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Chapter 1137: I Want to Kill!

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Godly Ancestor Jie Long’s expression fell. The other Godly Ancestors also realized they had made a huge mistake. 

Lin Feng had planned everything?! 

The Ice Spirit had broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer half a month ago. Now, it was time for her to prove how strong she had become. Lin Feng had given her two Godly Ancestors, so she was extremely happy. It was a great present! 

The Ice Spirit appeared suddenly. Before breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer, her body was indistinct and blurry, but now she looked real. Her clothes hadn’t changed; she was still wearing the same snowy-white skirt. She looked noble and cold, and her skin was extremely white, so white that it was almost transparent. 

Her ice Qi rolled out over hundreds of li. The mountain range was instantly covered by a layer of ice and frost, twinkling beautifully.

However, some people weren’t in the mood to enjoy the landscape at that moment! 

The Ice Spirit was such a devastatingly beautiful woman, and yet she looked so cold and terrifying, especially after she had broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer. 

“Who are you? Why do you have ice Qi?” shouted Godly Ancestor Jie Long angrily. He managed to keep calm even in front of this devastatingly beautiful woman. 

The Ice Spirit glanced at him, and also at the Demon Ancestor; her face was emotionless and ice cold. 

“Lin Feng, who’s that?” asked Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. This extremely beautiful yet ice-cold woman had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer and was terrifyingly strong. She was going to fight against Godly Ancestor Jie Long and the Demon Ancestor!

Who was she? How had Lin Feng made her appear there? Nobody knew, so they all wanted to know more. 

Lin Feng stood next to Godly Ancestor Xing Yun and smiled evenly. “It’s a secret. I’ll tell you when we get back, brother.”

“Alright, I’m going to take care of Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling first,” acceded Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. He wasn’t stupid. He knew what Lin Feng meant, so he got ready. 

“No need. Leave it for the Ice Spirit. It seems like two prey are not enough,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. 

Godly Ancestor Ju Ying fought against Jian Zu and the Ice Spirit fought against the others. Defeating ordinary Godly Ancestors of the World of Battles was extremely easy for a Genesis Primordial Spirit of the Country of Eternity!

“Ice Spirit, you fight against those three; I’m going to kill these people,” Lin Feng told the Ice Spirit. He flew towards the disciples of the four universities. There were sixteen people in total, all with the strength of the fifth or sixth Great Supreme God layer. 

Lin Feng felt like killing them all. 

“You ambushed us, so get ready to die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His eyes were filled with murder. Lin Feng flashed, condensed Genesis Spiritual strength and demon strength in his fist, and then threw a punch. 

He couldn’t defeat Godly Ancestors, so he decided to take advantage of those disciples to practice and become stronger. 

Lin Feng despised such cultivators. Destroying them was just a matter of time! 

The Ice Spirit attacked at the same time. She raised her hands and ice beams emerged from them. The temperature dropped tens of thousands of degrees below zero. Everything froze and the area around them turned into a world of ice. 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling and Godly Ancestor Jie Long were starting to panic. They had never seen such a powerful and terrifying Qi. It was so cold. It felt as if their meridians were about to freeze!

When the demon Godly Ancestor, Ancestor Mo, saw that, he wanted to escape. He flashed away, but Godly Ancestor Xing Yun chased him. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun couldn’t let Ancestor Mo escape. 

The battles became frenzied. Nobody was there to watch, they were all fighting. 

Lin Feng threw a punch at a disciple, piercing through the man’s chest. Lin Feng grabbed the man’s heart and literally ripped it out of his thorax. It was still beating in Lin Feng’s hand. However, Lin Feng squeezed, and it exploded in his hand. He flashed to the disciple and destroyed his body too, and it turned into ashes. 

Suddenly, everybody was terrified. The fifteen disciples left looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. They had never seen anything as violent and brutal. They almost felt nauseous. 

Lin Feng ignored their expressions, and continued slaughtering them. 

