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Chapter 1138: Shaking the World of Battles!


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“Lin Feng, you’re going too far!” shouted Jie Yu ferociously, but his face was bloodless. Lin Feng was already suppressing him violently. However, Jie Yu didn’t give up, and continued shouting angrily. 

Lin Feng was expressionless as he flashed forwards. He looked like an ancient warrior from the ancient times. Thanks to his Genesis Spiritual strength and demon Qi, he was extremely strong, his presence dreadful. He threw a punch that seemed like it could destroy the whole world. 

Regarding Jie Yu, well, he didn’t stand a chance! 

One punch, one corpse. Bam! A cloud of dust arose around his corpse when it crashed to the ground. 

“Next!” Lin Feng said coolly, glancing at the remaining disciples, particularly Jian Wu Yi and Jian You Qing. 

They were twins, so they looked the same. They had the strength of the sixth and fifth Great Supreme God layer. They were both young geniuses, even if they hadn’t had the time to rise up. 

“Next!” the Ice Spirit also shouted indifferently. Godly Ancestor Jie Long was dead! 

He was the first person she had killed since she had become a Godly Ancestor. Her first victim was a Godly Ancestor! 

However, after killing him, she didn’t have any particular reaction, looking completely unmoved. She didn’t even seem surprised or anything, as if it were perfectly normal. Nobody could tell if she was happy or not. 

Lin Feng stopped looking at her. He wanted to finish the five remaining disciples even more quickly now. He felt competitive! 

“Imperial Imprint Formula!”

“Aggressive Punch!”

Lin Feng released a hundred-zhang high dazzling golden imperial imprint towards Jian Wu Yi and threw an aggressive punch at Jian You Qing. 

The atmosphere was growing even more terrifying. Both Lin Feng and the Ice Spirit were on a killing spree, slaughtering people one after other. The attackers regretted they had ambushed them, wishing they could go back in time. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t exist. When one decided to kill someone, one had to be ready to be killed by them! 

After Lin Feng’s attacks, it seemed the whole World of Battles had fallen into silence. The three remaining cultivators stared at him with their eyes wide. They felt devastated. 

Jian Wu Yi exploded when the Imperial Imprint collided with him. Pieces of flesh and bone flew all around, not a single part of his body remained intact. Every single part of his body was destroyed. He turned into a million pieces of flesh, muscles, veins. Lin Feng’s aggressive punch reached Jian You Qing, punching  him straight in the heart. Jian You Qing’s seven apertures started spurting blood, and he died from his injuries. 

Two more young geniuses had been destroyed! 

The three remaining ones felt extremely oppressed. Lin Feng was like an enraged demon!

“Let’s do our best to kill him! Even if we fail to kill him, at least Demon Clan University won’t have lost face!” shouted Mo Hong Li furiously. He released demon Qi in a defiant surge, and charged Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng stood there and waited for Mo Hong Li to attack. Mo Hong Qing was just behind him, raising his hand and taking out a fifty-centimeter sword. It was pitch-black and looked extremely sharp. 

Godly Ancestor weapon! 

Since when did Mo Hong Qing have a Godly Ancestor weapon? Everybody was dumbstruck. 

The two brothers seemed like they were used to joining hands. Their attacks matched. 

They both charged Lin Feng, trying to kill him!

Lin Feng’s expression was cool. He didn’t fear Mo Hong Li’s punch, but he was wary of Mo Hong Qing’s Godly Ancestor weapon, the short sword. It looked dangerous. 

“You forced me, so you can’t blame me! Godly Battle Sword, unsheathe!” shouted Lin Feng.

 Suddenly, the whole world was shaking. The clouds in the sky turned dark. A powerful Qi rolled through the mountains, and the air was still and gloomy. 

Lin Feng took out the Godly Battle Sword from his spirit world. 

“I’ll offer you two to my sword today!” Lin Feng said indifferently. Then grabbed the handle of the Godly Battle Sword and took it out of the sheathe he was holding in his right hand. He unsheathed his sword slowly. 

Suddenly, a dazzling sharp sword light appeared. Lin Feng almost staggered and fell. If he hadn’t reacted quickly, his left arm could have been cut off. 

The sword was already getting up to mischief. No wonder it was a Godly Ancestor weapon! 

“Go!” the two brothers shouted furiously. Lin Feng was startled, but the sword reacted quickly and stabbed them both. 

The Godly Battle Sword was soaked in blood. But the blood disappeared in less than a millisecond, as if it had never killed, and what had happened had just been an illusion. The Godly Battle Sword had killed two people in the blink of an eye, and now it seemed as if nothing had happened. 

