan University in one attack. Because of him, Di Dan University was already eliminated from the Competition. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was particularly moved, nearly to tears. It had been so many years since the University of Stars and Clouds had participated in the quarterfinals. They had even struggled to get qualified for the Competition at all. 

Thanks to Lin Feng, the University of Stars and Clouds was already dazzling!

No matter how far they would go, nobody would forget the proud and aggressive young genius of the University of Stars and Clouds, Lin Feng! 

“Anyone else want to challenge a core university?” asked the old man, looking over at the members of the second-grade universities at the foot of the stage. 

But at that moment, nobody said anything. All those who intended to challenge the University of Stars and Clouds didn’t feel like it anymore, as they knew they couldn’t defeat Lin Feng. 

“Third-grade universities want to challenge second-grade universities?” asked the old man, looking at the members of third-grade universities. 

“Shen Xing University, we challenge World Dragon University!” shouted someone angrily. Their Qi was weird, Lin Feng noticed. 

The man who had just shouted was wearing a purple robe. His hair covered his face so one couldn’t see what he looked like, but considering the shape of his face, he probably wasn’t good looking anyway. 

That disciple of Shen Xing University got ready to fight against someone from World Dragon University. 

World Dragon University was the strongest of all second-grade universities. At the previous competition, they had ranked ninth; one more step and they would have reached the quarterfinals. That year, they had almost qualified as a core university! 

But they had failed to qualify, even though University of Stars and Clouds did. 

“You can start,” said the old man, nodding indifferently. He flashed away, leaving them space to fight. 

The man slowly walked towards the representative of World Dragon University, a middle-aged man in a white robe. 

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. It’s him? 

“Uncle, isn’t that the one who came to our university for the exam?” whispered Di Shang. His expression was odd. 

Lin Feng nodded, but he didn’t say anything. The battle was about to start. It was getting interesting. 

World Dragon University? World Dragon Clan? Was there a connection between them? 

Maybe. Universities usually had powerful backgrounds. Some of them might even be backed up by sects and clans, such as the Bai Clan and Bai Clan University. The goal of a sect or clan doing this was to find new geniuses to recruit. 

So World Dragon University and the World Dragon Clan were probably connected to each other. World Dragon University probably belonged to the World Dragon Clan. 

What was the explanation? 

“Jie Yu, we haven’t seen each other for ten years. Will you fight like back in the days?” the man in purple clothes asked icily. He seemed angry. There were clearly tensions between the two of them, or maybe even between their respective universities. 

“Zi Xuan, Shen Xing University is now a third-grade university; don’t you feel ashamed to challenge me?” replied Jie Yu, grinning mockingly. 

“If you hadn’t schemed against us, do you think Shen Xing University would be a third-class university? We’re almost always qualified for the quarterfinals, but your judges put us in the list of third-grade universities. Jie Yu, you think you know more than other people, eh?” replied Zi Xuan angrily, wishing he could destroy Jie Yu on the spot. 

Jie Yu grinned. He wasn’t angry. He would get his revenge on the stage! 

“Zi Xuan, ten years ago, I lost against you. This time, I will show you what defeat tastes like,” promised Jie Yu. He had been practicing hard for that and now it was finally the time. 

“Come, and do your best!” shouted Zi Xuan furiously. He was grasping a spear as he flashed forwards. A tornado appeared all around him and his Qi thrust towards Jie Yu’s head, suppressing his Qi. 

Jie Yu’s expression didn’t change. He used a palm, and dragon Qi emerged and blocked Zi Xuan’s spear. Zi Xuan was really afraid of dropping it. When Jie Yu’s energies and the spear collided, their energies sparkled and there were fearsome explosions. 

Their energies rolled in waves all around, across the city and even farther, up to the mountains and rivers outside of the city. 

Zi Xuan and Jie Yu were both pushed back, but they quickly collided again. The atmosphere became completely chaotic at the top of the stage. 

“All those who want to challenge second-grade universities, you can start,” said the old man when he saw the atmosphere was getting frantic. He didn’t mind seeing a little bit of chaos at the top of the stage. 

