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Chapter 1126: Qian Jin Cai Yue’s Strength?

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No, no, no!! 

I don’t want to! I don’t want to! Lin Feng, I’m sure I can destroy you! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Zhan Tian Ang was slowly losing confidence but he couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t submit to Lin Feng. He had to prove he was stronger! He had to win Qian Jin Cai Yue’s heart! He had to show everybody he was the strongest young genius and that Lin Feng was a piece of trash. 

Piece of trash! Piece of trash! 

Lin Feng, even if you defeated me today, I still think you’re a fucking piece of trash! Piece of trash! Hahaha! 

Zhan Tian Ang raised his head to the skies and laughed manically. He seemed insane, like an enraged dog about to bite its victim. Zhan Tian Ang looked at Lin Feng and flashed at him. 

Lin Feng stretched out his hand, condensed strength, and Zhan Tian Ang was blown away again. He crashed at the foot of the stage, yet while he was still on his back, he grabbed a stone pillar and threw it. 

You pissed me off, Lin Feng! Don’t blame me for losing it! 

Suddenly, Zhan Tian Ang looked grim. He didn’t look like he was going to go berserk again. He looked even more terrifying. His face slowly started turning red, then it turned purple. He looked like a demon. His body was now surrounded by purple lights. 

He clenched his fists, the bones crackled. His hands didn’t look like hands anymore, they looked like demon claws. 

His demon Qi was purple. His body turned purple. With the strength of the top of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, he looked even more terrifying. 

Lin Feng had no choice but to be careful. That demon Qi was extremely powerful. It was much more powerful than anyone thought, including Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling. His disciple had trained demon Qi, and he had never noticed it! 

Now he was an enemy of the Demon Clan, the Gods Clan, and the Human Clan. No matter whether Zhan Tian Ang won or lost, Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling was definitely going to punish him; he didn’t intend to forgive him! 

He had learned demon skills in secret; what would people think of Spiritual Warriors University now? How humiliating, especially in front of all the other Godly Ancestors! 

Lin Feng didn’t have time to ask himself too many questions. If Zhan Tian Ang had become stronger than the top of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, then it was the same as fighting against a young genius of the top of the seventh Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng had to use his full strength. 


Lin Feng took a deep breath. He remembered the item he had obtained at the auctions, now was the perfect moment to use it. 

Demon and Buddhist energies were antagonistic. His mala could suppress demon Qi! 

Lin Feng didn’t think too much and took out the mala, then held it as he put his palms together. Everybody was watching him silently. 

There was a golden aura above Lin Feng’s head. He looked so pure and noble. Zhan Tian Ang’s demon Qi was extremely powerful, but when Lin Feng released his Buddhist energies, everybody forgot about Zhan Tian Ang. 

That Buddhist tool was extremely powerful. Lin Feng hadn’t even attacked, yet Zhan Tian Ang’s Qi was already suppressed. 

Zhan Tian Ang knew that he had to do something, or his demon Qi would be too suppressed. He had to do something, especially since his teacher had seen him use demon cultivation. No matter whether he lost or won, his teacher wouldn’t let him off! 

Zhan Tian Ang panicked when he thought about that. He ground his teeth and decided to give all he could. He flashed and arrived in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, thrusting out with a palm.

Eerie silence. The whole crowd just watched the Buddha and the Demon fight. They didn’t want to miss a single second of that duel. It was an enriching one; they could learn a lot from it and become stronger!

Lin Feng had put his palms together, and was floating in golden lights. Twelve light beams flickered. It proved that Lin Feng had received the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill from the twelve Buddhist Ancestors. The lights fused together. 

The demon Qi moved closer to Lin Feng to suppress him, but at the most crucial moment, Zhan Tian Ang arrived above Lin Feng, pressing down hard. His Qi weighed a hundred million jin, and drove down towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng grimly condensed Buddhist energies as well as Genesis Spiritual strength. 



There were two loud sounds: an explosion and the sound of someone coughing blood. The whole crowd could see the blood spray. 

Lin Feng and Zhan Tian Ang’s collision had been explosive. Zhan Tian Ang had been blown away. He had coughed blood and it was still dripping from his chin onto his chest. He was severely injured and had absolute no energy left to fight. His purple demon Qi slowly disappeared. He looked miserable, lying there in the middle of the stage. 

Cough, cough, cough! Zhan Tian Ang coughed more and started shaking. He tried to sit up, but he couldn’t anymore. He hoped Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling would rescue him. 

But Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling didn’t move. He looked at Lin Feng angrily, but he also hated his disciple for lying to him and learning demon skills in secret. He had decided he didn’t want to save Zhan Tian Ang. Zhan Tian Ang was lucky that Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling didn’t finish him!

“Hey, Lin Feng, you won! You’re really awesome!” cheered Qian Jin Cai Yue, smiling and clapping. She looked very happy for him. When Zhan Tian Ang saw that, he coughed even more blood and fainted. 

“Someone come here, pick him up!” shouted the old man in charge of the fights. He looked at the servants, silently directing them to clean up the mess, and not let the blood of a loser dirty the stage. 

“The University of Stars and Clouds won. Two victories. First position.

“Let’s continue the battles, do some people from second-grade influential groups want to challenge core universities?” inquired the old man. After Lin Feng and Zhan Tian Ang’s fight, the atmosphere was excited, but nobody dared challenge the University of Stars and Clouds again. 

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one anymore; Qian Jin Cai Yue was there too, and she was extremely strong. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was overjoyed. Lin Feng had won twice, so thanks to him they were in first position now, the best of the eight strongest groups! 

If no accidents happened, the University of Stars and Clouds would also win the quarterfinals. 

“Flames University challenges World Dragon University!”

“The University of Heaven and Earth challenges Gigantic Hawks University!”

“Bai Clan University challenges Imperial University!”

“Dragon Capital University challenges Dan University!”…


An hour later, all the fights were over. The top eight universities were already determined. At the end of that day, the rankings were as such: 

University of Stars and Clouds, first in the rankings for the time being. 

World Dragon University, second. 

Gigantic Hawks University. 

Demon Clan University.

Bai Clan University.

Sword Ancestors University. 

Si Ji University. 

Dragon Capital University. 

Nobody could believe that the University of Stars and Clouds had won two fights. They had the highest potential to finish in the top three tomorrow because they also had the privilege to choose their opponents first. 

They were very happy!


The first day of the Competition ended. The members of all the universities looked for inns to spend the night at. 

Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun stood together, but there was something different from usual, Qian Jin Cai Yue was standing on Lin Feng’s left. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was sticking to Lin Feng like glue. Since when did the most charming women take the initiative to court men and cling to them so? 

Many people regarded Lin Feng with hatred. They wanted to destroy him, but they knew it was not possible, especially after they had seen Lin Feng and Zhan Tian Ang’s duel. They all knew Lin Feng was extremely strong. 

Lin Feng had mastered all sorts of cultivation. With the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he could easily compete with young geniuses of the seventh! 

Lin Feng was too formidable! 

“Brother, I’m a bit tired. I need to go and have a rest,” said Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, trying to find an excuse to go. He felt awkward to be with Lin Feng and Qian Jin Cai Yue. He felt like they wanted to spend some time alone. 

The night was very dark. There was no wind and no stars in the sky. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was still following Lin Feng silently. Each time Lin Feng took a step, she took a step. 

Finally, Lin Feng was sick of it. 

“What do you want? Miss, speak it out!” Lin Feng demanded icily. Lin Feng couldn’t stand her anymore. 

But Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t look worried, and grabbed Lin Feng’s hands. Lin Feng tried to push them away. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought she was so strong. He couldn’t push her hands away. 

Lin Feng looked at her icily and tried to throw a punch. Lin Feng didn’t care whether she was a woman or not. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue grinned in amusement. She stretched out her hand and grabbed Lin Feng’s fist again. It seemed soft and gentle, but Lin Feng could feel the pain, and at the same time, he also starting reacting to her touch. 

Lin Feng took her in his arms and hissed, “You… You really want me to make love to you, right?” 

Qian Jin Cai Yue blushed and pouted. She tried to look pitiful. “You, you’re hurting me!

“I followed you here, to Jing City! You’re really disappointing! You’re a bad man, Lin Feng. I hate you! I hate you! Woo, woo!” Qian Jin Cai Yue starting crying. 

Then she started hammering Lin Feng’s chest with her small fists. Lin Feng’s face twisted. He paled and took a hundred steps back. His chest hurt badly! 

Qian Jin Cai Yue suddenly disappeared into the darkness of the night. 

Lin Feng coughed hard, took a deep breath, and put his hand on his chest. It hurt horribly. 

After a long time, Lin Feng felt much better. He looked in the direction Qian Jin Cai Yue had disappeared with mixed feelings. 

She was way too strong! 

She had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, but she could definitely defeat much, much stronger cultivators! 

She had just pounded his chest gently to look cute, and had inadvertently injured him. Lin Feng was astonished. 

Was that her real strength? 

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