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Chapter 1130: Surrender!


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Many people at the foot of the stage, were astonished. They couldn’t believe it. At the same time, they looked at Bai Nü with pity and compassion. As the representative of the Bai Clan University, she had to fight against Godly Ancestor Si Ji. She had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer; she couldn’t fight against Godly Ancestor Si Ji, a Godly Ancestor!

She was extremely strong. Nobody needed to doubt that. But she couldn’t defeat Godly Ancestor Si Ji, that was sure. Si Ji University naturally rejoiced that they had drawn Bai Clan University in the lots. 

Sometimes, luck was better than strength! 

Bai Nü looked calm and composed. She didn’t seem worried at all. It was as if she were also a Godly Ancestor, and wasn’t afraid of the strength difference. 

Bai Nü looked at the disciples of Bai Clan University. In the end, she looked at a young man in white clothes. He was skinny and wore his hair in a bun. He had tied it back using a crystal hairpin. 

“Bai Tang, you’re the one fighting the duel for the disciples,” Bai Nü ordered. 

Bai Tang didn’t say anything, he just frowned. He already knew that he was going to fight sooner or later, so he had gotten ready. No matter who from Si Ji University was going to fight against him, he was determined to win so that the Bai Clan University could qualify to be in the top four. 

But he was extremely worried about Bai Nü’s fight. If she lost, then even if he won, it wouldn’t bring anything, and would be a pointless victory. He knew that Bai Nü couldn’t defeat Godly Ancestor Si Ji. 

Therefore, he was extremely worried. Everybody was excited to see how well Bai Clan University would perform. They were also excited and couldn’t wait to see how Bai Nü, who had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, intended to fight against a Godly Ancestor! 

“Si Ji Tu, you’re fighting this one,” Godly Ancestor Si Ji told a disciple. Si Ji Tu was the strongest disciple of Si Ji University. He had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, like Bai Tang. Their battle would be fierce and impressive! 

Si Ji Tu came out of the crowd. He wasn’t very tall and looked rather goofy, not heroic at all. He looked ordinary for a young genius, but his reputation was much more dazzling than Bai Tang’s. Many people who heard Si Ji Tu’s name in Jing City had never heard of Bai Tang. 

“Thanks for fighting against me, Brother Bai,” said Si Ji Tu, smiling confidently. He didn’t seem nervous at all. 

Bai Tang looked glum and clenched his fists. This fight was going to be very difficult; Si Ji Tu was extremely strong, after all. But he had to win in any case… 

“Please!” Bai Tang clenched his fists and shouted back. He charged Si Ji Tu quickly. He was very fast, but so was Si Ji Tu. When Bai Tang attacked, Si Ji Tu had already gotten ready. 

Bam! Bam! There were two small explosions, but it felt as if the stage was about to collapse. Energies rolled in waves all around the pair. Many people in the crowd didn’t even dare look at them. 

Both fighters had used their full strength straight from the beginning, which meant they really cared about victory. 

Si Ji Tu’s expression didn’t change, but he attacked anyway. He raised his two fists, like dragons trying to scare shrimp. He also moved extremely quickly, faster than the eye. Bai Tang felt a little bit dispirited. At the beginning, he still had hopes but now, not so much. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he was surprised. Si Ji Tu was really strong. Bai Tang was also extraordinary. There were many young geniuses in the World of Battles. Lin Feng also knew that if he fought against those people, he wouldn’t win as easily as when he had fought against Zhan Tian Ang. He wouldn’t be able to defeat them in less than a few dozen moves. 

They were some of the most outstanding young geniuses, and they had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, after all! 

Si Ji Tu continued attacking. This time he threw a kick. His energy held hundreds of thousands of jin of force. His leg smashed towards Bai Tang’s chest. One could see that with that kick, he hopes to crush Bai Tang. 

Bai Tang’s expression didn’t change. He remained careful, that was all. Si Ji Tu was really difficult to defeat; he needed to use more strength and to be faster, or he would lose this fight! 

Bai Tang made some hand seals and a cross with his forefingers. Explosive white lights suddenly appeared. They turned into power and streaked across the sky. Si Ji Tu’s leg was pushed away and then Bai Tang flashed towards him in an eyeblink. 

When he arrived in front of Si Ji Tu, the latter finally reacted. He clenched his fists and raised his arms in front of him to protect himself, but it was already too late. Bai Tang threw a kick into Si Ji Tu’s chest. Si Ji Tu was blown away. 

Si Ji Tu rolled in the air. Many people were astonished, but Bai Tang wasn’t happy at all. He had kicked Si Ji Tu so far away that it gave Si Ji Tu time to react and prepare new powerful attacks. 

