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Chapter 1161: Sudden Change!


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“Hehe, I told you to piss off at the beginning and you didn’t seize that opportunity. I won’t give you a second chance, Asura; you’re going to die now!” promised the sixth phoenix, icily clenching his fists. He wanted to kill Lin Feng. He was a Godly Ancestor, so he didn’t need to fear a mere cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. 

The sixth phoenix’ eyes were filled with killing intent, but Lin Feng didn’t care at all. He was in too much pain from his injuries, almost making him faint. He had closed his meridians, but only around his injuries. His Qi was extremely weak and had to find other ways to circulate. 

It was a very difficult fight. Lin Feng coughed up blood again and finally understood why the sixth phoenix was so strong. No wonder he was the first young genius of the Phoenix Clan! 

Lin Feng took a deep breath and put his hand on his gut. Then he stood up and looked at the sixth phoenix fearlessly. He knew from the beginning it was going to be difficult and dangerous. When something wasn’t dangerous, it meant it couldn’t help a cultivator progress and become stronger. Lin Feng didn’t want to flinch, he wanted to give it a try. 

“Sixth phoenix, even if I die today, it won’t be before I killed you!” Lin Feng said calmly. He didn’t seem scared at all. 

He was ready to sacrifice his life to kill the sixth phoenix. Even if the strength difference between them was huge, he didn’t want to give up. He was determined. He might even find the strength in him to defeat his opponent!

Lin Feng was the epitome of determination. He had always been determined, and that hadn’t changed. 

“Asura, stop wasting your energy. The difference between you and me is too big. Unfortunately, you will not leave this place alive. Otherwise, I would have allowed you to come and challenge me again another time!” the sixth phoenix smiled broadly, rejoicing. He wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. 

He despised Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng was losing, so he scorned him even more. As expected, humans were tiny little ants! They were not even worth talking about! 

“Sixth phoenix, you don’t understand how heroic and fearless humans are. I’m not blaming you though; hehe, humans may only be a third-class race, but phoenixes are a ninth-class race, so you don’t understand much,” Lin Feng said mockingly. He didn’t show any signs of weakness. 

The sixth phoenix’ expression hardened. At first, he intended to play around with Lin Feng before killing him, but now he didn’t intend to be casual anymore. 

“Die!” shouted the sixth phoenix. He turned into a blue beam of light and shot towards Lin Feng. His Qi was extremely sharp and threatening. 

Lin Feng clutched the Godly Battle Sword firmly. If he died, he would die in tragic and violent circumstances, but in any case, it would be a glorious death! He couldn’t surrender! 

“Godly Battle Sword, help me!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He could still improve his Qi with the Godly Battle Sword. He didn’t consider the Godly Battle Sword a sword, but a friend, a war partner. 

Lin Feng was fearless. The Godly Battle Sword was fearless. One man, one sword. Lin Feng was extremely determined. He might not be strong enough, but he looked awesome. 

The sixth phoenix appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw two explosive punches. His energies rolled in waves all around him and erupted. A gigantic hundred-zhang blue giant appeared behind him. It was just a projection, but it looked overwhelming. 

Lin Feng was fearless. He wielded the Godly Battle Sword and faced the attack. A sword beam appeared and streaked across the sky. It was impressive, but to the sixth phoenix, it wasn’t powerful at all. 

One of his punches destroyed the strike of the Godly Battle Sword. 

His other fist shot towards Lin Feng’s chest. When it reached Lin Feng, his robe was torn into pieces and a huge wound appeared on his chest. He looked scary. If Lin Feng didn’t have a Genesis Spiritual Body, he would have been destroyed. 

The pain was still enough to almost make him faint, but Lin Feng ground his teeth. If he fainted, he would definitely die! 

Lin Feng was badly injured and staggering, but he was still gripping the Godly Battle Sword. He stared at the sixth phoenix and pointed the tip of the sword at him. The sixth phoenix was infuriated, and wanted to crush Lin Feng even more!

But Lin Feng wasn’t scared at all. He knew he could die anytime. There was nothing to be afraid of anymore. He looked at the sword, his own blood was flowing down his arm and then down the sword. There was blood on the blade already. 

Bzzz, bzzz!

Suddenly, the Godly Battle Sword reacted strongly. It started buzzing and shaking. Lin Feng couldn’t stop it; it was like the Godly Battle Sword had a soul. An ancient Qi emerged from it. It was much, much more powerful than the sixth phoenix’s Qi. 

Suddenly, Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat. He had the feeling someone was watching him from behind. He turned around, but there was nothing. 

The Godly Battle Sword shook more and more violently as a terrible strength emerged, seeming to come from the ancient times. The more Lin Feng’s blood dripped on the sword, the stronger the sword reacted. 

