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Chapter 1159: My Life or Your Life!


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Now on the fifth floor, Lin Feng felt extremely happy and positive. Even though he hadn’t relied on strength or a battle to pass the previous test, he had used his intelligence, so it was also enjoyable. It was a victory, too!

Lin Feng didn’t care about what other people thought. If they thought it was immoral, it was their problem!

The fifth floor was also quite large. Blue phoenix Qi floated in midair there. It was calm and quiet, with a mysterious air. The Qi there was also relatively cold. Lin Feng stood there without moving. He preferred being careful. 

Qing Huang Tian had told him the phoenix of the fifth floor was extremely dangerous, even stronger than the leader of the Phoenix Clan. He was also one of the most outstanding young geniuses of the Phoenix Clan. 

He had the strength of the Godly Ancestor. A young genius who had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer! Lin Feng had never thought some young geniuses had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer… 

Like the first floor, the altar looked ordinary. The space around him didn’t change to turn into a battlefield. The sixth phoenix didn’t use traps or surprise attacks either; was he looking down on Lin Feng? Lin Feng was just a cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, after all… 

“Anyone here?” asked Lin Feng, looking up. 

When he spoke, the blue phoenix mist floated in different directions. Lin Feng realized that his voice echoed, which meant the sound of his voice couldn’t pierce through the phoenix strength. 

Reverberation? Lin Feng was surprised. It was the first time he had experienced such a thing. He also guessed that not many people could make sounds reverberate. As expected, this phoenix was extremely strong. 

Lin Feng felt even warier when he thought of that. His opponent was going to be dreadful. He had to be careful… 


In the sky above the building, Godly Ancestor Tu Jin and Qian Jin Cai Yue were standing there together. Qian Jin Cai Yue had been watching for only a short while. Each time she saw lights around the building, she trembled. When she saw lights emerge around the fourth floor, she had started looking very worried. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked at Qian Jin Cai Yue and grinned cheerfully, “Little girl, why do you look so scared?”

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin guessed there was something secret she hadn’t told him. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue glanced at him alertly. This cultivator was as strong as her mother, after all. If she infuriated him, it would be a tragedy. She couldn’t tell him about this, however. At least, not before Asura passed the last test. 

“I just admire the person you brought; he reached the fifth floor, which means he’s extraordinary!” said Qian Jin Cai Yue trying to look more relaxed, but Godly Ancestor Tu Jin could see she was just trying to conceal her real emotions. He didn’t really care, though. 

“Asura passed the fifth test and now he’s going to take the sixth test. If he passed, he’ll take the last test. It would be the first time someone managed to do that in, what? A hundred thousand years?” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin smiling evenly. Qian Jin Cai Yue looked angry and worried again. 

Lin Feng! Lin Feng! Where was he? 

Qian Jin Cai Yue bit her lips. She had never been as worried as she was right now. She could barely breathe, and nobody could help her. 

“Asura, stand your ground!” whispered Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, frowning. He couldn’t do much but wait at the moment. 

People who managed to reach the fifth and sixth floors were future overlords. To dot hat, they had to put their life at stake! 


On the fifth floor, Lin Feng had been staring at the blue phoenix Qi for a long time already. Time passed slowly. He tried to speak but it didn’t work; his voice kept coming back to him. Therefore, Lin Feng had an idea; why not and try to break the floating phoenix Qi? 

“Buddhist strength!” Lin Feng said, putting his palms together. Golden lights emerged from his third eye. A Buddhist light emerged from his Jia Yan’s Eye, and then the strength of the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill emerged from his hands and fused together with the Buddhist strength from his third eye. 

The two kinds of Buddhist strength surrounded the altar, and illuminated the whole room, surrounding the blue phoenix strength. 

The blue phoenix Qi resisted the light, and attacked Lin Feng’s Buddhist strength. It was quite powerful. The phoenix strength looked like a gigantic and heavy cage. If Lin Feng made a small mistake, he could die!

