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Chapter 1152: Phoenix with One Feather!


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After leaving Ni Huang’s world, Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin realized that there was another isolated world. The two worlds were stuck to each other, but there was only a forest here, nothing else. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue continued flying. Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had no choice but to follow her. 

After three hours, they had already crossed a distance of several millions of li. Lin Feng was astonished by the size of this world. It was much, much bigger than Ni Huang’s world! 

Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin suddenly sensed a different Qi. It contained a thick and dense phoenix Qi, and was growing more and more intense. 

They continued flying and saw a dazzling godly aura in the sky. Even though it wasn’t well-defined, the two of them were still surprised. 

“That’s where the Rainbow Phoenix Altar is,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. He seemed a little awed.

Lin Feng was surprised. He couldn’t see the Phoenix Altar, there was just a little bit of phoenix Qi and a godly aura, and yet Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had easily detected its location? 

The air him, and Qian Jin Cai Yue transformed back into her human form. She glanced at the godly aura, raised her hands and put them together as she started chanting an incantation. 

In the end, Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin were both astonished. 

There were rumbling sounds, and something started emerging from the ground in the depths of the forest. Initially, it was a flat area, but now a mountain was appearing. The whole process did not take long.

Five minutes later, Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin were amazed. 

It was a masterpiece of architecture. It was hard to believe that people could build such structures. 

The palace in front of them towered over the forest, massive as a mountain. Rainbow colors flashed all around it, and a powerful phoenix Qi emerged from it. 

Lin Feng was now sure it was the Rainbow Phoenix Altar! 

“Alright, little girl, return to your senses,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin when he saw the legendary altar. He didn’t need to control Qian Jin Cai Yue anymore, so he recalled his godly strength from her body. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue felt dizzy and saw flashes. She had a terrible headache. When she saw the Rainbow Phoenix Altar, she was dumbstruck and terrified. 

“Eh? Master, you…?” Qian Jin Cai Yue shouted angrily, but it was already too late. She had already brought the two of them to the Rainbow Phoenix Altar. Complaining and getting angry was useless. 

“Hehe, keep calm, little girl. I’m just borrowing the Rainbow Phoenix Altar, that’s all. Don’t worry. Asura will not get married with one of your women! Hehe!”

“Master, aren’t you afraid my mother will get angry? You’re humiliating Ni Huang’s clan!” spat Qian Jin Cai Yue icily. 

“Little girl, who did you learn that from? Scary! Hehe, that’s not good! In the future, when you get married, I’m not sure your husband will appreciate the attitude,” replied Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, smiling in amusement. He was teasing Qian Jin Cai Yue and at the same time, he didn’t reply directly. 

For the time being, there was no need to think of Ni Huang. The most important thing was that Lin Feng became stronger. He had real dragon Qi in his body, but he lacked phoenix Qi. If he had both, he would be able to make the phoenix and the dragon Qi fuse together and then merge them together with his Genesis Spiritual Body. 

Lin Feng had to become stronger and stronger; that was the most important thing. Within a year, he had to start rising! 

Therefore, Lin Feng was in a rush. He had to go beyond his limits. He had to surpass himself!

Qian Jin Cai Yue was really angry, but she also felt helpless. She couldn’t compete with Godly Ancestor Tu Jin and they were already out of Ni Huang’s world, so contacting Ni Huang would be difficult. 

Even though Ni Huang controlled both the Rainbow Phoenix Clan and the Phoenix Clan, there was a difference between Rainbow Phoenixes and other phoenixes, so she couldn’t cause trouble here. 

Even though the Rainbow Phoenix Altar was Ni Huang’s precious treasure, she hadn’t used it for a very long time, so she had put it away. Ni Huang didn’t want to use the Rainbow Phoenix Altar because she didn’t want to disturb other phoenixes in their daily lives. 

But today Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t think about that and disturbed them in their daily routine!

“Asura, go inside. See how many tests you can pass,” ordered Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. The Rainbow Phoenix Altar was right in front of them. 

Five people had used the Rainbow Phoenix Altar since the ancient times. Ni Huang was the first. She had passed seven tests and the Phoenix Clan had submitted to her. After her, nobody had ever managed to pass more than six tests. 

