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Chapter 1125: Provocations!


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“Lin Feng, I’d like to tell you something, and I hope you won’t be scared to death,” said Qian Jin Cai Yue pouting and sticking her tongue out. She didn’t use any beauty cultivation skill, she just acted normally, like an ordinary naughty woman. 

Lin Feng looked at her, but didn’t bother asking anything because he knew that Qian Jin Cai Yue was going to tell him what she was thinking regardless. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue looked annoyed. Lin Feng had remained silent. She had initially felt so excited. 

“I like you. I want to marry you. If I don’t, I will never marry anyone else,” said Qian Jin Cai Yue, pretending to be angry with Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He hadn’t expected that, and his heart twitched. He felt like he was about to faint. Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at him seriously; she wasn’t joking. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t like jokes, especially about her own marriage. She had never made a joke. She had met Lin Feng and had butterflies in her stomach when she saw him. She felt as if her king had arrived. 

Therefore, she decided not to wait, and came straight to Jing City to see Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was speechless. Of course, the crowd at the foot of the stage was also astonished. Nobody had thought Qian Jin Cai Yue would come to propose to Lin Feng, and even worse, if Lin Feng refused, she would never marry anyone else. 

It was horrible. But also, everybody felt it was unfair and many people were angered. 

Of course, the one who reacted the strongest was Zhan Tian Ang. He wanted Qian Jin Cai Yue. He lived for her. He did all he could to seduce her. Now, as he was about to propose Qian Jin Cai Yue, Qian Jin Cai Yue had proposed to Lin Feng. 

Zhan Tian Ang’s heart was broken, and he could only be angry.

“Why, Miss Cai Yue? I’m stronger, more handsome, and more talented than him! Why would you choose that piece of trash? Why not an outstanding man like me? Why? I need an explanation!

“Otherwise, Miss Cai Yue, I won’t have any choice but to kill the man you like! Hmph!”

Zhan Tian Ang started threatening her because he was furious, ready to burst from anger. If Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t give him an explanation, he would kill Lin Feng, just to make Qian Jin Cai Yue sad! 

“Lin Feng, what do we do? Someone wants to kidnap me and kill you!” said Qian Jin Cai Yue, looking at Lin Feng and pretending to be worried. Her eyes twinkled with joy and naughtiness. She definitely had ulterior motives! 

Lin Feng sighed. Qian Jin Cai Yue had provoked Zhan Tian Ang on purpose, she had made him hate Lin Feng and challenge him, but why? What did that bring her? Lin Feng didn’t understand what Qian Jin Cai Yue was plotting. 

Zhan Tian Ang wanted Qian Jin Cai Yue. Qian Jin Cai Yue had proposed to Lin Feng, so Zhan Tian Ang was furious. 

At that moment, Lin Feng had to make a decision: would he accept the challenge or not? 

Rivals in love naturally couldn’t coexist peacefully, but Lin Feng didn’t consider Zhan Tian Ang and himself rivals in love. Other people did, though. Zhan Tian Ang thought of Lin Feng as a rival in love, so Lin Feng couldn’t refuse that challenge. 

“Your name is Zhan Tian Ang, right? I accept your challenge, the challenge of Spiritual Warriors University, but…” Lin Feng said stopping for a second, and then he continued, “But, I need to tell you one thing. She and I have nothing to do with each other. There’s nothing between us.

“If you want to woo her, I don’t mind. However, you can’t blame me for failing to attract her. I am not here for you to release your anger. Finally, you better not infuriate me! I don’t like it when people use me to vent their anger, including you! People who tried to use me as a pushover have all died. It’d be a pity if you became the next one, Zhan Tian Ang!” Lin Feng said icily. 

Lin Feng didn’t fear Zhan Tian Ang, he just hated the fool releasing his frustration and anger on him. If Zhan Tian Ang failed to attract her, it wasn’t because of Lin Feng, it was because he was a loser! 

Since Zhan Tian Ang thought Lin Feng was a pushover, Lin Feng was ready to show him otherwise. Even if he had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, so what? Lin Feng didn’t fear the first young genius of Spiritual Warriors University! 

Lin Feng’s reaction surprised many people. They hadn’t thought he would say such harsh things. He had said them neither haughtily nor humbly on top of that, just confidently. 

