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Chapter 1144: The Lin Clan Begins to Surface Again!


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Meng Qing didn’t understand why Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t tell Lin Feng the truth, but she didn’t persist. She believed that Godly Ancestor Tu Jin wanted to save Lin Feng and didn’t intend to harm him. 

“I am Asura?” Lin Feng seemed confused, but he did his best to remember his name. He tried to remember things in vain. Nothing… 

Am I really Asura? Lin Feng was lost in thought for a few seconds, but then he believed his name was Asura. He was willing to trust Godly Ancestor Tu Jin because the two people in front of him were the first people he had seen when coming back to his senses. They didn’t seem bad, especially Meng Qing. He felt very close to her. It was because they were soul mates, so they were always connected between their souls. 

It was like they had the same blood. Lin Feng was willing to trust her, so he also trusted Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, since he was there, too. 

“Asura, from now on, you’ll follow me,” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin told Lin Feng gravely. 

“Why?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t reply. He looked at Meng Qing. Now, it was Meng Qing’s turn to lie to Lin Feng, but in any case, Lin Feng had to leave with Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. Otherwise, he might never retrieve his memories. 

Meng Qing still had doubts about Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, but she had no other solution than to trust him. 

“Husband, your Master and you have to go and travel to become stronger. You need to go with him,” Meng Qing smiled at Lin Feng. It was the first time she had actually lied to him. 

Lin Feng looked at her and nodded slowly. He decided to trust Meng Qing because deep inside, he knew she wouldn’t try to deceive him. 

When Godly Ancestor Tu Jin saw and heard that, he smiled resplendently, sighing with relief. He had just overcome the biggest hardship. As long as Lin Feng came with him, everything would be easy! 

“Meng Qing, don’t worry. I will keep my word. Within one year, Lin Feng will have retrieved his memories,” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin promised Meng Qing telepathically. 

Meng Qing nodded. She had no other solution, anyway… “Alright, I trust you,” Meng Qing nodded. She decided to trust Godly Ancestor Tu Jin and wait for good news. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked at Lin Feng and said, “Alright, come with me, disciple.”

“Wait, Master. I need to talk to you,” protested Meng Qing suddenly. She couldn’t let Lin Feng leave like that. There were many things to do!

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked at Meng Qing and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“Master, Lin Feng has three wives who are about to give birth. If they realize Lin Feng is not here, they will be worried. What do you think about that?” asked Meng Qing. She didn’t know what to do with Huo Wu and the other women. If Lin Feng didn’t come back, they would definitely understand there was a problem, especially if they gave birth and then didn’t see him for several months. 

Therefore, it was better to have a solution!

When Godly Ancestor Tu Jin heard Meng Qing’s story, he realized that convincing Meng Qing wasn’t enough to leave with Lin Feng without any problem. Lin Feng had many wives, and it was better if they didn’t have any doubts. 

“If that’s really the case, then I can control Lin Feng for the time being. He can spend a few days here and then we can find an excuse for him to leave,” replied Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. That was the most credible solution. 

When Meng Qing heard him, she nodded calmly. That was the only solution. However, she wasn’t relieved when she heard Godly Ancestor Tu Jin intended to control Lin Feng. She would be more relieved if she was the one who controlled him. 


Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t take Lin Feng away for the time being. He stayed in the List of the World of Battles and put the List of the World of Battles back in Lin Feng’s ring. 

Meng Qing didn’t dare talk to Lin Feng too much. She just talked about ordinary things such as daily life, but she still told him a few things about his adventures. In the end, Lin Feng fell asleep. 

Meng Qing kissed Lin Feng’s forehead and left the room sadly. She stayed outside of the room to guard it. That was the least she could do for her husband. She had to leave the rest to Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. 

At night, stars twinkled everywhere in the sky of Lin Feng’s spirit world. The stars were dazzling, and there were also many shooting stars. It was extremely beautiful. 

Meng Qing didn’t sleep, she just looked at the stars and the moon. She didn’t like what Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had done so far; why had he called Lin Feng Asura? Why couldn’t he let Lin Feng stay in his spirit world? Why didn’t he let Lin Feng know about his other wives and relatives? 

What was Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s ultimate goal? 

Meng Qing didn’t have any doubts regarding the fact that Godly Ancestor Tu Jin was really able to help Lin Feng retrieve his memories. However, during the process, would he try and make Lin Feng do other things or not? 

