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Chapter 1145: One Year! It’s a Promise!


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“Meng Qing, I need to take Lin Feng away now.”

Seven days had already passed. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin was getting impatient. He wanted to leave the spirit world with Lin Feng and go travel, so he went to see Meng Qing very early in the morning. 

Meng Qing was still with Lin Feng. Lin Feng was controlled by her, but she didn’t hurt him, and just took care of him. These days, she wanted to let Lin Feng go less and less. Nobody else could understand that kind of pain. 

But if Lin Feng had been conscious and hadn’t lost his memory, he might have left, too. He still had many things to do. He had to become the strongest cultivator in the world to protect his loved ones! 

Meng Qing was the woman who understood Lin Feng the best. She had been with Lin Feng almost since the beginning. She knew how Lin Feng thought, and she didn’t want to go against his will. His three other women had given birth, and the children all had names. 

It was time for Lin Feng to leave his spirit world. It was also for his own good, so he could recover his memories as soon as possible. All she could do now was rely on Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. 

“Alright, you can leave. I will inform the rest of the family,” Meng Qing nodded. She seemed disappointed, but she just sighed helplessly. She took her power out of Lin Feng’s body and stopped controlling him. 

When Lin Feng regained consciousness, he stared at Meng Qing silently. Meng Qing also stared at him. She had the feeling there was something wrong. Lin Feng didn’t look normal. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t notice anything. He couldn’t pay attention to such details, especially now that he was distracted. He kept thinking about what he was going to do next. 

Meng Qing stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He looked at a shelf and moved his eyebrow to tell Meng Qing to look at it. Meng Qing glanced at the shelf and saw a note. She was astonished at first, but then she was delighted. 

She knew what Lin Feng meant, but she couldn’t look too happy, and controlled herself. She raised her head and looked at Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. “Master, please take good care of my husband.”

“Don’t worry, Meng Qing. I will not hurt him and within a year, Lin Feng will have regained his memories,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, stroking his beard and smiling. His expression had slightly changed, but Meng Qing didn’t notice that. 

“Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you then,” Meng Qing sighed helplessly. She turned around. She didn’t want to see Lin Feng leave. She was too sad. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin remained silent, and then waved at Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin left his spirit world. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin could easily leave Lin Feng’s spirit world. But when he was outside, he needed Lin Feng to agree to enter. Lin Feng’s spirit world was open from inside, but closed from outside. 

After they left Lin Feng’s spirit world, Meng Qing looked out of the window. She closed the curtains and ran to the shelf. She took the note and read it. It was very short, but she was completely dumbstruck. 

“Tell Little Qing not to worry. I haven’t lost my memories. But I want to have a worry-free year, so I’m pretending I’ve lost my memories. I have a few big things to do this year and I need to do them with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts.

 “I need to be completely alone. I’ll take care of myself. I have to make sure nobody finds out about my little secret.”

When Meng Qing read that, she was astonished at first. But as she held the note firmly in her hand, she felt cheered up. 

Lin Feng hadn’t lost his memories, so he wasn’t in too much danger. As long as he wasn’t in danger, she was relieved. As for what was going on at home, all of Lin Feng’s wives were like sisters, so they took care of each other and helped Yue Meng He take care of the house. Lin Feng didn’t have to worry about that. 

His world had also become really developed. There were all sorts of things and beasts. Some of them were not as strong as Great Supreme Gods, but still they needed to be watched. If people stopped watching them, what would happen? The beasts might devour them! 

This world was the same as other worlds. There was a Human Clan, a Demon Clan, and a Beast Clan. In the future, Lin Feng’s family would need to deal with them!

Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian could take care of the people in the spirit world if they had to, so they took weapons and guarded the property of the Lin Clan. Lin Heng and Lin Nian, who were already five years old, also learned from their older brothers, so they took weapons and stood with them. 


Liang City, University of Stars and Clouds…

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin brought Lin Feng to the university, where they stood in front of a gravestone. Words had been carved on it a short time ago. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin was thinking about many things at that moment. 