Zhan Tian Ang glared at him furiously. How dare Lin Feng speak to him like that? How disdainful! Therefore, Zhan Tian Ang clenched his fists, ground his teeth and shouted furiously, “LIN FENG, ENOUGH BULLSHIT! TAKE THIS PUNCH!”

His voice was explosive. A gigantic fist shadow hurtled towards Lin Feng like a bullet. It rumbled like thousands of dragons attacking at the same time. 

Lin Feng glanced at the fist shadow, not nervous at all. Even though he only had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he also knew that he could defeat cultivators of the seventh Great Supreme God layer easily. 

Lin Feng also threw a punch, an Aggressive Punch that contained demon strength. It was just a simple punch, but the crowd detected death Qi in it, and they all stepped back. 

Lin Feng and Zhan Tian Ang collided for the first time. Lin Feng threw another punch. Zhan Tian Ang didn’t intend to give Lin Feng any opportunity either, so he flashed back towards Lin Feng right after the collision. 

They exchanged a dozen punches. Fist shadows kept appearing and streaking across the sky. Initially, Zhan Tian Ang felt confident, but after those few attacks, he suddenly felt pressure. But he didn’t intend to give up because of Lin Feng’s Aggressive Punch attacks, that wasn’t his style!

“Heavenly Burning Sun!”

A terrifying Qi as powerful as thunder emerged and rolled out. But it wasn’t thunder Qi, it was sun Qi, and the temperature started increasing. An explosive strength condensed in Zhan Tian Ang’s hands. 

That kind of energy had almost the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. As one could well imagine, its purpose was to destroy Lin Feng and win Zhan Tian Ang win the duel. 

He wanted to show Qian Jin Cai Yue how weak Lin Feng was, that Lin Feng couldn’t measure up to him. He also wanted to show her that he was ready to do anything for her! 

Qian Jin Cai Yue just watched Lin Feng, nobody else. No matter what Zhan Tian Ang did to impress her, it wouldn’t work since she wasn’t looking at him at all. 

He was growing more and more furious, and roared out in rage. The sun energy became more and more dazzling. Two beams of light emerged from his hands and shot towards Lin Feng. 

All he wanted to do now was destroy Lin Feng! 

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. He raised his hands and a gigantic Imperial Imprint appeared and descended from the sky. It was gigantic, a hundred zhang tall. The Imperial Imprints intercepted the two light beams. 

The sun strength collided against the Imperial Imprint. The stage started trembling. 

It became extremely dark outside, and many people panicked. It looked like Judgement Day. 

The golden lights of the Imperial Imprint flashed and illuminated everything. People could see the lights from thousands of li away. 


There was a sound which made people feel numb. They looked at the sky and saw the sound came from the collision of the Imperial Imprint and the two light beams. The golden lights of the Imperial Imprint didn’t weaken. It also seemed like there were both Genesis Spiritual strength and Buddhist Qi in it. How could it be destroyed by Zhan Tian Ang’s sun attack? 

Sun Qi was a strength of the earth and the sky. But Buddhist and cultivation energies weren’t any weaker than natural energies, not to mention that Buddhist energy was the energy of the creation used to create the earth and the sky. Natural energies couldn’t be more powerful than Buddhist energy!

Lin Feng had the advantage. His Imperial Imprint had destroyed the sun attack. He had used so much pure Qi for that attack… 

Zhan Tian Ang was in a very bad mood now. He didn’t feel confident anymore, and he had been so proud and arrogant before. He paled when he thought about it. At that moment, any cultivator, even if they had the strength of the fifth or sixth Great Supreme God layer, could suppress him!

Zhan Tian Ang had hoped he would win as quickly as possible, so he had used as much pure Qi as he could. In the end, he had failed!

“Do we need to continue the battle or not?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. 

And disdainfully! 

Many people were stunned. They realized that Zhan Tian Ang had lost; the champion of the previous Great Competition, the best young genius of Spiritual Warriors University! 

But this time he had challenged Lin Feng, and had lost, suffering a crushing defeat. His pure Qi was extremely weak now. He couldn’t possibly win anymore. 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling remained silent, struggling to keep calm as he clenched his fists. His nails pierced through the skin of his palms, he was so angry. The previous champion had gotten them eliminated, and he had lost them face?!

He regretted that he had allowed Zhan Tian Ang to challenge Lin Feng. If he hadn’t let him challenge Lin Feng, the University of Stars and Clouds may have gotten disqualified before the start of the quarterfinals!

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