He threw another punch, accompanied by roars of thunder. Another cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer was blown away as his meridians exploded. His body fell from the sky. Even if he didn’t die, his cultivation would definitely be crippled. 

Lin Feng thrust out his palm. It seemed like the whole strength of the earth and the sky was condensed in the palm of his hand, as if he could throw the universe away when he threw a punch. 

One palm, another disciple die! 

Out of sixteen disciples, only thirteen were left. Most of them had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. There were also cultivators who had the strength of the sixth and seventh Great Supreme God layers, such as Mo Hong Li from Demon Clan University and Zhan Bo from Spiritual Warriors University. 

During their fight against Lin Feng, they had realized how huge the difference between them and Lin Feng was. 

The difference wasn’t even only based on talent, it was something innate. It was in their genes. They weren’t really motivated, they weren’t fierce and brutal. Only people who were motivated, fierce, and brutal could survive and become overlords in the World of Battles. 

All great men are ruthless! Strong cultivators were killers! Not mamma’s boys! 

Lin Feng was slaughtering those disciples happily. He had already forgotten they were outstanding disciples from four great universities. He just felt like slaughtering people! 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling, Godly Ancestor Jie Long, and Ancestor Mo had no time to take care of their disciples during the chaos. They already felt desperate facing the Ice Spirit!

She was too strong. Her ice Qi could freeze their meridians. She hadn’t even used her most powerful attacks! 

The Ice Spirit looked completely relaxed. The three Godly Ancestors looked terrified and desperate, just like prey. They couldn’t do anything, only sit and wait for death. 

They were terrified and regretted ambushing Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. But there was no medicine for remorse. If people did something stupid, all they could do was cry their eyes out. 

Lin Feng was still slaughtering people. In less than half an hour, he had already killed ten disciples or crippled their cultivation. 

Six were left. They were all young geniuses who had the strength of the sixth or seventh Great Supreme God layer; Mo Hong Li and Mo Hong Qing from the Demon Clan; Jian Wu Yi and Jian You Qing from Sword Ancestors University; and Jie Yu from World Dragon University and Zhan Bo from Spiritual Warriors University. 

Those six people were safe for the time being. But when they saw Lin Feng’s expression, they still felt restless. Lin Feng didn’t intend to let them off; he also wanted to kill them! 

It sounded unreasonable but Lin Feng didn’t care all. He wanted to kill or cripple these sixteen people; no more, no less! 

“Lin Feng, aren’t you afraid that our universities will retaliate? They will destroy you!” said Jie Yu, grinding his teeth ferociously. He wanted to destroy Lin Feng right on the spot. 

When Jie Yu said that, the others’ expressions fell. What was Jie Yu doing? They didn’t agree, so they moved away him. Jie Yu was crazy for infuriating Lin Feng even more. 

Jie Yu didn’t realize that. He was really stupid. 

When Lin Feng heard Jie Yu’s threats, he felt like killing even more. 

“Destroy me? Hehe, Jie Yu, you don’t understand anything, do you? Look at that and we’ll speak again!” Lin Feng jeered, pointing to something behind Jie Yu. Jie Yu turned around and suddenly went pale. 

At that moment, Godly Ancestor Jie Long was already being suppressed. He was extremely pale, and his Qi was chaotic and weakening. 

Nobody had thought something like this would happen! 

The Ice Spirit’s skin was snowy-white, but she looked terrifying. Ancestor Mo and Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling were both suppressed as well. They couldn’t do anything against her! 

Therefore, Jie Yu had been really reckless to speak like that. He really wanted to die! 

“What? How is this possible?” Jie Yu was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe his teacher was being crushed by a woman hopelessly. Nobody could save him anymore. 

He took a deep breath and suddenly looked glum and sad. He looked at Lin Feng and frowned, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to kill!” Lin Feng proclaimed, smiling ferociously. He clenched his fists with a crack of knuckles, and his deadly energies rolled in waves in every direction. 

The massacre would continue! 

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