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Chapter 1168: Causing Trouble in a Restaurant! 


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“Ha, he hit one of the three Young Masters! Brave but reckless!”

“Indeed, and he just arrived in Man Yu. Doesn’t he know it’s better to be discreet when one comes from abroad?”

Many people were whispering. They were astonished, especially since they knew how strong those three Young Masters were. Lin Feng had just arrived and he dared cause trouble, how foolish! 

Some women looked at Lin Feng jokingly and stuck out their tongues. They were excited. Lin Feng looked handsome and was bold and daring. 

Lin Feng eyed the woman’s seductive gazes, and shivered. He wasn’t afraid of those big men, but those women were dangerous. Lin Feng felt like he were burning. Those women looked good, but seeing them half naked was almost unbearable. They all had such beautiful breasts, and their lips were full and soft. 

The three tyrants were astonished. Nobody had ever dared hit them in Man Yu. Who dared cause trouble now? 

They really couldn’t believe Lin Feng had dared hit them. They all clenched their fists and looked at Lin Feng angrily. 

The atmosphere became oppressive. The people retreated hundreds of meters away. They didn’t dare stay too close to the three despots. 

Lin Feng stood there, looking neither angry nor happy. He glanced at three big men. They were charging him now. In the end, Lin Feng raised his hand, a gigantic imprint appeared, and shot towards them. They had no time to react. 

Phwap, phwap!…

Two giants were pushed away. Only one tyrant was left in front of Lin Feng. He was safe and sound, but he seemed astonished. His eyes seemed a little lost. 

“You, you…” The man wanted to say something, but when he saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold face, he stopped talking. It was like he had forgotten they were in Man Yu. 

“You’re not the only strong cultivators in the world, and everybody can walk on this street. Why do you want the road for yourselves? Why do you think you are entitled to have the road to yourselves?” Lin Feng said indifferently. He didn’t sound angry at all. One of them was standing in front of him and the other two were lying on the ground. 

“Alright, let’s leave. Let’s not offend more people,” Godly Ancestor Tu Jin warned Lin Feng. Provoking those people was not necessary. 

Lin Feng nodded. He glanced at the big men one last time and then he ignored them. Lin Feng and the others continued walking. 


Lin Feng’s small altercation with the three young masters attracted many people’s attention. Many people started taking delight in talking about what was going to happen. They probably wouldn’t leave the matter at that. They would punish Lin Feng and make him move away from their path! 

Of course, the three evil tyrants were public figures for these people, but in comparison to the strong cultivators of the different influential groups of Man Yu, as well as the young geniuses, the three evil tyrants were ridiculous. Really strong cultivators made fun of them. The three tyrants didn’t even dare look really strong cultivators in the eyes. 

However, Lin Feng and Godly Ancestor Tu Jin didn’t know what the people were thinking. At that moment, they had arrived in front of a restaurant. It was a simple building made of gigantic stones a few dozens of meters high. The ground floor was where people ate, and the second floor was a place where people liked to rest and chat. 

Lin Feng and the others entered the restaurant and then sat in a discreet corner where it wasn’t too noisy. 

“Hey, what you wanna eat?”

When Lin Feng and the others sat down, they heard someone talking to them. They raised their heads and saw a smiling waiter. 

The waiter looked amusing. He was two meters tall, and fat. He sounded like a tough guy. There were big men literally everywhere in Man Yu!

“A jug of wine, a vegetables platter, and a meat platter,” Lin Feng said. He just ordered some simple things. After that, he would look for a place to stay. Lin Feng guessed that Godly Ancestor Tu Jin intended for them to spend some time in the Region of the Eight Corners. 

In any event, for the next twelve months, he just had to follow Godly Ancestor Tu Jin and become stronger. He also had to stay focused. He didn’t want to waste time; he wanted to succeed within the timeframe he had given himself. 

“Hey, brother, you’re generous! Move aside! Isn’t that the wine you wanted? Be a man! Don’t be a pussy!” shouted the fat man, and then burst into laughter. Because of that, many people looked at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was wearing a mask so he didn’t attract people’s attention but Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian did. Many men looked at them and smiled darkly. 

An old man, a skinny man, both with the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. How could they get such beautiful women? 

Qing Huang Tian was beautiful with harmonious traits, while Qian Jin Cai Yue looked extremely sexy. She was just stunning; such beauty couldn’t be described with words. She was the second most charming woman, after all. Even though she couldn’t compete with her mother, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. 

Lin Feng could see that everybody was looking at the two women, but he didn’t care; they were more than strong enough to protect themselves, especially Qing Huang Tian. Not only was she strong enough to protect herself, but she might also be strong enough to overturn the Region of the Eight Corners completely. 

