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Chapter 1142: True Cruelty!


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In one day, many things had happened, astonishing many people in the World of Battles. The University of Stars and Clouds, which had no fame or reputation had finished first at the Great Competition of the Universities, and they had obtained the Godly Battle Sword. 

However, half a day later, eight Godly Ancestors had attacked the University of Stars and Clouds. Lin Feng had disappeared, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had sacrificed himself for Lin Feng, and when the eight Godly Ancestors wanted to destroy the University of Stars and Clouds, Ni Huang’s daughter had suddenly appeared. 

Thanks to Ni Huang, they had left. Qian Jin Cai Yue had given a talisman to the University of Stars and Clouds, and had announced that if anyone caused trouble to the University of Stars and Clouds, then the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments would take care of it. What did all that mean? Smart people understood that Ni Huang actually controlled the University of Stars and Clouds! 

Would the World Dragon Clan and the Spiritual Warriors Clan ever dare attack the University of Stars and Clouds again? 

Ni Huang was a terrifying cultivator. The clans’ leaders and elders hadn’t forgotten about her. When Ni Huang was furious, she was easily capable of destroying an entire clan!


Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had died and been buried in the mountains in the back of the university. Qian Jin Cai Yue had also made a gravestone for Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. 

He would probably be able to come back to life within six months or a year, as his soul jewel hadn’t been destroyed afterwards. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue left the University of Stars and Clouds after leaving her talisman there. 

After that, the situation calmed down again. Neither the inhabitants of Liang City nor of Jing City talked about it. Nobody dared!


The Demon Clan, in a palace…

“Failure isn’t terrifying. What’s terrifying is that Lin Feng is still alive,” said Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor darkly. He had joined the Demon Clan, and now had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer. One more step to the eighth, and then he would be able to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was the one who had sent people from the Demon Clan to ambush Lin Feng. He had even had to beg the leader of the Demon Clan. But now they had failed, and Ancestor Mo had nearly been killed. He was a bit worried that Ancestor Mo would ask him to justify himself. 

At that moment, he was precisely preparing something. 

“Lin Feng isn’t dead. That’s indeed scary. But it’s even scarier that Ni Huang got involved,” said Ancestor Mo, standing in front of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor with his hands clasped behind his back. He was glaring at Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor angrily. He regretted agreeing to help Xuan Yuan, especially once Ni Huang had gotten involved! 

Ni Huang had intervened, which meant nobody could kill Lin Feng anymore. Of course, overlords didn’t count, they could do whatever they wished, but Lin Feng didn’t know the overlords and there were no tensions between him and any of them. Besides, they were extremely proud and arrogant, how could they even care about a tiny little cultivator like Lin Feng? 

That was the scary part! 

When Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor heard Ancestor Mo, he was glum. How troublesome! If he didn’t solve the issue, he would never be able to kill Lin Feng!

“Master, who is stronger, Ni Huang or Ancestor Nü?” asked Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor suddenly, smiling resplendently. 

Ancestor Mo looked thoughtful, and a little curious, not understanding the purpose of the question. 

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that we could make Ni Huang’s daughter and Ancestor Nü’s daughter become enemies. Hehe. When they fight, Ni Huang will be distracted, and won’t pay attention to Lin Feng anymore. 

“Once she stops paying attention to Lin Feng, we can kill him! Nobody else will know!” said Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, smiling sinisterly.

Ancestor Mo was pleasantly surprised. What kind of disciple was this evil, cruel, and brave? He even dared use Ancestor Mo and Ni Huang in his schemes! 

“Alright. I hope you can be discreet enough,” Ancestor Mo nodded. He didn’t mind. As long as they could get rid of Lin Feng, the Demon Clan would be happy, safe, and sound. 

“Alright, leave it to me,” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor agreed. He bowed hand over fist and left the palace. 

Ancestor Mo remained thinking for a few minutes, and then he also left, heading back to Demon Clan University. He couldn’t spend too much time in the Demon Clan, or the elders would get angry. 


Spirit world, home…

“Meng Qing, what’s wrong with Little Feng?” Lin Hai and Yue Meng He asked. They were both worried, especially Yue Meng He. She already had to take care of three daughters-in-law, especially now that they were about to give birth. But now, Lin Feng was severely injured!