The one who had managed to pass six tests was someone Lin Feng knew. He was an overlord! 

Lin Feng took a deep breath, and got ready to go inside. Qian Jin Cai Yue glared at him, so Lin Feng looked back at her. She looked glared at him, hoping that he wouldn’t pass more than three test, and that he might even fail at the beginning. 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He found her cute now, and wasn’t repelled by her anymore. 

“I’m going in,” Lin Feng said. He rose up in the air and flew towards the entrance of the temple on the ground floor. 

The Rainbow Phoenix Altar was divided into different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each color represented a different kind of strength, and the seven cultivators inside were all Godly Ancestors from the Phoenix Clan. 


Lin Feng arrived on the ground level, the red floor. The Phoenix Altar in that room was red, too. Lin Feng flashed inside. 

Suddenly, Lin Feng saw flashes, and his field of vision turned blood-red. The phoenix Qi inside was unbearable. At that moment, he felt like an alien in a new world. 

But he had no time to waste. When the red lights dispersed, Lin Feng suddenly saw a powerful attack shooting towards his chest. 

“Aggressive Punch! Argh!” shouted Lin Feng without thinking too much. He condensed Genesis Spiritual strength in his fist and threw a punch at that terrifying strength. 

There was an explosion and the altar started trembling. The attack didn’t disperse. On the contrary, it became even more powerful. Lin Feng felt like he was blind; he couldn’t see anything, he could be attacked from anywhere! 

Strength moved towards him again. Lin Feng thrust out a palm, and released an explosive imperial imprint. 

Suddenly, Lin Feng felt extremely powerful. His Imperial Imprint Formula had changed. He now had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer; he could now easily block cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer with his Imperial Imprint Formula! 

When the Imperial Imprint Formula appeared, Lin Feng heard some crackling sounds, and saw that the attack had disappeared. 

Lin Feng heard some liquid dripping on the altar. It sounded dangerous. After that, it felt like something was falling into the abysses of hell. 

A terrifying and extremely sharp strength emerged suddenly. Lin Feng hastily flashed away in mid-air. If he stayed on the ground, that terrifying strength could attack by surprise. He didn’t want to have his legs cut. 

“You’ve been attacking me by surprise the whole time since I came in, huh? The strong cultivators of the Phoenix Clan don’t dare face me to fight?” shouted Lin Feng, glancing around. 

“Hmph! You have a glib tongue, little brat. Defeat my clone first and then I may show my real body. Hmph!” answered an ice-cold and angry man’s voice at that moment. It didn’t seem like he had a good temper. He was probably one of the proudest and most arrogant cultivators in the Phoenix Clan. 

But Lin Feng didn’t care about that. A clone? Lin Feng grinned mockingly. Since it was a clone, he didn’t need to fear anything!

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao!” shouted Lin Feng instantly. He hadn’t used this attack for a long time. Ancestor Kong had taught him it a long time ago. However, now that he had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, it was still a terrifying attack! 

Boom, boom, boom! 

There were three explosions. The Phoenix Altar shook violently, not just on this floor, but the whole building. The cultivators on the other floors would probably be more alert when they faced Lin Feng.


Outside, Qian Jin Cai Yue looked glum. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked nervous, worried and kept clenching his fists. He hoped Lin Feng would pass four tests at least, and preferably even more! 


There was a terrifying explosion, and something cracked. Lin Feng saw a man’s silhouette attacking him, coming out of the red lights. He looked relatively sincere and vivid. 

“What? I destroyed your clone and you’re still not showing up?” Lin Feng swore coldly, glancing around. 

“Hmph! Little brat, you’re quite strong, huh? I haven’t had a pet for almost a hundred thousand years!” replied the man mockingly. 

Lin Feng was even angrier now. “A pet?” Lin Feng frowned and clenched his fists. He tried to keep calm. 

“Hehe, of course! Humans have always considered us beasts since the ancient times, right?” sneered the man mockingly. He was wearing a red robe, walking slowly towards Lin Feng. He was pretty and graceful, his skin as white as a woman’s, but his red eyes were daunting. He had also had a phoenix feather on the head. 

He was a Phoenix, and a Godly Ancestor! 

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