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Chapter 1156: Killing Everyone!


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“Asura, you managed to pass three tests because you were lucky, but this time, I think you should surrender!” taunted the phoenix, smiling icily. 

Lin Feng was already amazed by himself. With the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, he had beaten three Godly Ancestors. It almost felt like a dream. But he had also been a bit lucky and his luck should come to an end. 

He couldn’t rely on luck to pass the fourth and fifth tests. Therefore, this phoenix didn’t think Lin Feng could win at all. He just thought Lin Feng had been lucky before. 

When Lin Feng heard the man trying to humiliate him, he looked at him coldly and gripped the Godly Battle Sword even more firmly. His veins bulged out, and muscles started twitching. His eyes were filled with murder. All he wanted at that moment was to kill. 

“I will kill you!” Lin Feng declared emotionlessly. The phoenix’s expression soured. He felt furious and humiliated. 

“Nonsense! It’s meaningless! Asura, I suggest you piss off! You’re just humiliating yourself here!” shouted the man, pointing at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng frowned, but he didn’t say anything more. The man was pointing at him, so he was definitely going to suffer a violent death. He was no exception to that rule! 

Lin Feng flashed ahead at bullet speed. In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of his enemy, then threw his Godly Battle Sword. His Qi suddenly grew much more powerful. Lin Feng didn’t even need to use much of his own strength, the Godly Battle Sword’s strength was terrifying!

Things were getting complicated for his opponent. The phoenix pulled a long face, and clutched his spear. He flashed towards Lin Feng brandishing his spear and throwing a punch at the same time. All he wanted to do now was kill Lin Feng! 

The phoenixes had never killed a contestant in the Rainbow Phoenix Altar, but he couldn’t control himself anymore. He definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng also wanted to kill him, just because he didn’t like him. 

The Godly Battle Sword and the spear collided. Lin Feng and his opponent’s fists also collided. A terrifying strength emerged and boiled around them. Both Lin Feng and his opponent were blown away. Lin Feng was pushed farther away than his opponent. 

The phoenix stopped in the air, took his spear back and turned into a light beam, hurtling towards Lin Feng. He was lunging straight towards Lin Feng’s chest. At such speeds, anything could happen. 

Lin Feng was in danger. He saw a beam of light move towards his chest. 

Without even realizing it, he shouted furiously and put the Godly Battle Sword in front of his chest. At the same time, he released Genesis Spiritual strength and Buddhist strength into the Godly Battle Sword together. 

Explosive energies appeared all around Lin Feng. The spear didn’t even have time to get close to Lin Feng and was instantly pushed away, falling from the sky. 

The phoenix’s expression slightly changed. He flashed and caught his spear. How had Lin Feng done that? 

“Godly Battle Sword, I’m counting on you!”

“Sword of Remote Times, you go too!”

Slash, slash!

Suddenly, two beams of light appeared. The Godly Battle Sword and the Sword of Remote Times both cut towards the phoenix in flickers of motion.

The phoenix felt threatened this time, his expression aghast. He knew that fleeing was useless this time. 

He ground his teeth and decided to face Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw that, he grinned. He had anticipated everything. 

“Since you are stubborn and want to steal my weapon, I have to get your arm as compensation,” Lin Feng said icily. He slashed out with the Godly Battle Sword. The phoenix’ expression changed drastically. 

“Be careful, leader!”

“Leader, behind you!” shouted many phoenixes furiously. But Lin Feng’s opponent was stubborn. He had wanted to steal Lin Feng’s weapons at all costs. Therefore, the price he had to pay for it was one arm! 

Slash! Blood gushed as the phoenix’s arm fell down on the ground. 

“Arh! Arh!” The phoenix looked miserable at that moment. The fourth feathers on his head looked like they were going to fall down. 

He was badly injured, but he still looked furious. His Qi turn ice-cold. He didn’t look noble and pure like a phoenix anymore. 

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed the Godly Battle Sword and the Sword of Remote Times. He put the Sword of Remote Times back into his ring, but he kept the Godly Battle Sword. 

“Asura, you have infuriated me!” snarled the phoenix, trying to calm down. Lin Feng felt some pressure, and had a bad feeling that his opponent had hidden something from him. 

Lin Feng stood in the air, wielding his Godly Battle Sword. He remained vigilant and stared at his enemy, so as not to miss a single one of his actions. 

The phoenix took the four feathers off his head. Lin Feng didn’t understand at first. 

“Noble and majestic feathers, it is your turn to display your incredible talents! It’s your moment!”

The phoenix started chanting an incantation, looking rather humble and modest. Lin Feng started sensing a powerful strength emerging from the feathers. Initially, the feathers were ordinary, but now they had turned into terrifying weapons. 

The phoenix put his spear away and grasped the four feathers. His Qi became much colder. 

Lin Feng had the impression his opponent had completely changed. He was much more daunting now… 

He took a deep breath and grit his teeth. He had to do all he could to win this fight. He had infuriated the phoenix. Before now, even those who had lost had left the altar safe and sound. However, Lin Feng wouldn’t leave alive! 

Therefore, he had to be extremely careful. He had to kill his opponent! 

“Asura, see you! Poor little insect! Hehehehe!” taunted his opponent, grinning at that moment. His smile was macabre, and Lin Feng’s heart twitched when he saw that face. 

But he also remained focused and was even angrier. 

“Poor little insect? Hehe, phoenixes are proud so they like to belittle humans, huh? Alright, since it’s that way, I, Asura, announce that if anyone dares make fun of humans, I will annihilate the Phoenix Clan!”

