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Chapter 1153: Second Test!


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“What makes you feel so confident?” asked Lin Feng grimaly. He hated it when people made fun of him and humans. 

Lin Feng thought that everybody should be equal, but if someone tried to oppress him based on the fact that he was a human, he got angry and was ready to kill! 

Lin Feng knew there were people who hated other people based on their race everywhere, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, in the Country of Eternity…

The Phoenix man looked at him mockingly. He didn’t care about what Lin Feng said, he just sneered, “Phoenix blood is heavenly. Human blood is like thick crap. How could humans measure up to us phoenixes?

“Humans can’t even measure up to demons. At least demons are friendlier than humans. Humans always like to cause trouble. They even like to hurt other humans. Humans never change.

“Hehe, even if there are many humans, they don’t bring anything. Humans have no values, no faith. They will be destroyed by other races sooner or later. Even if they don’t get annihilated by other people, someday, they will bring about their own destruction!” declared the man darkly. In the end, his voice was explosive. 

Lin Feng was furious. He clenched his fists hard enough to pop knuckles. Lin Feng had to think carefully, because what the man had said was partly true. Humans were indeed selfish and did pursue their own interests. There were always traitors among humans. Many humans were extremely annoying.

But Lin Feng was convinced that humans became better with time. There weren’t enough geniuses among humans. They needed a dazzling hero, an ultimate ruler. That way, people would gather around that cultivator. He would become the pillar of their society! 

“You have nothing to say?” asked the man when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent. Lin Feng looked grim and got ready to fight, which amused the man. 

“I don’t have time to talk shit with you. I’ll defeat you and then I’ll move on to the second test,” Lin Feng replied, smiling emotionlessly. He flashed and released an explosive strength. 

The man’s expression suddenly fell. He had never seen such a fast Great Supreme God, but he was just surprised, not worried. He was a Godly Ancestor, he could easily defeat a little boy of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. 

“Second test? You won’t even pass my test, which is the first one! Little boy, go back and play with other humans! Haha!” shouted the man, bursting into laughter. He despised humans and he always had. A hundred thousand years before, a challenger had taught him a good lesson, but he didn’t regret anything. 

He was just shameless. If he died, killed by a human, and came back to life, he would continue criticizing and making fun of humans. He would never change his mind. 

Lin Feng didn’t have time to waste with him. He threw a punch as he appeared in front of the red man. The man’s expression didn’t waver as he also threw a punch. He wanted to defeat Lin Feng as quickly as possible. He imagined it was his duty to tell the world humans were useless cultivators who couldn’t compete with phoenixes! 

However… when his fist collided with Lin Feng’s fist, he winced. Lin Feng used his Aggressive Punch attack. Even though he only had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, he could easily compete with cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. 

Even though he wasn’t a Godly Ancestor, he was only fighting one of the weakest Godly Ancestors of the Phoenix Clan. Otherwise, the man wouldn’t have been on this floor. 

Lin Feng was extremely strong, so with this punch, he had already gained an advantage. 

The man coughed blood and paled. His Phoenix Qi had become chaotic and the man felt like he had been caught unprepared. 

Lin Feng flashed and landed next to the man, looking at him disdainfully. However, the man still looked at Lin Feng scornfully. 

“Humans are a third-class race. They can’t measure up to phoenixes,” said the man resolutely, as if he were ready to die for his honor. 

Lin Feng sighed. The man was incurable, too stubborn. His opinion about humans would never change. Even if humans became the strongest cultivator in the universe, the man would still hate and criticize them. 

“Hey, if humans are a third-class race, phoenixes aren’t even a ninth-class one. You lost against me, a third-class human, so you must be a lower-class piece of trash. You’re a crappy phoenix, don’t you feel ashamed to be guarding this room? You’re the disgrace of the Phoenix Clan; with you here, people will think phoenixes are pieces of trash! Hehe!

“Wait and you’ll see; someday, humans will rule over the universe and phoenixes will just be their pets. They will kneel down and kiss our feet!” shouted Lin Feng. He had never seen someone this shameless. 

He took a deep breath, stood up, walked closer to the man, and put his foot on his face. The man’s expression soured at the humiliation. A human had just humiliated him! 

“Third-class human Asura is stepping on your face. I bet you will never forget this moment! Hehe!” Lin Feng said, smiling icily. He stopped paying attention to the phoenix of the ground floor and walked up to the next floor. 

He didn’t turn around…


The decorations on the first floor were better than on the ground floor. Everything was orange, and it smelled quite pleasant. 

“You’re here?” asked an indifferent voice. Lin Feng glanced around and saw an old man who had been standing there for a long time. Lin Feng was surprised. 

The old man was wearing an orange robe with a phoenix on it. The old man had two feathers on his head with orange gems on the feathers; he was the second Phoenix! 

Godly Ancestor layer…

His Qi was more powerful than the Qi of the man on the ground floor, but not by too much. 

“Yes, I’m here!” replied Lin Feng. He walked over to the old man. 


“You defeated the first phoenix, so I’m sure you’ll manage this test just fine. I am about as strong as my colleague on the ground floor, that’s all,” the old man smiled. It didn’t seem like he wanted to fight, but Lin Feng remained wary. He didn’t dare act recklessly or carelessly. The man was an examiner in the Rainbow Phoenix Altar, which meant he was extremely strong. 

“Your name is Asura?” asked the old man when Lin Feng remained silent. 

Lin Feng stared at the old man. The old man knew everything that had happened on the ground floor? 

“Don’t be surprised. The seven floors are connected spiritually. All the examiners saw what happened on the ground floor. It’s not surprising that we know your name, Asura.

“Since it’s that way, no need to waste time. Let’s start,” Lin Feng replied. He clenched his fists and got ready to fight, not feeling like wasting time. The tests were going to become harder and harder. 

The old man looked at Lin Feng, smiled, and nodded calmly. He took out a stone and put it on the floor. Suddenly, thirty stones appeared in orderly lines and rows. Lin Feng understood it was a deployment spell. 

“Asura, the first test’s purpose was to test your pure Qi. Now, let’s test your intellectual abilities. What do you think?

“Come and make a move. If you manage to break this deployment spell, then you pass the second test,” said the old man, stroking his beard and smiling. The phoenix Qi grew thicker and denser. 

Lin Feng faced the thirty stones deployment spell. Lin Feng stared at it for a long time and frowned at how complicated it was. Back in the days, Lin Feng used to use deployment spells a lot! His deployment spell Dao had reached its maximum level, and he had become a Great and Respected Scholar. 

However, being a Great and Respected Scholar wasn’t very useful at that moment, as the deployment spell in front of him was quite complicated. Lin Feng hadn’t used deployment spells for many years. He didn’t even remember how to do so properly at the moment. This deployment spell also had a much higher level than his own level. 

They looked like stones, but actually they were like constellations. If one blundered into a stone, one ended up in a dark gloomy world. Coming out was extremely complicated. 

“Turning a stone into an independent world is extremely complicated, as expected.” Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. The Rainbow Phoenix Altar was a complex place. Those who managed to obtain an examiner position in the altar had complex backgrounds and stories. 

Phoenixes were noble and pure. They were proud but still, they were neither superior nor inferior to humans, in Lin Feng’s opinion. 

“Asura, you can also retreat if you want. That way, you won’t have to face danger. However, if you pass this test, you can move on to the third one. Step by step!” warned the old man, watching Lin Feng. He was excited to see what Lin Feng was going to do! 

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