Meng Qing was worried about that so she didn’t sleep. 

And nobody knew that someone else didn’t sleep… Lin Feng! 

After Meng Qing left the room, when Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had gone into the List of the World of Battles and then into his ring, Lin Feng had woken up. He opened his eyes, and didn’t look confused anymore. He looked resolute and determined like normal. He just didn’t say anything. 

Very quickly, he closed his eyes again, but he didn’t sleep. He kept thinking…

The next morning, Meng Qing entered Lin Feng’s room, but he wasn’t awake yet. 

Meng Qing sat down on the bed and took Lin Feng’s big ice-cold hand, holding it firmly, and sighed. She had been thinking all night long. Even though she didn’t know what Godly Ancestor Tu Jin really intended to do, she had no other choice but to let Lin Feng go with him. As long as Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t injure Lin Feng, everything was fine. 

Meng Qing raised her hand and put her fingers on Lin Feng’s forehead. At that moment, Lin Feng’s vitality was relaxed, so she started controlling Lin Feng’s thoughts. It was the only way so that the others wouldn’t have doubts or notice anything wrong. 

Controlling Lin Feng was easy, especially when he temporarily had no memories. Of course, Meng Qing was the one doing it, so he didn’t resist her. If anyone else did it, Lin Feng would unconsciously push them away. 

In only fifteen seconds, Meng Qing took control over Lin Feng’s thoughts. Lin Feng was going to spend the following days with his family. That way, nobody would have doubts about him, and then he would use an excuse to leave his spirit world. 


Later in the day, Yue Meng He and Lin Hai went to Meng Qing’s room and knocked at the door. 

Meng Qing opened the door. Yue Meng He and Lin Hai came in. When they saw Lin Feng seated on a chair, they rejoiced. 

“Little Feng, you’re awake?” exclaimed Yue Meng He. She was so happy. She ran to him and started crying. 

Lin Feng looked at Yue Meng He and smiled broadly, “Mother, I’m fine. Don’t worry,” Lin Feng replied, grabbing his mother’s hand. 

Yue Meng He didn’t know that Meng Qing was controlling his body. At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t remember anything. If she didn’t control him, he wouldn’t recognize his parents. 

“Little Feng, Huo Wu, Huang Nü, and Qing Feng are going to give birth soon. You can’t leave before then,” declared Yue Meng He firmly. 

Lin Feng nodded and then he smiled, “Alright, mother, I’m going to see them now,” Lin Feng said. He stood up and exited the room. He didn’t walk too quickly, but one couldn’t see any signs of an injury. 

Meng Qing said to Yue Meng He hastily, “Mother, I’m going to see them too,” before following Lin Feng. 

Yue Meng He and Lin Hai took a deep breath. Lin Feng was fine. Pfew… 


Seven days passed. 

The three women were going to give birth. Very early in the morning, Lin Feng was standing outside of the house. Meng Qing was controlling him. She had him walk back and forth to make him look worried. 

Meng Qing looked through the window to see what was going on inside. She was also extremely worried, as giving birth was the most painful thing in the world for women, for both cultivators and ordinary women. 

Luckily, the three women gave birth without any issue. Lin Feng was very emotional and kept clenching his fists. 

Huang Nü gave birth to a little girl. Huo Wu and Qing Feng gave birth to little boys. 

The three women asked Lin Feng to choose a name for his new children. However, Lin Feng wasn’t really Lin Feng, Meng Qing was controlling him. 

Meng Qing had no choice but to choose names for Lin Feng’s babies. Of course, she also took the three women’s opinion into consideration. 

Huang Nü’s daughter was, Lin Sheng Miao. 

Huo Wu’s son was Lin Sheng Jiong. 

Regarding Lin Feng and Qing Feng’s son, she asked Qing Feng what she thought, and they agreed on Lin Sheng Xie. 

Lin Feng had never thought that he would have so many children. His children would catch up with him, and some of them would probably surpass him. 

Lin Sheng Miao, Lin Sheng Jiong, Lin Sheng Xie. 

Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Qiong Sheng. 

Little Heng, Little Nian. 

And Lin Zu, who had been blessed. 

Those children were Lin Feng’s pride. 

And someone not many people thought about was Lin Feng’s grandson, Lin Qiong Sheng’s biological son, Lin Tian Su, who was still in the Continent of the Nine Clouds! 

The Lin Clan was already beginning to surface! 

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