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Chapter 1135: Champion! (Part 2)


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“He… He won?” whispered Di Shang. He was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe that Lin Feng had defeated Bai Nü in two punches. 

“The champion is the University of Stars and Clouds!” shouted a young genius, clenching his fists. His eyes were wet. They hadn’t even managed to be a third-grade university in the previous years, and now thanks to Lin Feng everything had changed! 

Thanks to Lin Feng, the University of Stars and Clouds had finished first. How incredible! 

Only two weeks before, Lin Feng had shown up at the University of Stars and Clouds. He had helped them qualify as a core university for the exam. Two weeks later, Lin Feng helped them win the Competition! 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was standing there. He was so happy that raised his arms and clapped his hands. 

Bai Nü didn’t look unhappy. Lin Feng was definitely strong enough to defeat her, and she knew that before fighting against him. 

It wasn’t a real fight. Bai Nü knew they would have the opportunity to have a genuine fight someday, but this wasn’t the right place and time. Lin Feng and Bai Nü both knew that and were excited about it. 

During the exam for the World of Battles, Lin Feng had refused to submit to Yan Cang Tian and had even looked down on him. The only person he considered a worthy opponent was Bai Nü, Zhao Yun Xiao’s woman. 

“Congratulations, champion,” Bai Nü grinned. The members of Bai Clan University were naturally disappointed, but they were also very happy that they had finished second. 

“We’ll have the opportunity to have a real fight soon,” Lin Feng said, smiling at Bai Nü calmly. 

Bai Nü didn’t reply, turning around and leaving the stage. Jing Rui didn’t even have time to make an announcement before Bai Nü and the other members of Bai Clan University had already left the stage. Only the members of the University of Stars and Clouds were still standing on the stage. The others had already been eliminated, so they were at the foot of the stage, waiting for Jing Rui to announce that the University of Stars and Clouds had won the Great Competition. 

The fact that the University of Stars and Clouds had won gave many third-grade universities hope again. They understood that nothing was static, and things changed. A university which usually didn’t even qualify for the Competition had finished first. How amazing! 

Of course, they all knew it was easier said than done. 

They had to be really lucky for someone like Lin Feng to join their university and help them qualify as a core university! 

The University of Stars and Clouds didn’t surprise the crowds. Lin Feng did!

“The University of Stars and Clouds is the champion of this Competition. People will remember their victory for a very long time!” proclaimed Jing Rui, announcing the end of the Competition. He raised his hand and a blue circle of light appeared. It grew bigger and bigger, until it had a hundred-meter diameter. 

Words appeared inside it. Lin Feng and everybody else raised their heads. 

150th Great Competition of the Universities – The University of Stars and Clouds has won!

People gasped. It was incredible. 

University of Stars and Clouds, winners of the 150th Great Competition of the Universities! 

How dazzling! How glorious! Everybody would remember them in the future. They had existed for only three hundred years, but they were extremely strong! 

No great power supported them, only Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. 

Lin Feng looked at the name of the university written in huge letters. From now on, the university would have a great reputation. He studied the list, which bore the names of the previous winners. 

1st Champions, An Fan University…

4th Champions, Xiao Yao University…

100th Champions, Zi Lin University…

149th Champions, Spiritual Warriors University. 

Where are all those universities? Why didn’t they participate in the Competition this year?, wondered Lin Feng. He didn’t ask anyone, though. 

This year, the University of Stars and Clouds had won. That was enough. That was also Lin Feng’s goal, to help the University of Stars and Clouds win the Competition. 

“The first prize for this year’s Competition is an ancient godly weapon, a Godly Battle Sword!”

“What? A Godly Battle Sword?! How is that possible?”

“What? This year’s first prize is a Godly Battle Sword?! Isn’t that Jing Rui’s special weapon? Why would he give it to the University of Stars and Clouds?”

“Right! The Godly Battle Sword is the weapon he used back in the days to slaughter all those Godly Ancestors. It’s a weapon which has the strength of the top of the Godly Ancestor layer!”

When Jing Rui announced the first prize, the crowd burst into an uproar. People started talking everywhere. Everybody looked dumbstruck. They couldn’t understand why Jing Rui would offer his incredible weapon. 