The Qi of the Godly Battle Sword became even sharper and even more overwhelming. Hundreds of phoenixes were pushed away. 

The fifteen generals were exhausted and wounded, and might not make it. 

Lin Feng just focused on his battle, then he would do his best to save them. Without him, they would die! 

“You are heroes! Hold on a little longer!” shouted Lin Feng to shake the fifteen generals. 

Suddenly, they looked much more confident. Initially, they were just focusing on their exhaustion, but now they were feeling much better. 

“Asura, you’re going to die and you still care about them? You’re hopeless!” scoffed the phoenix. Suddenly, he disappeared. 

Lin Feng was startled. He released his godly awareness but he still couldn’t find him. Oh no! thought Lin Feng. He descended and tried to lower his chances of getting attacked by surprise. 

At the same time, the phoenix’s fist flew past Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still blown away by the strong wind. He was pushed along the ground and then slid back a few hundred meters until he crashed against a statue. 

Lin Feng coughed blood. He seemed extremely weak. He was injured. He had almost been killed. Luckily, he had reacted quickly enough. 

He was in danger now! 

The phoenix glared at him ferociously. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be able to dodge the attack at the most crucial moment. He was even angrier now. Lin Feng had infuriated him! 

Lin Feng stood up and looked at him. 

“It’s my turn now, phoenix!” Lin Feng proclaimed, and he disappeared. The expressions of all the phoenixes changed when they saw that. They couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore. 

The fifteen generals felt even more pressure now. 

Lin Feng had suddenly disappeared. His opponent wasn’t surprised, though. On the contrary, he just smiled in scorn. 

He released even more strength from his feathers, which rolled all over the battlefield, trying to make Lin Feng show himself again. 

But that also very dangerous, because Lin Feng was already above his head and could attack him by surprise. 

“Hehehehe! Asura! You lost!” He burst into a loud laughter, as if he had won already! 

“Hehe, no need, look under you!” Lin Feng burst into loud laughter and grinned broadly. 

The phoenix sensed an ice-cold energy move towards him from underneath. He lowered his head and something he had never thought would ever happen to him in life was happening! 


The ice-cold energy penetrated into the phoenix’s body from his foot! 


The Godly Battle Sword then came back out of his body through the top of his head. His head exploded and white and red liquid sprayed everywhere. 

All the phoenixes on the ground started running around helplessly. What could they do? Their leader had been killed! If you catch the leader, you usually win a battle. 

The Godly Battle Sword reappeared! 

Slash, slash, slash! 

The ancient battlefield became the graveyard of the Phoenix Clan! 

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  1. David January 19, 2020 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    What B.S is this?! How can LF kill a Godly Ancestor with just the 6th layer of the Great supreme god?! I would understand if he was a lawyer below but WTF?! Like if the first 2 test had been only to see how much pure energy he had and how smart then yeah sure he could pass but killing 2 Godly Ancestors is just total crap. He has a Godly weapon but that should not just give him an out for it.

    • Cornix January 20, 2020 at 6:14 am - Reply

      Great Supreme God has 6 layers iirc

    • LeviRex January 20, 2020 at 6:57 am - Reply

      I think there something mysterious behind LF power, unique n unfathomable, nowhere similar nor measure to common people.

      • David January 20, 2020 at 4:14 pm - Reply

        No im sorry but that’s B.S I could understand in the original because of his unique body he didn’t really have a “layer” but on this one even LF says that a Godly Ancestor can easily kill him. Now he has defeated one, destroyed another ones deployment spell and KILLED 2 Godly Ancestors. Like what has been the point of him getting stronger layer by layer if all he really needs is a top tier weapon and then he can just kill anyone. This author is so inconsistent with LF and the power scale that I dont get why it 9s taking him so long to make LF a Godly Ancestor.

    • Cornix January 20, 2020 at 2:15 pm - Reply

      IIRC Great Supreme God has 6 layers

    • Asdffghjk January 21, 2020 at 3:41 am - Reply

      It was already stated that the godly battle sword was a top tier godly weapon even more so than the blood sword. Using its energy makes Lin boi equal to a low level godly ancestor. The weapon itself could take on a godly ancestor but maybe not kill it. When Lin puts his energy in, that is the difference maker. Also consider this…There’s no ninth level. Lin can skip like 2 levels typically which would put him around even with the top of the great supreme god level sometimes he gets away with an extra level when he brings out his full force, hidden cards, or weapons like his scepter or treasures. even stuff like the arrays he used to use. They way I think of it is a level is just your capacity as an individual (let’s use weight lifting as an example) if you’re good at lifting but you’re only 100 lbs then you probably can’t bench 300 but maybe you could bench 250. However even if you were bigger (or a higher cultivation level) like 135 lbs your max might only be 230 even if other people your size could reach 300. Lbs

  2. Bone January 19, 2020 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    Sword fusion with the godly battle sword, which is at the top of the godly ancestor layer.

  3. Iun January 20, 2020 at 7:35 am - Reply

    It is.. I think so many forceful arcs were made.. what is the use of the different cultivation stages then..

  4. Orange Joe January 20, 2020 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    Just one?

  5. Patrick January 20, 2020 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    So, killing a Godly Ancestor when he is at the 6th great supreme God layer. That’s plot armor at a whole new level. I’m disappointed at how bad the writing has gotten.

  6. Asdffghjk January 21, 2020 at 3:32 am - Reply

    Remember when they said Phoenix blood was gold? Why bother if you just end up making it red anyway

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