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Chapter 1154: The War in The Ancient Times!


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“Master, even though your deployment spell is incredibly complex, it is not perfect. But if I break it, you will get badly injured. So, could you just break it yourself?” Lin Feng replied, smiling at the old man confidently. He seemed completely relaxed. 

However, when the old man heard him, he smiled aloofly. “I’d like to see how you breaking the deployment spell could hurt me! Please go ahead!” said the old man. He didn’t take Lin Feng seriously. How could Lin Feng solve this so quickly? He just thought Lin Feng was trying to scare him. 

Lin Feng smiled thinly. Since the old man had spoken, he had no one to blame but himself!

“Master, please watch carefully!” Lin Feng exclaimed. He raised his left hand slowly and released an explosive space and time strength. A Buddha hand penetrated into the deployment spell. The old man and all the other cultivators in the altar were watching carefully. 

Lin Feng put his left hand into the deployment spell. However, what Lin Feng did wasn’t what the old man was expecting. It was like it had been sealed. Lin Feng immediately grabbed a stone. 

When the old man saw that, especially the stone in Lin Feng’s hand, his expression changed drastically. He swallowed and gasped. What Lin Feng had said was true! 

The old man suddenly coughed blood as the spell fed back into him. His blood was golden because he was a phoenix. 

Lin Feng grabbed the stone and suddenly, all the other stones were pulled into each other and turned into ashes; the deployment spell disappeared thoroughly. Lin Feng and the old man weren’t separated by the deployment spell anymore. There was only three meters between them. 

Lin Feng flashed and stood next to the old man. He smiled and said, “Master, sometimes people speak the truth. If you had listened to me, you wouldn’t be injured,” Lin Feng said sincerely. He got ready to move to the second floor. 

“Slowly, Asura, I need to ask you a question,” said the old man, staggering towards Lin Feng. He was looking at Lin Feng curiously. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng had destroyed it so quickly. He was proud of his deployment spell, and nobody had ever broken it so quickly! 

“Master, no need to ask me. People who are strong always win. Hehe!” Lin Feng said proudly. He clapped the old man’s shoulder and walked to the next floor. 

The old man watched Lin Feng disappear up the flight of stairs. He was done with his task. 


When Lin Feng arrived on the third floor, he looked around. This wasn’t a simple room. It was an ancient battlefield with blood everywhere. There were also broken weapons on the ground. There were statues without arms or legs. The ground was yellow and dusty. 

It was a terrifying place. Lin Feng didn’t know how big the battlefield was. 

Lin Feng clenched his fists and looked much more vigilant as he started walking. It smelled like blood everywhere. It was like Lin Feng had arrived in the middle of a battle which would have stopped at that precise moment. 

Lin Feng was annoyed because there was nobody around. There wasn’t even skeletons; there was nothing, just blood, weapons, and broken statues. 

Lin Feng also realized the Rainbow Phoenix Altar was a complex place. The tests were becoming more difficult. It wasn’t just about defeating an examiner this time. 

The real difficulties were starting now! It would be an intense training. 

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” 

Pfew! Pfew! Pfew! 

Lin Feng heard a demonic voice brought to him by the wind. The Qi of the battlefield grew heavier and heavier. Lin Feng looked around and flashed as fast as he could. 

At the same time, he took out the Sword of Remote Times. One man, one sword, moving forwards aimlessly. Lin Feng felt excited. His blood was boiling!

“Humans, put your weapons down and surrender. Otherwise, we’ll crush you all to mush!” ordered a gloomy voice. All the humans on the battlefield nearly exploded, but controlled themselves. Only sixteen generals were left who hadn’t fallen. They stood firm in front of the incredible phoenix warrior. 

Poor humans. Danger lurked. They could be annihilated any time. The phoenixes kept winning. Nobody could stop them anymore. They intended to crush the humans completely so that they would never be able to return to life. 

The humans couldn’t lose anymore, if their last drop of blood had to be spilled. They couldn’t let this monster destroy them and occupy their territory. 

The sixteen generals were holding weapons; they were soaked in blood but still, they defended their honor and integrity, for the human race! 

“Die! Die! Die!” shouted the sixteen cultivators at the same time, and then they flashed into the middle of the phoenixes. The phoenixes were transformed into their human shapes, but they still had a golden feather on their head proving they were phoenixes. 


One could hear the sound of something sharp tearing flesh apart. Blood gushed. One more human general fell. However, the remaining ones couldn’t waste time on another corpse, everybody’s eyes were filled with murder. They hated phoenixes. 

“Let’s give it all!”

“Stupid humans. Proud and heroic phoenixes, destroy them until not a single one is left!” 

“Humans don’t mind dying gloriously! We will never give up!”

“Humans are pieces of trash. How could you compare yourselves to phoenixes? Kill them all!”…

Lin Feng ran and quickly arrived in the central part of the battlefield. When he arrived, he only saw a landscape of desolation. 

He was furious. As a human, he couldn’t just watch and do nothing. Humans had risked their lives to win this battle and defend their honor and dignity. Even if they died, they would die with dignity! 

Even if they died, their glorious and brave actions would be remembered forever! 

At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t look sad or anything. He had almost forgotten he was on the third floor of the Rainbow Phoenix Altar. He was in the middle of a war between humans and phoenixes. 

He raised his sword and got ready to slaughter enemies ferociously and cruelly! 

The fifteen remaining human generals were stupefied when they saw him. He looked like a heavenly god. He was wearing strange clothes and holding a sword as he charged the phoenixes. In the blink of an eye, he beheaded sixteen phoenixes! 

The fifteen humans were overjoyed. They felt even more determined now. Lin Feng had joined their battle and now they felt much more confident!

Lin Feng was brandishing his sword, his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked like a death god, a hero saving fellow humans. 

“It was my duty to destroy those low-class pieces of trash!” shouted Lin Feng majestically. The fifteen generals felt even more enthusiastic. The little blood they had left was boiling in their veins. 

“Waiting for orders!”

“Fellow humans, let’s kill those evil phoenixes!” shouted Lin Feng. Phoenixes were majestic creatures, but to Lin Feng they were nothing! 

When Lin Feng shouted, the generals were all excited. Nobody seemed desperate anymore! They all seemed excited. The phoenixes looked devastated! 

All the phoenixes were stupefied. Who was this human genius? He had killed sixteen phoenixes in the blink of an eye? They had never heard of such a thing!

“Let’s use our full strength to kill him!” shouted a phoenix, pointing to Lin Feng with his sword. They had to kill Lin Feng if they wanted to destroy the fifteen remaining humans! 

Lin Feng looked at them ferociously and grinned icily. He was still wielding the Sword of Remote Times and releasing an ice-cold Qi which seemed to come from ancient times. 

“You want to kill me? Are you strong enough though?” Lin Feng challenged him mockingly. He flashed towards his enemies fearlessly. 

He unsheathed his sword and a sharp blue sword Qi emerged. It looked like a constellation. None of the phoenixes could compete with that sword attack. Lin Feng stabbed one of the phoenixes’ heads. The man’s three feathers fell on the ground and his corpse collapsed. 

He was dead! The leader of the group of phoenixes was dead! 

“Hahaha! Human brothers, let’s fight!”

“We humans are still alive!” shouted the fifteen remaining generals. They all wanted to destroy their enemies. Lin Feng was standing there and continued beheading phoenixes. 

Lin Feng had arrived and the situation had completely changed! Nobody had expected such an outcome! 

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