The Godly Battle Sword was a weapon he had used back in the days to slaughter enemies everywhere in the world. He had become famous thanks to it. It was such a powerful weapon that words weren’t even enough to describe how powerful it was. That sword could behead ordinary Godly Ancestors without any effort. Godly Ancestors killed by that sword could return, but when Great Supreme Gods were killed by it, they couldn’t even use their soul jewel to come back to life. Their entire soul was thoroughly destroyed!

That was how terrifying the Godly Battle Sword was. Why would he give it to the University of Stars and Clouds? 

This was incredible. Anyone in the World of Battles would be astonished if they heard about it. They would even come and pay friendly visits to the University of Stars and Clouds. But would the University of Stars and Clouds be able to protect the sword? 

Nobody knew yet. 

Even though it was a powerful weapon, it was also like a hot potato. It wasn’t easy to hold. 

Lin Feng didn’t think about those things; since that was the first prize, he had to receive it. 

Jing Rui unsheathed his sword and stretched out his arm, waiting for a disciple of the University of Stars and Clouds to come and take it. 

Lin Feng glanced at the others, Di Shang and the others shook their hands. They all deferred, not daring to take it. 

Lin Feng smiled thinly and walked to the center of the stage. He took the Godly Battle Sword naturally without asking himself any question. 

When he grabbed the sword, he sensed a terrifying strength in his heart. The sword was extremely heavy, and made of bronze. It was almost like the edge hadn’t been sharpened, but the aggressive Qi that emerged from it was still extremely sharp. One attack, one corpse! 

The Godly Battle Sword was at least two meters long. It had the color of bronze and so did its protective sheath. Two golden dragons were embroidered in the protective cover of the sword, symmetrical on each side of the cover. A man was standing on the head of the dragon. 

The man looked like the Battle God himself!

“Godly Battle Sword? Godly Ancestor Weapon?” Lin Feng sighed. Weapons could be extremely useful, too. Lin Feng could already imagine himself using this sword in fights. Thanks to this sword, his strength going to increase by twenty or even thirty percent! 

“But you also get another prize, Spiritual Soul Pellets. Great Supreme Gods can use them when they’re about to break through to the next cultivation layer to increase their chances of success by thirty percent,” said Jing Rui, taking out a golden jar about as big as the palm of his hand containing Spiritual Soul Pellets. They were also rare in the World of Battles. 

Lin Feng took the jar and shook it. There were seven or eight pellets in the jar. 

“Alright, I announce the end of the Great Competition of the Universities!” finished Jing Rui. He didn’t feel like talking too much more. 

Many people sighed. It was already the end of the Great Competition… they had had so much fun!

After Jing Rui announced the end of the competition, he left the stage. He didn’t congratulate the members of the University of Stars and Clouds, and he didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng at all. It seemed like he was doing it on purpose. 

Lin Feng didn’t mind. They had won; that was the most important. He didn’t care about the rest. 

“Let’s go brother,” Lin Feng told Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. 

Godly Ancestor Xing Yun nodded. He was extremely happy about everything. He was extremely moved that Lin Feng had helped them so much. How dazzling! But it was all thanks to Lin Feng. Without him, they would have never been qualified, and they would have never finished first. 

“Brother, thank you so much. From now on, my life is yours. Haha!” Godly Ancestor Xing Yun said earnestly. 

Lin Feng didn’t take him seriously. Lin Feng didn’t intend to make Godly Ancestor Xing Yun sacrifice himself for him. However, Godly Ancestor Ju Ying’s life was in Lin Feng’s hands for a year! 

Lin Feng felt very grateful to Godly Ancestor Tu Jin for lending him a Godly Ancestor as a slave. 

After being hurt by Godly Ancestor Ju Ying and after what had happened with Bai Nü, the atmosphere was silent. Lin Feng looked at Qian Jin Cai Yue curiously. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t say anything. She just walked towards Lin Feng, rolling her hips, and then they left the stage, getting ready to go back to Liang City. 

Outside of Jing City, in the mountains, Qian Jin Cai Yue stopped. She said to Lin Feng indifferently, “You can continue. I’ll catch up with you. I have something to do.”

“Alright, be careful,” Lin Feng nodded. Then, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, Lin Feng and the others continued ahead. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue looked extremely happy. Lin Feng had just told her to be careful, which meant he cared about her. 

“Lin Feng, someday, you’ll be mine,” said Qian Jin Cai Yue, clenching her fists. 

However, very quickly, she turned around and said coolly, “Bai Nü, come here!”

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