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Chapter 1155: Fourth Phoenix!

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Lin Feng fought on the humans’ side and destroyed phoenixes one after the other. There were more and more phoenix corpses on the battlefield. 

The fifteen generals knelt down and used their weapons as support in their exhaustion. They all looked at Lin Feng with respect and admiration. 

“Which clan are you from, Prince?” the fifteen generals asked suddenly. They spoke to him extremely respectfully. 

Lin Feng was surprised; wasn’t this an illusion? Hadn’t he just won? Wasn’t it the test of the third floor? He had won the fight, so why was he still inside? 

Ancient warriors from the Human Clan? Was it an illusion or not? 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. The warriors still looked at him respectfully, so Lin Feng came back to his senses. 

“Which clan are YOU from?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at the fifteen warriors. 

They all smiled and wiped the blood from their faces. 

“I am from the Xi Clan!”

“I am from Zhu Sword Mountain.”

“I am from the Human Clan.” …

The fifteen warriors introduced themselves and their respective influential groups. When Lin Feng heard them, he recognized most of the names. They were all influential groups in the World of Battles, especially the Human Clan. The Human Clan’s leader was Fu Yi. 

Fu Yi was also the Human Ancestor of the East, one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points! 

Zhu Sword Mountain was one of the most powerful influential groups in the World of Battles. Their leader and former leader were both overlords in the List of the World of Battles, respectively thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth. 

Regarding the Xi Clan, Lin Feng had never heard the name. 

It was an ancient battlefield after all, people who were there were from ancient groups. They might even be dead. 

“Prince, where are you from?” asked the warriors again. A fighter’s bloodline was extremely important on the battlefield. If someone was a war hero, then their group was respected too. 

Lin Feng was surprised at how much these people cared about his origins. 

“I come from Hong Meng,” lied Lin Feng. He didn’t want to say the truth, he was talking to ancient people. Hong Meng was one of the most mysterious human influential groups. 

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, the fifteen people’s expressions suddenly changed. They looked delighted. Lin Feng was from Hong Meng? They hadn’t seen a cultivator from Hong Meng for hundreds of years. 

The reason why all humans lived in harmony was Hong Meng. 

“Haha! Awesome! Brothers, did you hear that? Hong Meng! Haha! Finally, Hong Meng sent someone!” said one of the warriors. He burst into tears of joy. Lin Feng shook his head. Why did those people feel such pressure? 

“Alright, tell me what’s going on here,” Lin Feng ordered, waving at the people for them to keep calm. 

When they heard Lin Feng, nobody dared cry out, and they calmed themselves down. 

“Prince, this battlefield is situated at the intersection between the World of Battles and the Phoenix World. It’s a battlefield in the void, but it’s still a place both the Phoenix World and the World of Battles attach importance to. They send strong cultivators here all the time every year. It’s a good way for everybody to train.

“This time, we were defeated because our group had a traitor, and they told the Phoenix Clan about our strategy. We suffered a crushing defeat and tragic losses.

“Now, apart from the fifteen of us, there are other people in other areas. It would be nice to find them and get some help. Prince, will you help us find them?” asked the general from the Xi Clan. He looked at Lin Feng imploringly, really hoping Lin Feng would help. 

Lin Feng was startled, and remained silent at first. He was still confused. What kind of place was this? Why had his surroundings turned into a battlefield after he had arrived on the third floor? Was it an illusion? Or had he stepped into another space without noticing it? 

He needed to understand that to find a way to leave. He couldn’t afford to get stuck. 

Lin Feng remained silent. The fifteen generals looked worried. They were all generals; the Xi Clan and the Human Clan had cooperated and because of a traitor, they had suffered a crushing defeat. They were desperate for help. 

If Lin Feng didn’t help, their chances of ever seeing the sun again were almost non-existent. The Phoenix Clan would soon know that humans had destroyed their people. It was something extremely serious. 

“Prince, please help us! Only you can save us!”

“Please save us!”

The fifteen generals suddenly knelt down and started begging Lin Feng. They had never knelt down in front of anyone else before.

Lin Feng looked at them. He naturally understood why they were worried. However, he couldn’t stay on the battlefield. He didn’t belong here. He wasn’t a cultivator of the ancient times. All this had absolutely nothing to do with him. 

The thing is, he was also a human and helping humans also felt right! 

“Alright, I’ll bring you to other human generals,” Lin Feng said kindly, finally agreeing.

All the generals looked touched. They wanted to give him a hug, but they didn’t dare. If Lin Feng hadn’t been from Hong Meng, they might have dared. 

“The matter should not be delayed, Prince! Let’s go now!”

They were deeply moved, but they were also impatient to get going. They didn’t want to waste time. Time wasn’t in their favor this time, so they had to find their fellow humans as soon as possible. 

Lin Feng looked at them and realized that the sixteen generals were all cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. No wonder they were still alive and hadn’t been killed yet! 

Even in their respective groups, they were probably considered extremely strong and outstanding cultivators. 

“Hmph! Hmph! You’re not going anywhere, die!” shouted a terrifying voice suddenly. It made the whole battlefield tremble. 

Lin Feng and the fifteen generals were suddenly encircled by a group of phoenix generals. The leader was a cultivator with four feathers. 

When Lin Feng saw that, his expression slightly changed. Godly Ancestor… he was stronger than the previous one, as that one only had three feathers and was already very strong. 

Regarding the one with the four feathers, he was probably stronger than Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. 

“Asura, defeat me and you’ll be able to go to the fifth floor!” When Lin Feng heard that, he was extremely happy and looked at the phoenix with four feathers. 

Finally, he finally had an opportunity to leave this place! 

At the same time, Lin Feng understood that the phoenix with three feathers he had killed earlier was the test he had to pass to go to the fourth floor. This one has fourth feathers, so he was the test of the fourth floor. Naturally, after defeating him, Lin Feng would be able to go to the fourth floor!

“Protect yourselves!” shouted Lin Feng to the fifteen generals. Even though they had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer, phoenixes could kill them if they joined hands. 

The fifteen generals wouldn’t be able to do anything in a battle against them except pray. 

Lin Feng sighed. Poor ancient cultivators, he thought. They couldn’t even have a peaceful life after such a long time, but it was also because of people like them that the younger generations were able to have more peaceful lives. 

They couldn’t forget their ancestors and their glorious past! 

“Hmph! Asura, you better worry about your own self!” shouted his opponent, smiling icily. He raised his hand and golden lights flashed. A two-meter spear appeared in his hand. It was a Godly Ancestor weapon, and its Qi was extremely thick and dense. As soon as the spear appeared, he attacked Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng didn’t flinch at all. He just looked more serious. 

The battle started without them saying anything. His enemy had just thrown his spear; Lin Feng flashed in the air and put his Sword of Remote Times away, then unsheathed his Godly Battle Sword! 

When he took out the Godly Battle Sword, dark clouds appeared in the sky and there was rumbles of thunder; it looked like the judgement day, the end of the world. 

The Godly Battle Sword had the strength of the top of the Godly Ancestor layer. Its Qi was swift and fierce and oppressive. But because his enemy was too strong, a Godly Ancestor, it wasn’t as effective. 

Lin Feng was holding the Godly Battle Sword and collided against the phoenix. Everybody heard crashing metallic sounds. 

But the fifteen generals weren’t in the mood to enjoy the battle. They were surrounded by many phoenixes and were afraid of being killed. 

If that happened, Lin Feng wouldn’t be strong enough to save them. As long as he won his own battle, that was the main thing. If the phoenix with four feathers lost, everything would end. If he won, then everything would probably end for the phoenixes! 

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