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Chapter 1157: Provoking the Fifth Phoenix!


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“Young Prince, you’re awesome!” the fifteen generals gasped in amazement. It was the second consecutive time that Lin Feng stopped the phoenixes and destroyed them. Of course, he hadn’t killed them all, because some of them had managed to run away. 

Lin Feng knew that chasing them was useless and dangerous. If he chased them and ended up in an ambush, it would be his own fault. Those phoenix fighters were panic-stricken, and not worth chasing. 

Lin Feng ignored them. He raised his head and shouted, “I won! Why can’t I leave?”

“Leave?” The fifteen people were a bit surprised. What did Lin Feng mean? Where did he want to go? 

They were astonished when they saw dazzling golden lights appear in the sky. An extremely powerful phoenix Qi emerged. A woman in blue-green clothes appeared in the sky. Five feathers twinkled on the top of her head. 

The phoenix with five feathers! 

“Asura, you’re audacious. You dared kill the fourth and third phoenixes?” demanded the woman coldly. 

Lin Feng just looked at her. It was the first time he had to face a woman since he had come inside the building. She was a Godly Ancestor, and at least as strong as Godly Ancestor Ju Ying. 

Godly Ancestor Ju Ying was extremely strong. Lin Feng wasn’t sure he could beat such a strong cultivator, so he took a deep breath. If it was a one-on-one battle, there no need to feel pressure because he probably wouldn’t win. 

“You could see I was going to kill them, but you didn’t intervene to stop me,” Lin Feng replied sharply. He didn’t give her face, and contradicted her straightforwardly. 

The woman was surprised. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng was just going to contradict her. She couldn’t help but think this Asura was interesting. 

“But you killed them!” declared the woman icily. 

“They weren’t skilled, why didn’t you rely on them? If they had been skilled or competent, I would have died now, wouldn’t I?” Lin Feng answered still not giving her face. She was getting angrier, and her cheeks became red. 

The woman was extremely attractive. There were no ugly women in the Phoenix Clan. The woman would be extremely well-known in the World of Battles. But in the Phoenix Clan, she was quite ordinary. 

“Asura, cut the nonsense. You want to go up, right?” said the woman. She was tired of listening to Lin Feng. He was too quick off the mark. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He turned around and looked at the fifteen generals, “I can’t help you find other humans, but I have a place where you can stay. You will not need to fight a war anymore. What do you think?”

Lin Feng had no time to help the generals, but if they wished, he was willing to bring them to his spirit world. That way, there would be more humans there. 

The fifteen generals looked at each other; they were surprised, as they didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant. 

Where was he really from? Why had he killed two phoenixes? Why was he asking phoenixes to take him out? 

“Prince, who are you?” someone finally asked doubtfully 

Lin Feng looked at him, and then at the others, and said indifferently, “I lied to you. I am not from Hong Meng’s clan. I don’t belong to the ancient battlefield, either. I am from the future. You are my ancestors!”

“Ancestors? From the future?” The fifteen generals were astonished. They didn’t know what to think, and were speechless. 

“In simple terms, I am one of the many young people of a new generation in the future. I know the leader of the Human Clan, Fu Yi; do you know him?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t how to explain what was going on to those generals. For them, it was unthinkable, magic. It was like Lin Feng had travelled through time. 

It wasn’t an illusion though; it was the truth. Because so much time separated the two different worlds, the space and time strength in the ancient battlefield had become chaotic. The curves of space and time weren’t flat. 

Space and time curves were flat in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Country of Eternity and even the World of Battles. Time and space curves weren’t flat in passages between different worlds. 

But on this battlefield, the past repeated itself!

Those people couldn’t understand. Lin Feng had no choice but to mention Fu Yi. He hoped those people would know about him. 

“Fu Yi? Isn’t he the boy from the clan with the three princes? I remember when I arrived in the battlefield, he was only four years old. “

The fifteen generals started talking. They seemed puzzled and surprised. 

Lin Feng was astonished. Fu Yi, an overlord, the leader of the Human Clan, who was from the same generation as Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, was only a child to those people? 

It meant that this battlefield was much older! 

“Asura, I don’t have time to wait for you!” interjected the woman proudly. 

Lin Feng frowned and ignored her. He said to the fifteen humans, “Humans are safe. The Human Clan has a huge territory. Many strong cultivators are humans. Don’t worry.

“Come with me and I’ll take you out and bring you to your respective clans and sects,” Lin Feng said. He had no time anymore, so he had to be straightforward. If they didn’t want to follow him, he didn’t mind, and wouldn’t force them. 

“Going back to our respective sects and clans?”

Lin Feng’s last words made their eyes twinkle. They were definitely moved. They had been at war for what seemed like forever. Now they had an opportunity to leave, which was unbelievable. 

If they didn’t go back, they would be killed by phoenixes sooner or later anyway. They weren’t stupid! 

“Alright, we’ll follow you, Prince,” the fifteen men nodded. 

Lin Feng was calm as he stretched out his hands, space and time strength surrounded the fifteen people and they disappeared in the lights as Lin Feng sent them to his spirit world. 

“Alright, let’s go,” Lin Feng said to the woman smoothly. 

The woman frowned. She didn’t like Lin Feng’s attitude. Leave the battlefield? Didn’t he know that what he had done would change the course of history? The existence of one person or even one beast could change the course of history! 

But she couldn’t care too much. It was about humans, not phoenixes. 

She ignored Lin Feng, turned around, and flew away. She stretched out her arms and made some hand seals while looking at the sun. A strong wind of phoenix Qi started blowing past. 

Suddenly, Lin Feng felt dizzy, and the landscape changed. He wasn’t on the ancient battlefield anymore. He was back in a great hall. 

The Phoenix with five feathers! 

The woman in blue-green clothes in front of him was the phoenix of the fifth floor. The first female phoenix, and she had five feathers. 

Five feathers. She was definitely extremely strong, powerful and noble. There were only two more phoenixes after her. The phoenix on the final floor, the one with seven feathers, had to be the leader of the phoenix clan, someone like Ni Huang! 

But Ni Huang could make the Phoenix Clan submit, which meant she was much, much stronger than the phoenix with seven feathers! 

“Asura, do you choose to continue or to leave?” asked the woman indifferently. She didn’t really care about Lin Feng; he could leave, he could continue, she didn’t really care. 

She didn’t care about the deaths of the third and fourth phoenixes, either. Those were the rules. You could get killed as an examiner here. They had been unlucky. 

Of course, normally nobody dared kill phoenixes on purpose. Lin Feng was an exception, but he was also a prodigy. 

“I decide to continue, of course. Why would I give up halfway?” asked Lin Feng with a big smile, as if he was trying to tease her. 

The woman couldn’t handle Lin Feng’s look this time; she turned all red, blushed and looked extremely shy. 

Lin Feng was surprised. She was a Godly Ancestor, and she was so shy! 

“Asura, give up. You’ll get married to a female Rainbow Phoenix, why do you need to take risks?” asked the woman. She was trying to help. The battles were going to become more and more difficult from here. 

“What if I said I want to get married with you? What would you say?” asked Lin Feng, smiling seductively. 

The woman became even redder. Her cheeks burned. “That… That’s inappropriate!” blurted out the woman angrily and shyly, breathing more quickly. No man had ever teased her like that before. She was really angry. 

Lin Feng rejoiced on the inside. This was exactly what he was trying to achieve. 

Even though she was very strong, she had never been close to or intimate with a man. Lin Feng could see that. There were things she didn’t know how to handle when it came to men. 

She was pure and innocent! 

Lin Feng put his finger on his lower lip and smiled naughtily. However, it was difficult to know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. 

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