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Chapter 1162: Unbreakable Marriage Agreement! 


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“You’re scared, aren’t you?”

A skinny middle-aged man suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng. His skin was purple, and he had seven dazzling feathers on his crown. Lin Feng couldn’t help but put his hands in front of his eyes. 

He had passed the sixth test, and finally, he was in front of the last test, the phoenix with seven feathers. 

“What is this place?” asked Lin Feng. He couldn’t keep calm. No matter what, he had passed the sixth test, it was a great accomplishment. Lin Feng didn’t put too much pressure on himself. 

“Ancient battlefield!” said the skinny man, smiling darkly. His canines were much sharper than his other teeth. He didn’t look like a phoenix, but a vampire! 

Lin Feng frowned. Ancient battlefield? Was it the same battlefield he was at before? But why had it changed so much? Why did it look so gloomy? Before, there was blood Qi everywhere and it looked desolate because it was a battlefield; it was normal, it just looked like an ordinary battlefield. 

But now the ground was blood-red and there were skeletons, some bigger than others. One skeleton was hundreds of meters big, some of them were even tens of thousands of meters long. Some of the smallest ones were only between one and two meters, probably the skeletons of humans. 

Only a few hours had passed since Lin Feng had passed the fourth test, but at the battlefield, it seemed like hundreds of years had passed. It looked like an incredibly tragic and bloody battle had occurred. 

“You’re astonished, huh? You’re the one who caused this, and you’re surprised?” the skinny man smiled coldly. Lin Feng pulled a long face. 

Lin Feng looked at him, not understanding. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t understand? You slaughtered my phoenix generals on the battlefield before. All their skeletons are here. The other skeletons you see are human skeletons.”

“What you mean is that those skeletons are the phoenixes I killed before?”

“Yes. You killed them. Four hundred and fifty strong cultivators, and the third and fourth phoenixes, two Godly Ancestors!” stated the seventh phoenix. 

Now Lin Feng knew the precise numbers, so he could assess the situation a little bit better. During the third and fourth tests, he had killed over four hundred phoenixes. Most of them were Great Supreme Gods. 

He had also killed the third and fourth phoenixes, who had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer and were examiners in the temple. 

“I killed them and you’re the leader, so what do you want to do? You want to kill me to cheer their dead souls up?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly. If the seventh phoenix wanted to kill him, no need to waste time, he could do it right away. 

“Hehe, no wonder an Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points sent you here. You do have an interesting personality,” the skinny man smiled. He didn’t look at Lin Feng angrily or anything. 

Since he didn’t seem angry, Lin Feng didn’t understand what they were doing on the ancient battlefield. It was completely isolated from the World of Battles. 

People from the World of Battles didn’t even know there were still humans here, so how did humans survive on the ancient battlefield? 

Lin Feng had killed so many phoenixes, yet their leader didn’t seem angry, like it had nothing to do with him, why? Lin Feng had more and more doubts. 

“Asura, don’t think too much. This world is complex. You will never understand everything. Do what you can, don’t think too much and focus on yourself,” said the skinny man, like he knew what Lin Feng was thinking. He actually did, but Lin Feng wasn’t surprised because Godly Ancestors could do that. Back in the Country of Eternity, Fu Hao had done it. 

“Master, let’s stop talking nonsense. I’m on the sixth floor, it’s the seventh exam, no need to waste time, right?” asked Lin Feng, ignoring what the man had just said. He didn’t want to listen to nonsense. If the man wanted to kill him, he could go for it right now. 

“What do you want to do? Challenge me?” chuckled the skinny man. He wanted to know what Lin Feng wanted to do. 

Lin Feng stood there and looked at the seventh phoenix, thinking and talking to himself silently. If he challenged the seventh phoenix, his chances of winning would be as high as… zero. His chances of losing were one hundred percent. 

Lin Feng had already used almost all his trump cards when he had fought the sixth phoenix. If his blood hadn’t dripped on the Godly Battle Sword at the most crucial moment, he would have probably lost and died. 

Fighting against the sixth phoenix had been unbelievably difficult, so fighting against the leader was useless. Lin Feng had come inside the Altar to check his own limits, and he had already reached them. 

“Can I leave?” asked Lin Feng after a long time. He clearly didn’t want to fight. 

The man nodded calmly. Of course Lin Feng could leave. He had managed to reach the last floor, but he could also give up there. Lin Feng was clearly determined to go. If he fought against the seventh phoenix, he might die. 

The seventh phoenix actually cared about the phoenixes he had lost and if he fought against Lin Feng, he might not be able to control his hatred and fury, and would kill Lin Feng. Withdrawing now was a wise choice. 

“Of course you can leave, but first let’s take care of your wedding!” exclaimed the seventh phoenix. 

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. “Wedding? What wedding?” 

“Your wedding with Qing Huang Tian, of course. What’s wrong? You obtained her token and you don’t want to marry her?” demanded the seventh phoenix. His expression sharpened.

Lin Feng had killed phoenixes; he could forgive Lin Feng for that, as death was sometimes inevitable. But he couldn’t let Lin Feng get away without marrying Qing Huang Tian. If Lin Feng refused, the seventh phoenix would kill him with one punch. 

A real man was responsible. Was Lin Feng a real man? 

Lin Feng was dumbstruck; his wedding with Qing Huang Tian? Since when did he want to get married with Qing Huang Tian? 

Could it be that… 

Suddenly, Lin Feng smiled wryly. The token. By token, he meant her purse! Qing Huang Tian had given him her purse! Did that mean she had agreed to give herself to him? 

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine… He had just left his spirit world. He had three new babies… and now a new woman would join his family? That would be too much! 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that he would be in such a situation because of the fifth test. Did he have to marry her? Lin Feng knew he couldn’t refuse, or the seventh phoenix would probably kill him on the spot!

If he had known, he would have given up on the fourth floor or even preferred fighting against her. He really didn’t want to be in the situation he was in at the moment. 

He was done, and now he had new problems. 

He sighed. He was initially happy, he was going to leave… 

“Asura, I know you don’t want to marry Qing Huang Tian, but she is very innocent and pure. Even though she is a noble phoenix, it’s a façade; she’s very sweet and believes everything. She believed every single word you told her.

“She’s also very bitter. When she was less than six months old, her father died in a battle. Three years later, her mother took ill and passed away. She’s an orphan. She’s never talked much to anyone, not to mention a man!

“She’s had such a difficult life, and she’s relied on her own self to become that strong. Asura, if you don’t marry her, it means you are a heartless and cruel person!” the seventh phoenix declared icily.

 Lin Feng was going to say something, but now he didn’t know what to say anymore. He had compassion, after all. 

But a wedding wasn’t something minor, especially with someone from the proud and noble Phoenix Clan! 

He didn’t hate Qing Huang Tian, he even found her cute. But it wasn’t enough to make him want to marry her! 

“Master, give me some time. Let me spend time with her. She may even start liking another man with time. Nobody knows!” he said hastily. He hoped the seventh phoenix would agree. Qing Huang Tian might stop liking Lin Feng with time if he stopped flirting with her. 

The seventh phoenix looked at Lin Feng for a long time and in the end, he nodded agreement. He didn’t want a human and a phoenix to get together that much anyway, because he wanted phoenixes to keep their blood pure. If they had a baby, it would be a mixed child, which would be horrible because then people would consider humans and phoenixes part of one family. 

“When you leave, pick Qing Huang Tian up. She’s waiting for you on the fourth floor. You can leave now!” the seventh phoenix waved him off. Lin Feng saw flashes of light, and the landscape around him changed once again.

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