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Chapter 1146: Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points and Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points!


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“Lin Feng, I thought about it carefully and I have decided to tell you everything. I want you to understand some sad things about my past. Once I’ve told you everything, you will be affected; are you mentally and emotionally ready for this? In other words, are you mentally and emotionally ready to take on some of my hatred and anger?” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin spoke after a long time. He had hesitated, but now he had finally decided to tell Lin Feng some of his secrets. But first, Lin Feng had to be warned. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he was astonished. Even though Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s life was probably complex, when he heard those words, he understood that Tu Jin was talking about incredibly serious things, world-shaking things, and not just trivial matters. 

But since he had told Meng Qing he would pretend to have lost his memories for a year to become stronger, he had to keep acting as Asura. 

“Tell me. I am prepared,” Lin Feng answered, taking a deep breath. Even if Lin Feng heard astonishing and terrifying things, he wouldn’t refuse to help. 

It was an opportunity for Godly Ancestor Tu Jin to take his revenge. For Lin Feng, it was an opportunity to become stronger. The World of Battles was really cruel and bloody. Since the eight Godly Ancestors and hundreds of Great Supreme Gods and World Dragons had ambushed him, he understood the World of Battles was truly cruel. 

Brutal! Violent! Those were the best words to describe the World of Battles. Therefore, Lin Feng realized that becoming stronger was the most important thing. He had to become strong and famous. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin could help him!

Even though he didn’t know Godly Ancestor Tu Jing’s background, he knew that he wasn’t an ordinary Godly Ancestor. Otherwise, how could have access to the List of the World of Battles? How could he have forced Godly Ancestor Ju Ying to become his slave? Why did Godly Ancestor Ju Ying respect and revere him so much? 

Lin Feng was convinced all of this had to do with Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s background. 

“If you’re ready, good, I can tell you everything,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, taking a deep breath. At this moment, he was more nervous than Lin Feng. He had kept this secret for so many years. It was so painful, he had never told anyone. 

Now, Lin Feng was here. He could finally share his emotions with someone. 

Lin Feng nodded and calmly waited for Godly Ancestor Tu Jin to tell him his story. They were in front of Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s grave, as if they wanted him to witness the conversation. 

“Lin Feng, you don’t understand a lot about the World of Battles, right?” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin asked. He knew that Lin Feng didn’t know much about the World of Battles. There were probably many things he had never heard about. 

Lin Feng was startled at first, but then he nodded casually. He had nothing to hide. He didn’t know much about the World of Battles, just the overlords. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin smiled wryly. Lin Feng’s reaction reminded him of “him” a hundred thousand years ago… 

Unfortunately, a hundred thousand years later, “he” was already one of the strongest cultivators ever and he, “his” teacher, was just living among common cultivators. 

When Godly Ancestor Tu Jin met Lin Feng for the first time, he was scared at first because Lin Feng really reminded him of “him”. He wasn’t scared of Lin Feng’s strength, but because Lin Feng and “he” looked extremely similar. 

He didn’t dare tell Lin Feng too many secrets, because he was afraid Lin Feng would become a second “he”. 

But now Godly Ancestor Tu Jin understood that he was in a miserable situation, he even needed to hide in the List of the World of Battles. How sad and pathetic! In such conditions, did he need to worry a second “he” would arise?

Even if Lin Feng was like “him”, so what? The winner would win everything and the loser would lose everything. 

Thinking about it, Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked even more confused. Lin Feng felt affected by the negativity, but he waited for Godly Ancestor Tu Jin to speak. 

“The World of Battles was created by the Country of Eternity by ancient sects and clans. They joined hands to build the World of Battles, which is gigantic. It is just above the Country of Eternity so that if someday something happens to the Country of Eternity, then the World of Battles can help them.

“However, you also saw that the World of Battles is much, much more powerful than the Country of Eternity. A dozen Godly Ancestors could show up anywhere anytime and those Godly Ancestors could easily destroy the Country of Eternity. That’s why the people of the World of Battles have forgotten their mission.

“The World of Battles has also slowly started forgetting about the Country of Eternity, especially those who were born after its creation. They don’t know they come from the Country of Eternity anymore. The World of Battles may become more and more unstable because of it.

“Many extremely strong and powerful territories and influential groups have emerged. Apart from the overlords of the List of the World of Battles, there are some cultivators who are even stronger than them. In the World of Battles, people call them the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points and the Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points!”

“Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points? Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points?” Lin Feng was startled. He hadn’t heard many things about the World of Battles after all. He only knew about the overlords and a few influential groups. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin understood why Lin Feng was so surprised. He had just arrived in the World of Battles. The fact that Lin Feng was surprised proved he cared and was interested in his environment. 

“The Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points and the Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points don’t earn those titles solely based on their strength. They are overlords who manage a whole territory.

“The overlords of the List of the World of Battles are extremely strong. However, it’s something that has existed for only a million years. Those who were born much before that can easily defeat those fifty overlords.

“There are also some people who are as terrifying as the fifty overlords of the list. They are not in the List, but they are aggressive and extremely violent. Nobody dares offend them. For example, Qian Jin Cai Yue’s mother, Ni Huang!”

“Ni Huang?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Qian Jin Cai Yue’s mother was so powerful than even Godly Ancestor Tu Jin talked about her? She definitely wasn’t ordinary!

“Indeed, Ni Huang! You don’t know about her, I guess. Ni Huang is the new director of the University of Stars and Clouds; in other words, the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments now manages the University of Stars and Clouds. When you were severely injured and back in your spirit world, Qian Jin Cai Yue gave the university Ni Huang’s talisman and it was announced that, starting now, the University of Stars and Clouds is managed by the Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments.

“The Celestial Pavilion of Enchantments’ leader is Ni Huang. Of course, it’s only one of her influential groups. She has it mainly so Qian Jin Cai Yue can have some fun.

“You now understand how explosive and powerful Ni Huang can be,” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin studied Lin Feng to see his reaction. He was disappointed when Lin Feng looked unmoved. 

“Anyway, I’m not going to talk too much. All I wanted to tell you is that I am one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points. I am the Ancestor of the North!” declared Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, stroking his beard. He didn’t avoid the topic anymore, telling Lin Feng his true identity!

“Ancestor of the North?” When Lin Feng heard him, he was dumbstruck. 

“Indeed, the Ancestor of the North! Apart from me, there are other Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points: the Human Ancestor of the East, the Buddhist Ancestor of the West, the Demon Ancestor of the South, and Hong Meng of the Center.

“Those are the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points, and they are at the very top. Everybody in the World of Battles dreams of becoming like them someday.

“But the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points are not chosen by people. If someone can defeat one of them, then they can become the new leader of the territory!

“So now we can talk about me. Hehe!” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin was suddenly glum again, recalling what had happened back in the days, and grew angry again. 

Even though many years had passed, he hadn’t forgotten the pain. That traitor of a disciple had nearly made him fall. At the same time, that disciple had also tried to kill him many times, which had made him feel even more depressed. 

A hundred thousand years had passed and the ancestor of the territory wasn’t him anymore. Of course, it wasn’t the traitor either; it was the one he called “he” all the time. 

“Now, the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points are: Fu Yi, the Human Ancestor of the East, who is also the leader of the Human Clan; Ancestor Fo, the Buddhist Ancestor of the West, whom people usually call Big Buddha; and Godly Ancestor Mo Xiao, who is the Demon Ancestor of the South and the leader of the Demon Region. As for Hong Meng, it’s complex; he has forty percent of all the territories of the World of Battles under control, after all.”

“The last one is the traitor who isn’t worthy of being my disciple! The Ancestor of the North is Kun Dao!”

Kun Dao?

It was the first time Lin Feng heard so many things about the World of Battles. It was also the first time he heard a detailed story like Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s. His disciple had betrayed him and had become the Ancestor of the North, so Godly Ancestor Tu Jin hated him. 

It was a sad story. Lin Feng felt pity for Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. Being betrayed by his own disciple was something horrifying! 

“Master, what do you want me to do?” asked Lin Feng. He hadn’t forgotten that Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had asked him for help and now Lin Feng was determined to do so. 

Lin Feng looked at Godly Ancestor Tu Jin seriously. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked at Lin Feng grimly. 

“I want to train you and make you become one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points of the next generation. Will you be brave enough to do that, Lin Feng?”

Will you be brave enough to do that, Lin Feng? 

His voice resonated in Lin Feng’s brain. It even made him tremble. His heart started pounding. 

Me? Am I brave enough? 

Becoming one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points of the next generation? 

It meant his real mission was to kill Kun Dao and replace him! 

Was Lin Feng brave enough? 

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