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Chapter 1160: Perilous Situation!

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Lin Feng and the sixth phoenix flew towards each other. Lin Feng clenched his fists and threw an Aggressive Punch. Its power exploded, and the phoenix had no way to hide. He had to face the attack. 

Buddhist strength, Genesis Spiritual strength, demon strength; three sorts of strength had fused together. His energies filled every inch of the whole space. Watching Lin Feng fight a Godly Ancestor like that was incredible!

The phoenix frowned. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng’s attacks would be so powerful. He still thought he could defeat Lin Feng easily, because it wasn’t a battle, and it wasn’t a war. 

It could only be described as a violent and brutal killing! 

He threw a punch which contained seventy percent of his strength as he attacked! 

Lin Feng and the phoenix quickly collided. Lin Feng wasn’t blown away at all, but his opponent wasn’t pushed away, either. Even worse, it had just brought them closer to each other. 

Lin Feng threw a kick. Energies emerged from his foot and created a hurricane around them. There were sharp whistles of cutting power. Lin Feng also used Genesis Spiritual strength, whose Qi was really sharp and thick. When the sixth phoenix saw that, his eyes narrowed. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so determined, either!

“Hmph! Poor skills. How could you even think you can defeat me?” He looked at Lin Feng disdainfully. At the same time, he threw a punch and then a kick. After Lin Feng blocked the punch, he looked at the phoenix’s left foot shooting towards his chest at bullet speed. 

Lin Feng was startled. He punched the phoenix’s fist again to bounce against him and he also pushed himself back as much as he could. The sixth phoenix didn’t intend to let him off and chased him. He threw another kick, and it failed. No problem, he threw another kick, this time with even more strength than the previous kicks. As before, he still wasn’t using his full strength. 

Lin Feng was lucky again and dodged the kick. The sixth phoenix was furious and threw another. 

The sixth phoenix hadn’t used his full strength since the beginning because he wanted to humiliate Lin Feng first and then kill him. But he had completely failed. He couldn’t forgive Lin Feng for having killed phoenixes, but worse, Lin Feng had lied to his fiancée and fooled her!

Lin Feng didn’t know that Qing Huang Tian was the sixth phoenix’s fiancée. It was a secret in the Phoenix Clan, but it was a fact. The elders had always supported the arrangement, so it couldn’t be cancelled. 

Qing Huang Tian had already shown how she felt. She had given her purse to Lin Feng, so the sixth phoenix wanted to kill Lin Feng. That way, Qing Huang Tian wouldn’t be able to get married to Lin Feng. 

The Phoenix Clan didn’t allow its members to mix their blood with other races, they could only reproduce with other phoenixes. Only the sixth phoenix could marry Qing Huang Tian, not this Asura! 

Lin Feng didn’t know why the sixth phoenix was reacting like this, but he understood his situation. If he made a tiny little mistake, he would be in danger. His opponent was a Godly Ancestor, and not an ordinary one. Lin Feng needed to use 120% of his mental abilities and vitality! 

After Lin Feng retreated, the sixth phoenix chased him. Lin Feng’s strategy was to defend for the time being. Each of the phoenix’s punches and kicks were extremely powerful and seemed potentially deadly. 

Lin Feng knew that defending wasn’t a long-term strategy to win, but if he let this phoenix keep attacking and failing, then he would get tired, and then it would be easier for Lin Feng to win. He had no choice either, because he wanted to get through in one piece. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng took a deep breath, and his eyes became bloodshot. Demon Qi emerged and he turned into a demon. 

The sixth phoenix’s expression hardened when he saw Lin Feng, but he still wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, when he saw Lin Feng’s bloodshot eyes, he felt even more excited to fight against Lin Feng. He wanted to crush and destroy him even more, so he threw another punch at Lin Feng. He wanted to take Lin Feng’s life! 

Lin Feng had turned into a demon, and was using his highest abilities and greatest strength. His chances of defeating, not to mention killing, the sixth phoenix were still extremely low, but he didn’t give up! 

Lin Feng and the phoenix’s punches collided. The energy in their punches weighed hundreds of millions of jin, and the collision was terrifying. Their punches could easily destroy entire mountain ranges. 

They were both pushed back. Lin Feng’s arm felt extremely sore and he was trembling. 

At that moment, the sixth phoenix was realizing that Lin Feng wasn’t easy to defeat. He underestimated Lin Feng less and less. Now that he realized how strong Lin Feng was, his Qi became even more terrifying. This time, he used ninety percent of his strength! 

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He didn’t care about his injuries, and ignored the pain. He flashed into motion, surrounded by thick and heavy demon Qi. When it collided with the phoenix Qi, it didn’t disappear. 