Lin Feng had the impression he wasn’t holding the same Godly Battle Sword as before. It felt like he was holding an ultimate ruler, like the sword could destroy the whole universe in one attack. 

The ancient forbidden strength strengthened Lin Feng, who took a deep breath. He clutched the Godly Battle Sword, and faced the sixth phoenix’s incredible attack defiantly. His blood dripped on the Godly Battle Sword and  made it stronger. 

The blood and the Godly Battle Sword fused together, thanks to Lin Feng’s perfect fusion with the sword. At that moment, Lin Feng was a war god. 

The sixth phoenix frowned. He suddenly had a bad feeling, but he didn’t know why. But no matter what, Lin Feng’s strength was limited. He was absolutely sure Lin Feng couldn’t win against him. 

Since he couldn’t win against him, then the sixth phoenix didn’t need to be afraid of anything. Was it because of that Godly Battle Sword? It was a good sword, but not to the extent that it could change the outcome of such an imbalanced fight!

“No matter what trick you have in mind, it won’t change the outcome of the duel. Asura, if you stop resisting, I will not destroy your corpse. I will kill you cleanly and leave your body intact!” sneered the sixth phoenix, smiling coldly. Then he flashed, appearing in front of Lin Feng. He clenched his fists and got ready to punch Lin Feng in his wounds. 


Lin Feng looked at him icily. This time, he wasn’t going to let him have his own way. He cut with the Godly Battle Sword, sharp sword lights appearing. The sixth phoenix looked wary, but he continued with his attack. 

“Hmph! Hmph! You were too careless, sixth phoenix, you’re going to die!” Lin Feng said sinisterly. At that moment, the sixth phoenix’s expression finally changed drastically. He finally realized there was something different. 

Oh no! “Back!” shouted the sixth phoenix furiously, trying to retreat. He couldn’t give Lin Feng any opportunity to succeed. He couldn’t lose! 

Lin Feng looked at the sixth phoenix’s sudden change of expression and smiled resplendently. 

“If you want to retreat, you have to ask the Godly Battle Sword first!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The Godly Battle Sword flew towards the sixth phoenix at the speed of light. 

Lights flashed. A feather was cut by the Godly Battle Sword. It sounded like glass had been broken. 

Lin Feng looked around. They were not in the Real World of the Six Feathers anymore, they were back in the building. In front of him, the sixth phoenix had fallen to the ground. He had his hands on his head and was in pain. 

He only had five feathers left. It meant that he now had the strength of the fifth phoenix. Lin Feng had already been injured by him, so he didn’t intend to spare his life. 

“Sixth phoenix, underestimating your enemies is extremely dangerous. Too bad you didn’t know that before!”

Lin Feng raised his hand and took the Godly Battle Sword back. Then he lifted the sword and slowly walked towards the sixth phoenix, looking down at him. Lin Feng didn’t look happy, he just glared at the sixth phoenix with hatred and disdain. 

The sixth phoenix had severely injured him. It was the first time Lin Feng had been in such pain since he had arrived in the World of Battles. 

The sixth phoenix had nearly destroyed him! Lin Feng couldn’t spare his life. 

“Hmph! Asura, if you hadn’t relied on a weapon, could you have won against me?” spat the sixth phoenix angrily. 

Lin Feng grinned harshly. “And was it luck when my blood dripped on the Godly Battle Sword?”

“You!…” shouted the sixth phoenix. But what could he do? That was fate! It was also a factor of strength. Lin Feng had obtained the Godly Battle Sword, so he had become stronger. 

He had done nothing wrong by using the Godly Battle Sword in their fight, let alone against a Godly Ancestor when he only had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer! 

Not many Great Supreme Gods could defeat a Godly Ancestor, especially the first young genius of the Phoenix Clan! 

“How do you want to punish me?” asked the sixth phoenix, lowering his head. 

“I’m going to kill you and you have nothing to say,” Lin Feng said, not even glancing at him, like he was doing something as ordinary as eating an apple. 

“I have nothing to say anyway!” shouted the sixth phoenix defiantly. Even if he were going to die, he was fearless. He had failed and he admitted it. 

“So, die!”


Lin Feng raised his sword, lights flashed. The sixth phoenix looked extremely nervous, and thought of his leader. 

“Enough! Come and take the seventh test!” interrupted a voice suddenly. Lin Feng felt like he was going to explode. He was injured, and that Qi was overwhelming. 

Lin Feng didn’t know if that person had done it on purpose or not, but they had just injured his vitality! 

Lin Feng saw flashes of light, and suddenly he wasn’t on the fifth floor anymore. He was in another landscape. 

There was a big lake, a crescent moon, blood-red mud, a purple sky; it was a desolate landscape. Many corpses lay in blood pools. The wind was so strong it seemed like it could blow the corpses away anytime. 

Lin Feng would never forget that landscape! 

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