“Level Four Hexagrams!” Si Ji Tu started making big motions with his arms and energies emerged from them and condensed into a gigantic thousand-zhang hexagram. A blue Dao Qi glowed around it, looming over the crowd.

Bai Tang looked very solemn. The Level Four Hexagrams attack was Si Ji Tu’s most powerful attack. If anyone touched the gigantic Four-grade Hexagram, then they could get trapped inside and get dispirited. 

Even though Bai Tang had never fought against Si Ji Tu, he knew how many people Si Ji Tu had killed. A lot. He had also heard that the Level Four Hexagrams was Si Ji Tu’s most powerful attack. 

Bai Tang took a deep breath, looking quite grave and stern. He knew he had no choice but to take a dangerous risk. He was going to use a trump card too, but he had never managed to keep it under control. If he managed to keep it under control, then he would win the duel; if he failed, he would end up severely injured. 

“Tyrant of Heaven and Earth!” shouted Bai Tang explosively. Clouds that looked like dragons appeared in the sky. Creatures with tentacles seemed to come out of the ground. Their energies blotted out the sky and covered the ground. A black mist had appeared. The energies moved where Bai Tang wanted them to go. 

Destruction! Chaos! Terror! Those were the only adjectives suitable to describe the situation. 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Qian Jin Cai Yue also glanced at Bai Tang. She could picture who was going to win the fight already. 


After a long breath, everything quieted down. Nobody said anything. One could hear people breathing. 

On the stage, Bai Tang was lying on the ground out of breath, his face extremely pale. The crowd was astonished. 

Si Ji Tu was still standing there. He looked calm and composed. 

However, it didn’t last for long. Si Ji Tu’s calm and serene expression stiffened and he collapsed suddenly, losing consciousness. 

Bai Tang struggled to get back up. His whole body hurt. 

In the end, he had won. He had used his full strength and all his pure Qi to use the Tyrant of Heaven and Earth attack, but it had won the fight and Bai Clan University was qualified for the next round, thanks to him! 

Now, the rest was in Bai Nü’s hands…


Godly Ancestor Si Ji looked ice cold. He couldn’t believe that Si Ji Tu had lost the fight. He had seen the energy of the Tyrant of Heaven and Earth attack pierce through Si Ji Tu’s chest. Thinking about it made him feel anguished. 

Si Ji Tu had been severely injured. Even if his pure Qi came back to normal, breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer would be difficult! 

Godly Ancestor Si Ji regretted that he had chosen Si Ji Tu for the duel. He had destroyed their best young genius! 

“Bai Clan University’s representative, it’s time for our battle to start!” said Godly Ancestor Si Ji icily, staring at Bai Nü. He didn’t intend to be merciful just because Bai Nü was a woman and weaker. He was furious, and even seeing a beautiful woman wasn’t enough to calm him down. 

Bai Nü grinned. The Bai Clan had told her everything before the beginning of the Competition, so she wasn’t worried at all. 

Bai Nü took out a beautiful jade pendant. Two golden dragons were carved on it. They had a fine scent about them, like a woman’s perfume. 

After Bai Nü took out the jade pendant, she threw it at Godly Ancestor Si Ji. Godly Ancestor Si Ji caught it angrily, but when he looked at it, he felt as if his body was about to explode. He looked ready to panic.

“Anc… Ancestor Nü?” Godly Ancestor Si Ji’s mouth was wide and he looked frightened. Most of the people in the crowd didn’t understand. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at the jade pendant curiously. She looked at Bai Nü and frowned. “She’s her descendant?” Qian Jin Cai Yue whispered curiously. 

Godly Ancestor Si Ji held the jade pendant for a long time before sighing. He seemed older by a few thousand years suddenly, and had even more wrinkles. He put the jade pendant away and waved at the disciples of Si Ji University, “We’re surrendering! Let’s leave! We give up on the top four!”

The crowd burst into an uproar. They couldn’t believe it. The leader of Si Ji University took the initiative to give up? They had potential to finish in the top four, and he had given up?! 

Bai Nü smiled broadly. As expected, her talisman was a protection against people like him. She knew that Godly Ancestor Si Ji, Jian Zu, or even Godly Ancestor Xing Yun wouldn’t give her face, but they didn’t dare not give Ancestor Nü face. 

Mother Earth, Ancestor Nü! 

Her name was enough to make Si Ji University give up on the Competition! 

After Godly Ancestor Si Ji announced they surrendered, Bai Clan University was qualified for the next round already, even though Bai Nü hadn’t even fought!

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