“Tian Xiao University challenges Ji Du University!”

“Wu Yuan University challenges Du University!”

“Demon Clan University challenges Flames University!”

“Dan University challenges Han University!”…

Things became pretty wild at the top of the stage; it was even worse than before because of what the old man had said. Many members of third-grade universities started challenging second-grade universities. Dozens of people rose up in the air. 

In addition to Zi Xuan and Jie Yu, over twenty people started fighting around them. Godly auras and energies collided everywhere and nobody could see where they all came from. 

Lin Feng was speechless. The old man made everybody fight at the same time? He had never thought such a thing was permissible. It was too crazy!

Fifteen third-grade universities had challenged second-grade universities. Those who would be qualified for the quarterfinals would emerge from them. 

Usually, second-grade universities were challenged by third-grade universities, and when they lost, they were eliminated. Their talismans were changed and the winners became stronger. 

Therefore, it wasn’t absolutely a hundred percent sure that the University of Stars and Clouds would be qualified for the quarterfinals; if a second-grade university challenged them and they lost, then they would be eliminated. 

The Competition became more and more difficult as the different rounds moved on. Weaker people were eliminated and winners were qualified. 

It was law of the jungle. 


Time passed slowly, but the fighting continued on the stage. Apart from a few members of third-grade universities who had lost, the other ones were still fighting. 

Zi Xuan put his spear away and decided to use physical strength to fight against Jie Yu. He had to win, otherwise, Shen Xing University would be eliminated and remain a third-grade university. 

“Aggressive Purple Punch!”

“Dragon Frenzy Skill!”

Boom boom…

Zi Xuan and Jie Yu collided again. This time, the sky above them turned dark. It looked like the sky was about to collapse. It wasn’t just because of Zi Xuan and Jie Yu; it was because of all the others who were fighting. The situation on the stage seemed out of control. 

After Jie Yu’s punch, Zi Xuan lost. World Dragon University won and was qualified to become a second-grade university. Zi Xuan was devastated. He had lost and Shen Xing University had been downgraded to a third-grade university. 

Even if they had many Godly Ancestors in their university, it didn’t matter; it was of no help at the Competition. They had become a third-grade university? They wouldn’t be able to do anything about it for the next ten years! 

At the same time, Jie Yu and the others were progressing. Ninety percent of the third-grade universities were defeated, but ten percent succeeded and won their battles. 

That ten percent was only two universities: Demon Clan University and Dan University. They had defeated two second-grade universities and were now second-grade universities themselves. The second-grade universities who had lost against them were now eliminated. 

When the fights ended, the second-grade universities were now fixed, so their talismans were changed if required. Now, were there more second-grade universities who would challenge core universities and win? 

They’d soon see! 

But many people still didn’t think highly of the University of Stars and Clouds… 


“Let’s take a break for now. I need to make an announcement,” announced the old man suddenly. He didn’t even proclaim who was in the new list of second-grade universities, he was going to talk about something else. The crowd was surprised, but nobody dared speak. 

“Miss Qian Jin Cai Yue has arrived in Jing City and wants to join a core university. I hope you can give her some recommendations.”



The old man wasn’t even done talking when someone screamed out in the crowd. Someone’s nose suddenly started bleeding and his teeth broke apart when he heard Qian Jin Cai Yue’s name. 

Everybody looked at him disdainfully. Many people had similar reactions, but not as uncontrolled… 

Who was Qian Jin Cai Yue? She was the second most charming woman in the World of Battles! An overlord had tried to kidnap her back in the days and in the end, the overlord had lost face!

Nobody dared cast greedy eyes on Qian Jin Cai Yue anymore. Everybody knew Qi’s reputation in the World of Battles. Almost everybody felt like they were suffocating when they looked at her. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he had a bad feeling. A few days before, he had talked to Qian Jin Cai Yue and she had said she wanted to join the University of Stars and Clouds. 

What about now? 

Did she still want to join the University of Stars and Clouds? 

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