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Chapter 1167: Three Evil Tyrants!


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“Is there anything after the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, Master?” Lin Feng asked. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had told him there were five sublevels, but he hadn’t mentioned the last two. 

“Earthly Godly Ancestors and Heavenly Godly Ancestors. I usually call them Small Godly Ancestors and Great Godly Ancestors. Any cultivator who is capable of becoming a Small Godly Ancestor can become an overlord.”

“And you, Master, what kind of Godly Ancestor are you?” asked Lin Feng, curious now. 

“Earthly Godly Ancestor. The Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points and the Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points are all Small Godly Ancestors, including Ni Huang!” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. His expression changed slightly. It wasn’t obvious, but Lin Feng noticed it instantly. 

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m wondering when you will break through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. It’s extremely difficult. With your talent, I think you’ll need at least a few hundred years. When you break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, it becomes extremely difficult to progress. Godly Ancestors need help or a powerful background to progress; without help, they can’t obtain mysterious Godly Dao skills and without them, they’re in permanent danger and can die at anytime!” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin seriously. He had struggled for a long time to find a Godly Dao skill, and progressed only when he found one. Without it, he wouldn’t have become one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points. 

Lin Feng saw that Tu Jin was quite grim, and realized how difficult the whole process could be. Godly Dao skill? What kind of skills were Godly Dao skills? Or weren’t they really skills? 

“Godly Dao skills are simple cultivation skills and practices Godly Ancestors have. Such skills can be found in historical remains and in various big sects and clans. Also, the same things can be learned directly from the earth and the sky.” 

“And it’s extremely difficult?” asked Lin Feng. He noticed the old man’s expression kept changing. 

“What do you think? Godly Ancestors already break the rules of reality all the time. They go against the will of heaven, but there are many Godly Ancestors now, so what can nature do now? Nothing. Nature just wants to learn how to keep Godly Ancestors under control! 

“Alright, you know enough for now,” said Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. He didn’t want to tell Lin Feng everything. If he told Lin Feng too much, his disciple would probably forget things. He needed to experience life himself. If Godly Ancestor Tu Jin told him everything beforehand, it would be boring for Lin Feng. 

It was important to experience things oneself; danger was necessary to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. A cultivator had to have the impression they were going to die! 

“Wait, Master! The Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points and the Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points are all Earthly Godly Ancestors, so where are Heavenly Godly Ancestors?” asked Lin Feng. 

He hadn’t told Lin Feng anything about Heavenly Godly Ancestors. 

“If you ever have the opportunity in this life, go to Hong Meng or the Ancestral World. You’ll see if there are Heavenly Godly Ancestors there. It is said that only one person has ever managed to break through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer since the ancient times.”


“I don’t know his name. I just know he had an axe. He was gigantic and terrifying. He was five hundred zhang tall. Bigger than a beast.” 

“And now…?” asked Lin Feng. 

“He disappeared. I guess he must be in Hong Meng or the Ancestral World, but he’s in none of the seven corners of the World of Battles, for certain.”

“Uhhh… Why did you say seven, and not eight?”

“Hong Meng is the central part, have you forgotten about that?”

“…… So where is the Ancestral World? The World of Battles is divided into eight parts, and Hong Meng is in the central part, so where is the Ancestral World?”

“Since when are you that stupid? The World of Battles and the Ancestral World are parallel worlds.”

“But, Master, isn’t the area around the World of Battles called the Peripheral Region of the World of Battles?”

“Isn’t the Ancestral World a part of the periphery of the World of Battles?”



Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin chatted while flying. At the beginning, Godly Ancestor Tu Jin explained everything patiently to Lin Feng, but now Lin Feng was asking so many questions. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t feel like explaining so much. 

Qing Huang Tian followed them silently. She was floating on a rainbow-colored cloud. The cloud looked very soft, like feathers. She looked like a celestial being illuminated by rainbow colors. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue also flew on a cloud. Her cloud wasn’t rainbow-colored, though. It looked simpler, but its Qi was more powerful. Her cloud was faster than Qing Huang Tian’s. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin also used a cloud. Lin Feng felt ridiculous suddenly. He now understood that everybody in the World of Battles had a high position in society. They could all use clouds to fly. It was a symbol of strength and social status. 

Lin Feng didn’t have a cloud, and he had never thought of using a cloud to fly. He could fly in the air without anything… was flying on a cloud more convenient? 