 He felt pressure mounting. Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, forty-five minutes passed. He still hadn’t managed to make the phoenix Qi disperse yet. Lin Feng was getting angry. 

“I am on the fifth floor, sixth phoenix, why are you hiding? Why don’t you come out and see me?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His voice sounded like thunder and his Qi was extremely sharp. He shouted so loud and powerful the soundwave caused by his voice didn’t bounce off the phoenix energy this time. 

“Asura, how does it feel to lie to innocent and pure female phoenixes?” responded a voice very quickly. He sounded ice-cold and conceited. 

Lin Feng wasn’t angry. It was a fact, he had fooled Qing Huang Tian. Otherwise, he would have needed to fight a difficult duel.

Therefore, Lin Feng had had no choice, and he didn’t care. No matter what, he was ready to do all he could to get to the sixth floor and take the seventh test. He would definitely dare to seize every advantage he could gain by trickery. 

“Sixth phoenix, we can start now. We don’t need to waste time talking to each other,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly. He wanted to win as quickly as possible. 

The sixth phoenix’s expression soured. He was surprised, but he also looking at Lin Feng mockingly. He appeared before Lin Feng. Blue phoenix Qi was emerging from him, but it was much, much more powerful than the Qi Lin Feng had attacked just before in the blue mist. 

Lin Feng was grim. This was going to be an ugly battle; it wouldn’t be easy to pass this test. He might not even be able to win it. The phoenix with six feathers was a Godly Ancestor, and stronger than Qing Huang Tian! 

The only good thing was that Lin Feng’s pure Qi had refilled already. He wasn’t injured anymore, so he could use his full strength during this fight. 

“Asura, you made it here by resorting to trickery. How dare you talk to me that way?” the sixth phoenix said scornfully. 

Lin Feng studied the phoenix’s cold and mocking expression. The phoenix despised him. He had probably always despised humans. He thought humans were too proud. 

The Phoenix Clan despised humans, and so did the Dragon Clan. But these days, the Dragon Clan and the Human Clan had common interests, so they cooperated, at least officially. The Phoenix Clan was upset. They were proud and stuck to their convictions and beliefs. They thought that anyone who gave up on their own beliefs and cooperated with the Human Clan was shameless. 

Lin Feng didn’t mind if they were proud and arrogant, but he couldn’t let anyone criticize the very foundations of the human race. He was ready to fight for the honor and dignity of all humans. 

Since Lin Feng had entered the building, only two phoenixes had not showed hate for humans. The old formation expert on the second floor had been the first. The second one was Qing Huang Tian, but she was too pure and innocent, and apart from strength, she didn’t understand anything else. 

Lin Feng wasn’t enemies with these phoenixes, but if they considered humans enemies and provoked them, then Lin Feng had no choice but to take measures. It was the reason he had killed the third and fourth phoenixes! 

“Can we fight now?” asked Lin Feng coldly, ignoring the phoenix’s contemptuous expression. He didn’t want to waste time anymore. He had already wasted enough time on the battlefield. 

The sixth phoenix pulled a long face. Lin Feng had resorted to trickery to make it here, and he still sounded extremely proud and arrogant. It made him hate humans even more. Lin Feng had killed the third and fourth phoenixes, and he had lied to a beautiful woman of the Phoenix Clan! 

He was ready to use his full strength to defeat Lin Feng; he was even ready to risk his life! 

“Asura, let’s fight, your life or mine. Do you agree? If you don’t dare, then piss off!” the phoenix challenged him icily. His eyes were filled with murder. 

Lin Feng looked fierce and brutal. His eyes gleamed sharply. He smiled indifferently and said, “If you’re not afraid!”

“Alright, then give me your life!”

“If you’re strong enough, then just kill me, but stop pretending and trying to scare me away with big words, because you are not qualified!”

“Oh? Let’s try and see!”

“Of course!”

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