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Chapter 1158: Qing Huang Tian!


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“You, you, you’re shameless!” protested the phoenix, as red as an apple, and breathing very quickly. She was confused, and didn’t know what to say or think. 

Lin Feng was satisfied. His plan had worked. She was almost ready to panic. Lin Feng thought that if he managed to pass this test without even moving his hands, that would be fun! 

“Me? Shameless? Oh come on…” Lin Feng smiled. He had such a big smile she could see all his teeth.

 She turned even redder. “Don’t piss me off!” shouted the phoenix urgently. She didn’t know what to do or say. She was a pure and noble female phoenix. Nobody dared make fun of her or tease her! 

Lin Feng was doing so left her unable to figure out what to do. 

“What’s your name, sister?” asked Lin Feng, staring at her. She looked so pure and soft… 

She was extremely red, her cheeks were burning, but at the same time, she also starting feeling hot, she tried to suppress her desire, which made her shiver from head to toe. She had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer, yet she looked like a little girl at the moment. 

“Sister, you’re so beautiful! Sister, your skin is so white, how come? Hehe, and you smell so wonderful. You’re a masterpiece of nature!

“Sister, I’m sure you’re the most beautiful girl of the Phoenix Clan, right? I think you must be. Yes, you must be. You’re so beautiful, how could anyone else be more beautiful than you? You’re the sun and pride of the Phoenix Clan. You are so hot that you are even hotter than sun!

“Sister, you are simply stunning. I’ve never felt like this before! Really!”

Lin Feng didn’t know why he suddenly said all those things to the female phoenix. The Ice Spirit had heard everything, and felt disgusted and furious. 

The phoenix was extremely red. She was a pure and noble woman. She also looked very innocent, and at that moment, also extremely cute. Lin Feng hadn’t lied; he had said many things which were true. She had a wonderful perfume, among other things. 

She smelled like a flower, pure and sweet. Lin Feng guessed that all female phoenixes from the Phoenix Clan probably smelled the same. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue’s smell made men’s heartbeat race. Her mother, Ni Huang’s Qi, made men’s blood boil to the extent they could even explode. This female phoenix also had a special smell. It made Lin Feng’s heartbeat race. 

Of course, he was also saying those things on purpose! 

The woman was extremely red. No man had ever complimented her in her entire life. In the Phoenix Clan, there was a rule: when a man liked a woman, the woman had to follow him for her entire life. She could never leave him. If she dared, the Phoenix Clan then had her phoenix circulatory system changed and modified! 

That was something horrible so nobody dared violate the rules. 

Lin Feng didn’t know that what he had just said would cause huge problems. If he knew, he wouldn’t have done that.

“You’re a liar!” gasped the woman in a trembling voice. Her Qi had become much weaker since Lin Feng had met her. She had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer, but at that moment she only had the Qi of a Great Supreme God. 

The sixth phoenix was furious when he saw that. Lin Feng dared lie to a female phoenix! 

“Sister, I think you are bewitching. I have no way to free myself from your beauty. Really. Sister, please trust me,” Lin Feng said flirtingly. It worked because this phoenix had never been in love, and was being aroused. 

Lin Feng was playing with her emotions to pass that test, nothing else. He hadn’t thought of what would happen after? What if she wanted to marry him? Would he agree? 

Lin Feng didn’t think about that. For the time being, he just wanted to make it o the next phoenix. He wanted to get rid of her as quickly as possible. 

“Do you… really mean that?” asked the phoenix. Her eyes twinkled. Her heart was pounding. 

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He didn’t like himself very much at that moment, but he had no choice. He had already used so much energy when he had fought against the fourth phoenix. If he fought her, he would suffer a crushing defeat. 

“Of course, sister, can you tell me your name?” asked Lin Feng again. He tried to look as natural as possible. 

The phoenix was surprised. Her heart twitched. She was lost in thought, now, and she couldn’t help but remember Lin Feng on the battlefield; he had been heroic and valiant, but he had also dared kill phoenixes and he had some people from the past move to his spirit world. He was a real man! 