“Get back into your sheathe!” shouted Lin Feng. The sword quickly went back into its sheathe. Lin Feng put it back into his spirit world. 

The Godly Battle Sword had come out for a few seconds, and had killed two cultivators. It didn’t waste time! 

Lin Feng was happy and leery at the same time. He realized that life hung by a thread. They had died, but they had soul jewels, so they could still come back to life. 


Unless Lin Feng destroyed their universities too! Then he would probably find their soul jewels and would be able to destroy them. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t intend to do that. He had killed them once, it was enough. 

At that moment, only Zhan Bo was left. 

He looked miserable standing there alone, but he seemed fearless. Even if Lin Feng killed him, it didn’t matter. He would come back to life within half a year, and then he would continue traveling! 

“You can leave,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath, giving up on killing Zhan Bo. 

Zhan Bo was shocked, and couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng could easily kill him, so why did he let him off? 

Zhan Bo didn’t know how to react. What did Lin Feng intend to do? Since he could go, it was a great opportunity. 

But Zhan Bo didn’t leave. He turned to Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling. He wanted to leave with his teacher. 

But not in this life! 

“World of Ice and Frost!” said the Ice Spirit, cold and proud. She raised her hands and beams of ice emerged from them, dashing to the skies. It felt like her energies could freeze the sky! 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling and Ancestor Mo both struggled, but it was useless; they couldn’t get away from the Ice Spirit’s ice world, especially Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling, who was weaker than Ancestor Mo. He tried to release as much Qi as he could, but nothing worked; all the Qi he released just froze instantly. 

The Ice Spirit could kill him easily. She was convinced that even a Godly Emperor could kill Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling! 

The Ice Spirit’s eyes looked like two spheres of ice, her Qi was getting colder and colder. Her energy of the Godly Ancestor layer was even more terrifying. Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling and Ancestor Mo were petrified. 

“No! Please, Goddess, let us go. We’ll never annoy Lin Feng and the University of Stars and Clouds ever again!” shouted Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling at the most crucial moment. He admitted they had made a huge mistake, but he didn’t want to die. Nobody wanted to die! 

The Ice Spirit looked at him icily and smiled resplendently. 

When Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling saw that, he rejoiced! He was going to survive?! 


“I don’t care. You’re going to die!” said the Ice Spirit aloofly. Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling’s Qi froze and disappeared! 

When Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Xing Yun saw that, they were amazed. The Ice Spirit had frozen Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling’s meridians and blood veins to death? 

He was dead? 

How impressive! 

“You’re the Godly Ancestor of the Demon Clan?” the Ice Spirit asked Ancestor Mo. 

The man didn’t know what to reply, but he nodded hastily and replied, “I am one of the Godly Ancestors of the Demon Clan. The Demon Clan had me found Demon Clan University.”

“Why does Demon Clan University want to kill Lin Feng?” asked the Ice Spirit, glancing at Lin Feng. 

Ancestor Mo pulled a long face for a few seconds, but then forced a smile. He knew he had no choice but to tell the truth, or he’d die! 

“Because… Because many people want to kill him in the Demon Clan!” answered Ancestor Mo sincerely. When Lin Feng heard that, his expression didn’t change at all, because he had guessed that already. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, Zhen Mo, and the Ancient Demon King all wanted to kill him, and they had all joined the Demon Clan!

He was surprised they hadn’t come themselves, however. How come they had sent people to him instead? Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt even more contempt for them. 

The four universities had ambushed the members of the University of Stars and Clouds and paid the price for it. Two Godly Ancestors had died, Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling and Godly Ancestor Jie Long!

Out of twenty disciples, nineteen had died; Lin Feng had only spared Zhan Bo’s life! 

Within a day, the whole World of Battles would be shaken after learning about this. Lin Feng and the Ice Spirit would both have the reputation of being cruel and merciless! 

The Ice Spirit had resorted to her own strength to kill two Godly Ancestors, while Lin Feng had relied on his strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer to kill nineteen Great Supreme Gods. That was astonishing!

Unfortunately, Lin Feng wasn’t a Godly Ancestor, or he would have instantly become one of the overlords of the World of Battles!

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    THE TWINS SHOULD BE PERMENATELY DEAD. They LITERALLY just explained a few chapters ago how the sword destroys both body and soul jewels. Why bother? Go back and edit then. So many times I come across contradiction but the only thing special about THAT sword was it’s ability to destroy soul gems too

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