Lin Feng didn’t understand the culture of the World of Battles…


Three days later, they arrived at their target destination: the Region of the Eight Corners! 

The Region of the Eight Corners was a cruel place. Everybody was extremely violent and brutal there. Of course, there were some proud princes who liked chaos and came there on purpose to gain experience. 

Everybody knew how scary the Region of the Eight Corners was. Even though it wasn’t part of the List of the World of Battles, nobody dared underestimate people from there. Almost all of the public figures of the Region of the Eight Corners had good relationships with the overlords of the List of the World of Battles, so people dared offend them even less. 

When people who had no background arrived in the Region of the Eight Corners, they usually died quickly and tragically. Quite often, their body was destroyed so badly that they quickly vanished. 

When they arrived, Lin Feng noticed things were different here. Most people were over two meters tall here. Some of them were even taller. Most people were also extremely muscular and had scars all over their faces. They looked quite brutish. 

Men were impressive there, but women were also imposing. They weren’t dressed just very exposed, but also very sexily. Lin Feng was astonished. Many women weren’t even wearing tops, their nipples were just covered by tassels. They were also wearing miniskirts which were, at most, as long as chopsticks. 

Qing Huang Tian noticed that and blushed hotly. She had never seen people dress so freely, and she was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor! 

Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t care because she didn’t pay attention to people. She was still lost in thought, thinking about her future. Ni Huang wanted her to marry Asura and Lin Feng had vanished without trace. What a complicated situation! 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin smiled. He had gone through much in life, and he had been in the Region of the Eight Corners several times before. 

Lin Feng glanced around. The buildings were different here. It seemed people didn’t really care about the style of the buildings here, they cared more about the quality. All buildings seemed to be made of strong, gigantic stones. There were no decorations on the streets, either. The road was made of big stones and wasn’t flat. If an ordinary person walked on it, they would definitely fall down and break their skull on the huge stones. 

Everything seemed simple beyond that. Lin Feng even had the impression the sky was different here. It was red, like blood. The clouds were red, too. It seemed like a world of blood. It smelled like blood everywhere and made Lin Feng’s throat feel dry. 

“The Region of the Eight Corners is three hundred million square li. Of course, it is also divided into eight cardinal points. Right now we are in the north of the Region of the Eight Corners; this place is called Man Yu,” explained Godly Ancestor Tu Jin to Lin Feng. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he nodded and looked at two big fellows who were over three meters tall. Then he looked at the women again. These people looked like savages. 

(Translator’s Note: “man” means savage, brutal, fierce, violent etc.)

“Piss off! Everybody open the way! Your three masters are passing by! Piss off!” shouted a deep voice suddenly. It made the whole street tremble. 

Who was that? How powerful! 

When Lin Feng heard the voice, he gazed into the distance and saw three men walking side by side in the distance. They were all over three meters tall and their bodies were soaked in blood. Their muscles were huge and their veins pumped up. 

Two of them were bald and one of them had short hair. The one with short hair was the one who had just shouted furiously. He was the leader of the group. 

“The three tyrants? What are they doing here?”

“Hurry up, let’s move. Bumping into those people isn’t ideal.”

“I thought they were gone to the Xue Yu? What are they doing here now?” 

When the three people appeared, everybody started whispering and started walking away. 

In Man Yu, those three obviously had a fearsome reputation. 

Lin Feng studied them. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin looked at them indifferently. Qing Huang Tian followed Lin Feng. 

The others hid aside. Only Lin Feng and the others stayed on the road and faced the three men. 

When they saw Lin Feng and the others, their eyes were filled with murder. 

Two cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and one of the sixth!

Lin Feng looked at the men’s strength. 

“Motherfucker, you’ve never seen us? Piss off!” shouted one of them furiously, throwing a punch. Lin Feng sensed ice-cold energies. He raised his head and saw one of them charging him. He didn’t even give him the opportunity to speak! How brutal and aggressive! 


Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and caught the man’s fist. The man’s expression suddenly changed. He ground his teeth and used more strength, but he realized it didn’t work. 

Lin Feng smiled icily. He condensed strength in his left foot and threw a kick at the man’s bottom. The man was instantly punted away. 

Suddenly, the atmosphere became silent on the street. Everybody stared at Lin Feng like he was insane.

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