“Stop pretending, Lin Feng, you can’t hide anything from me,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin to Lin Feng gravely. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin knew Lin Feng was pretending. Lin Feng’s face suddenly animated. He wasn’t very surprised. Even if Tu Jin hadn’t noticed it in Lin Feng’s spirit world, he would have on the way. 

“Master, you noticed. I’m not going to pretend anymore then. Hehe!” Lin Feng said, smiling casually. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin pulled a long face, feeling awkward. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin glanced at Lin Feng and shook his head. Then he sighed, “You even managed to fool me. Little boy, you’re an expert at pretending. Your three kinds of strength didn’t collide and hurt you? How did you do that?

“This time, you pretended to lose your memories, so I made plans accordingly. Now, you haven’t lost your memories, which meant you controlled your three sorts of energies, right? If that’s true, then I really need to know more,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng had done that. He had fooled both him and the Ice Spirit! 

“Master, it’s not the most important. The most important thing is that I haven’t lost my memories, and I have decided to go and travel with you.”

“Could it be that you’re not happy that I haven’t lost my memories? You were happy because you thought I had lost my memories, so you could use me to do things?” Lin Feng asked, smiling and staring at Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s face to see his expression. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s expression changed a few times, but very quickly, he looked normal again. He admired Lin Feng, he was a good strategist. How had Lin Feng guessed his plan? 

“Indeed. I was happy when I thought you had lost your memories because I wanted to use you to go and do a few things other people can’t do. But…”  Godly Ancestor Tu Jin said, and then he stopped talking. 

Lin Feng understood what he meant. Since he hadn’t lost his memories, Godly Ancestor Tu Jin hesitated. 

“Master, you now understand why I did all this? Look at you right now; you don’t want to tell me some of your secrets. Just tell me a part if you don’t want to tell me everything.

“I know that you feel embarrassed. I also know that you decided to live in the List of the World of Battles because you feel helpless. Regarding me and my memories, you want me to help you do some things for you. I can do it. No need to hide the truth from me. And if I help you, I naturally won’t tell anyone your secrets. 

“Master, please think about it. I need to pray for my brother,” Lin Feng said, looking at the grave solemnly. He was both angry and devastated. 

He tried to cheer himself up by telling himself that Xing Yun’s corpse hadn’t been left anywhere. Qian Jin Cai Yue had buried him. Lin Feng felt really grateful. At least Qian Jin Cai Yue gave him face, and she also gave Godly Ancestor Xing Yun face. 

“Brother, I don’t feel sorry for many people, but you are one of them. I am not strong enough to help you come back to life, because you are a Godly Ancestor and I am a Great Supreme God.

“Therefore, you need to rely on your own self to come back to life. You still have a soul jewel after all, you should be able to come back to life within maximum a year, right?” whispered Lin Feng. He kowtowed three times in front of Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s grave. 

“Lin Feng, he might never be able to come back to life this time,” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin said from  behind Lin Feng. He sounded helpless and sad. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. He turned around and stared at Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. 


“You’re not a Godly Ancestor yet. When you break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, you will understand. The soul jewel you need when you break through to the Great Supreme God layer is actually a joke for Godly Ancestors.

“Godly Ancestors disdain people who use their soul jewel to come back to life. Therefore, Godly Ancestors all destroy their soul jewels and make their soul come back into their body, which means they also give up on the possibility of coming back to life.

“Of course, some Godly Ancestors keep their soul jewel, but unfortunately, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun wasn’t that kind of person!” explained Godly Ancestor Tu Jin seriously. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was stubborn and brave, how could he keep a soul jewel? 

Lin Feng found it difficult to believe, but it was a fact. Godly Ancestor Xing Yun was brave and stubborn, he had destroyed his soul jewel and brought his soul back into his body. He had given up on his chance of being able to come back to life someday. 

Lin Feng felt even more guilty and responsible. But there was nothing he could do about it! 

Fate. It was fate. Even if Godly Ancestor Xing Yun really wanted the university to win the Competition, Lin Feng shouldn’t have necessarily agreed to help him; that way, he would not have been ambushed by eight Godly Ancestors. 

That was fate! 

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