Lin Feng and the phoenix charged again. Lin Feng took out his Godly Battle Sword, the Qi of the sword exploding out. It seemed like it could make the sky collapse and oceans turn upside down! 

Lin Feng didn’t look at the sixth phoenix, only at his Godly Battle Sword. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a sword. He was a sword, alone in the sky. Nobody could disturb him. 

One bloodthirsty sword! 

When the terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng, the sixth phoenix’s expression faltered. He sensed death Qi. Even though it wasn’t too strong, it was still there, and if Lin Feng saw a flaw in his defense, then he would be in danger. 

“Real World of the Six Feathers!” shouted the phoenix promptly. Blue phoenix Qi condensed and surrounded Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng flashed forwards. Even though he didn’t know what was going on, he knew it wasn’t good. Lin Feng was extremely fast, but the energies of the Real World of the Six Feathers condensed faster. 

Suddenly, Lin Feng realized he wasn’t on the fifth floor anymore. He was in another world, one filled with dazzling lights. Under Lin Feng’s feet was an ocean of blue light. 

It looked like water, but Lin Feng looked more closely and realized it was the sixth phoenix’s power. It was turning into an ocean of energy. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He realized the fight was getting more and more difficult. He had no choice but to risk his life if he wanted to win now. Even if he risked his life, he might not win. His opponent was much stronger, a Godly Ancestor. All Lin Feng had to resist this cultivator who was stronger than him by three cultivation layers was his Godly Battle Sword! 

The sixth phoenix didn’t have such a weapon, but Lin Feng didn’t have enough trump cards. He had nothing else that could save his life. 

After this fight, no matter whether he lost or won, Lin Feng needed to find a trump card in case his life was in imminent danger. It would also become a trump card he could use at the most crucial moment. The moment when everybody would think he lost the battle, then he would use it and win!

“Asura, enjoy the Real World of the Six Feathers. Hehe! You’ll be surprised!” the sixth phoenix grinned icily. Lin Feng had already used too much demon strength, so he reverted back to his original self. His eyes weren’t bloodshot anymore, and his Qi wasn’t only made of demon Qi anymore. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything back because he didn’t need to speak anymore. It was useless. Only the fight mattered! 

“Godly Battle Sword, give me a hand!” shouted Lin Feng, flashing into motion. The sixth phoenix was surprised, not for too long of course. Even though Lin Feng was fast, it still wasn’t fast enough for a Godly Ancestor! 

The sixth phoenix smiled. He stretched out his hand, flashed, and tried to grab Lin Feng. He failed, but nearly caught Lin Feng’s sleeve. 

But at that speed, Lin Feng didn’t have time to react! 

There was an explosion, and the Real World of the Six Feathers trembled. The sixth phoenix was pushed back and looked at Lin Feng icily. 

Lin Feng was hurled up to the sky and then fell back to the ground. There was no ocean of energy anymore. The ground was hard, and Lin Feng had the feeling his hips were broken. 

At the same time, he now understood that the blue ocean could turn into anything. The sixth phoenix could modify it as he wished. He could also make that world turn into anything in general, not just the ocean of energy. 

Lin Feng coughed and tasted something metallic in his throat. He spat out some blood and stood up. 

“How does it taste, Asura?” asked the sixth phoenix, smiling cruelly. He was looking down on Lin Feng. He was even convinced that the strength difference between him and Lin Feng was much bigger than he had thought at the beginning. 

He was so strong he didn’t even need to fight against Lin Feng. Lin Feng could only dream of passing the sixth test!

Lin Feng clenched his left fist, wielding his Godly Battle Sword in his right hand. He rose back up in the air and flew towards the sixth phoenix. At that moment, Lin Feng saw something flash, and the sixth phoenix was right in front of him. 


The sound of flesh being cut by a blade echoed everywhere in the world. Lin Feng looked at the sixth phoenix’s hand; he was holding a dagger. He had stabbed Lin Feng in the waist and warm blood was leaking from the wound. 

It was incredibly painful. Lin Feng was instantly covered in cold sweat. 

“PISS OFF! PISS OFF!!!” shouted Lin Feng defiantly. He condensed his three sorts of strength and threw a kick at the sixth phoenix’s chest. When he was kicked, the sixth phoenix coughed up blood and his Qi became extremely weak. 

However, Lin Feng was in danger. His body fell from the sky and crashed to the ground, creating a gigantic crater. His whole body was covered with wounds, and he kept bleeding. 

His whole body felt sore. The pain was incredible. 

Lin Feng sealed his meridians for the time being to stop the bleeding and tried to forget the pain.

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