For the three women, it would be a trauma. Meng Qing only informed her and Lin Hai. She volunteered to help take care of the three other women. She also said it would be better to prevent them from going to see Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was lying on a bed. His eyes were closed and his face was extremely pale. His robe was torn and soaked in blood, its belt broken. His breath was disorderly, and his Qi was unstable. But he wasn’t dead! 

“Mother, don’t worry. My husband will be fine. He’s not too severely injured. He just needs to rest for a few days,” said Meng Qing, smiling at Yue Meng He. 

Yue Meng He wasn’t relieved, but Meng Qing didn’t lie, so Yue Meng He trusted her. 

Lin Hai sighed and left the room. He didn’t want to see his son like that. Each time Lin Feng came back, it was because he had a problem. He was either injured or being chased or something like that. What did he go through in the outside world? 

As Lin Feng’s father, he had no choice but to live in Lin Feng’s spirit world, even if he was strong enough to live in the outside world. He progressed extremely quickly in Lin Feng’s world thanks to the life energy, so he could also live in the outside world. He already had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer. 

But it was useless. He hadn’t lived in the outside world for centuries. He had no experience there anymore. If he went out, he might get promptly killed by other Great Supreme Gods. 

He regretted everything he had done. He shouldn’t have let Lin Feng become a cultivator back in the days. If Lin Feng had really been a piece of trash, they would have been able to have a peaceful life without worries. 

He regretted it, but he knew Lin Feng had never regretted the path he had taken. He was ready to reach the top at all costs!

What was the purpose of life? It wasn’t money. Lin Feng didn’t care about being rich. He didn’t care about personal interests. He just cared about reputation. 

Lin Feng was ambitious, he wasn’t elegant. He was far more ambitious than most people! 

His parents couldn’t understand him, so they sometimes thought he had chosen the wrong path because he was their child, their little boy, Lin Feng! 


At night, Meng Qing called Yue Meng He and told her to go and sleep. Yue Meng He left Meng Qing alone with Lin Feng in relief. Her three daughters-in-law needed to be taken care of as well, after all! 

Their residence was now so big a hundred people could live there. They had over ten pavilions and small houses already. Lin Feng was in the farthest house on the side, where people never came. 

Meng Qing was seated on the bed and looking at the man in a coma. Meng Qing tried to force a smile. She was worried, and she had nobody to talk. 

“Sister, is there really no solution?” asked Meng Qing. Her eyes became wet, but tears didn’t flow down her cheeks. She couldn’t cry. 

“No solution. Lin Feng was controlled by the Godly Battle Sword, that’s why he went crazy. His memories must be unstable; even if he wakes up, he won’t recover his memories,” the Ice Spirit said to Meng Qing, sighing helplessly. Even though she was a Genesis Primordial spirit, she was just a spirit, she couldn’t help a human retrieve his memories. 

Meng Qing finally cried. She felt hopeless. What would Lin Feng be like when he woke up? He would be completely empty, no emotions, no love, no hatred… 

How cruel! Why now? 

“Meng Qing, don’t worry. It’s only temporary. It won’t last for too long,” said the Ice Spirit. She didn’t know how to cheer Meng Qing up, because she had never had to do so in her life. But today, she was willing to cheer her general up. 

But Meng Qing felt desperate. Her heart ached. How could she do better? 

Meng Qing crawled on the bed to Lin Feng and took him in her arms. She couldn’t stop crying. Her tears dripped on Lin Feng’s collar. She rarely cried, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She was too sad! 

“Husband, wake up, your children are going to be born soon. How could you miss that?

“Husband, Zhe Tian is depressed. Do you want all your children to be depressed?”

Meng Qing was crying her eyes out. When a woman grew older, she had more and more pressure, and at some point it was difficult not to burst into tears. 

Meng Qing was no exception. That’s exactly what was happening to her. 

The Ice Spirit felt powerless, completely powerless. She couldn’t do anything for Lin Feng. 


“Meng Qing, take the List of the World of Battles out of Lin Feng’s ring,” the Ice Spirit directed her, pointing to Lin Feng’s ring. 

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