The phoenix admired strong cultivators, and especially strong and honest men, no matter where they were from. It was the same for her. She loved strength, and she loved strong men. If the sky protected the ground, women were the ground and men were their sky. 

The phoenix was a pure and innocent female phoenix. She had never been with a man. She was a pure woman of the Phoenix Clan. 

Lin Feng didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong. He made the phoenix very conflicted. 

“My… My name is Qing Huang Tian,” said the phoenix seductively. She put her long and white hands on her red face. 

When Lin Feng heard her, he was impressed. What a beautiful name! 

“Sister Qing, your name is like you, wonderful and spiritual!” Lin Feng said. He really meant it this time. 

Qing Huang Tian blushed even more. She looked like an eighteen-year-old girl at that moment and her smile reminded Lin Feng of ancient princesses. She was as beautiful as Duan Xin Ye, but they had different styles. Duan Xin Ye’s warmth seemed cold. Qing Huang Tian’s coldness seemed warm. 



Qing Huang Tian’s bewitching voice brought Lin Feng back to his senses. 

Qing Huang Tian lowered her head. She took out a small bag made of cyan cloth. A phoenix with five feathers was embroidered on it, and real phoenix Qi emerged from the bag. 

“This is my embroidery bag, take it!” said Qing Huang Tian. Lin Feng didn’t refuse. He took it and brought it to his nose to smell. It smelled like her… 

When Qing Huang Tian saw that, she blushed even more, as if Lin Feng knew all of her secrets. 

When the watching sixth phoenix saw that, he nearly fainted. The fifth phoenix had just given her embroidery bag to Lin Feng?! It meant everything! It meant she agreed to give her heart to Lin Feng! 

A female phoenix couldn’t give her token to just anyone. If they gave it to a man, then it meant they now belonged to him and agreed to marry him! 

Lin Feng didn’t know that, of course. If he had, he would have refused and he wouldn’t flattered her like that before! 

“Asura, do you really want to move on and take the next test?” asked Qing Huang Tian in a tender and gentle voice. At that moment, she was extremely close to Lin Feng; their clothes were touching but she was too shy and didn’t move any closer. 

When Lin Feng heard her, he immediately understood there was something wrong. She didn’t even talk about her own test anymore, she talked about the next one. It proved she was drunk in love already. 

“Yes, I really want to go as far as I can. So you’re letting me pass, Sister Qing?” asked Lin Feng, staring at her red face. But she put her hand on her face again, she didn’t want to show Lin Feng she was so shy. 

Lin Feng had an even worse feeling now, as if he had offended a flower. 

“Yes, you can go, but…” Qing Huang Tian nodded. She suddenly looked worried and stared at Lin Feng. She didn’t look so shy anymore, back to normal again. She even looked scary now. 

“But, you have to be careful. The sixth phoenix is the strongest man of the Phoenix Clan. He’s stronger than the leader! So be careful!”

“Don’t act recklessly. If you realize you can’t defeat him, come back and I’ll take you out safely!” said Qing Huang Tian. She was extremely worried for Lin Feng. Lin Feng noticed her tone of speech and behaviour had completely changed, and she was acting like a wife now. She cared about him. She sounded like a loving and responsible wife. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He didn’t dare stay here too long. The longer he stayed here, the more he would be worried about Qing Huang Tian having really fallen in love with him! 

What he didn’t know was that she had already given herself to him, from the second she had given him her embroidery bag. She would never marry anyone else in her life! 

“Sister Qing, take care. I’m going!” Lin Feng said. He flashed to the flight of stairs and continued to the next floor where the sixth phoenix was. Qing Huang Tian looked after Lin Feng worriedly. She was sad to see him leave. She wanted to stay with him. 

But those were the rules of the Rainbow Phoenix Altar. She was the fifth phoenix, she had to leave the rest to the two other phoenixes! 

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