Lin Feng looked at the fat guy and then at the table the fat guy was looking at. There were five jugs of alcohol on the table. The oversized men all used gigantic bowls to drink their wine, and they downed all the bowls. The wine they were drinking was red and extremely strong. 

“Good. Give me two bottles,” Lin Feng said. Even though those people acted aggressively, they also seemed simple and easy-going. It was a difference between the World of Battles and other worlds. 

“Alright, brother!” the fat man stuck his thumbs up at Lin Feng and then he left laughing loudly. 

Lin Feng looked around and then out of the window. He didn’t know how big Man Yu was, but he could see mountain ranges in the distance. One couldn’t see the peaks because there was a thick fog. It seemed like the mountain ranges completely surrounded Man Yu. 

But there weren’t many buildings in Man Yu, and they all looked simple. If Lin Feng left and walked for a few li, he would arrive in the mountains. 

Man Yu had been built in the middle of mountains! 

Tap tap tap!

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard a sound from the left. It sounded like the steps of a staggering person, or someone walking with heavy steps. Someone furious, or someone in a rush. 

“Hmph! Come and encircle the area!” shouted someone furiously. Many people in the restaurant were startled and raised their heads. They saw twenty big men in red clothes holding bronze swords. They looked evil and extremely violent. In the end, the three evil tyrants had showed up! 

Many people seemed confused. Each time the three evil tyrants showed up, it never ended well. 

“May I ask you what brings you here? And… uhhh…. Young Masters, you three are…?” asked the owner of the restaurant. He was a skinny man, only one meter seventy. He was definitely a foreigner who had settled there. 

He didn’t dare offend the three evil tyrants, so he smiled at them. He really hoped they wouldn’t cause trouble. 

Each time the three evil tyrants showed up in a restaurant, it was a tragedy and usually the restaurant ended up closing after being destroyed. 

“Piss off and mind your own business, old grouch!” shouted a bald big man, pushing the old man away. The old man was shaking like a leaf and didn’t dare say anything anymore. 

The big man glanced around and very quickly he stopped at Lin Feng and the others. He looked at Lin Feng in cold anger. 

“Come and help, capture that man over there!” shouted the bald big man, pointing at Lin Feng. More big servants arrived quickly and they all surrounded Lin Feng. They looked at him ferociously, like he was their prey. 

Lin Feng glanced at them and in the end he looked at the three evil tyrants. He grinned mockingly, “What? You’re angry because I crushed you? You want to try again?”

“Shut the fuck up, motherfucker! Someone come and help! Let’s capture him!” shouted the man explosively. He was shaking from head to toe, and his veins and bloodshot eyes seemed like they were going to explode. Lin Feng had dared hit him, so he still felt incredibly humiliated. He had to regain face! 

When the twenty strong fellows heard him, they all raised their bronze swords and pointed at Lin Feng’s neck with the tips of their swords. 

Over twenty big men surrounding a slim man. Poor Lin Feng… 

“Isn’t he the one who just taught them a good lesson?” Someone who was walking by outside noticed Lin Feng and recognized him. When he said that, everybody looked at him. 

“Yes, hehe, he’s in trouble.”

“When you bump into the three evil tyrants, things always end up tragically.”

“The three evil tyrants are scary because of their Master. Without their Master, they wouldn’t dare act arrogantly like that, would they?”

“Yes, Song Chou Jiu is really strong, indeed.”

Many people were chatting in the crowd. They weren’t afraid that the three evil tyrants would hear, so they were probably not ordinary people. At least, they had a more powerful background than the three evil tyrants. 

“Hehe, and keep these two babes aside for me. Haha!” said the big man with short hair suddenly. He had cast greedy eyes on Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian. He even drooled when he looked at them, and licked his lips. He had never seen such beautiful women. He was sick of sleeping with the same kind of women all the time. Women in Man Yu were all the same. He needed some fresh flesh. He didn’t intend to give up on Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian. 

Qing Huang Tian frowned coldly and clenched her fists, getting ready to fight. If she started fighting, those twenty big men would all die. The same applied for Qian Jin Cai Yue. She was already in a bad mood, and those people were provoking her? That was reckless! 

“Don’t be furious. Sister Qing, go with them. Check their background!”

“Miss Cai Yue, don’t be angry. Follow them and check their background and what they’re trying to do,” Lin Feng said to Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian telepathically. 

When Qing Huang Tian heard Lin Feng, she was startled and puzzled, but she still listened to him. She didn’t attack. Otherwise, as a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, she could have killed all those mere Godly Ancestors in the blink of an eye. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue didn’t even glance at Lin Feng, but she didn’t attack either. Her fists slowly relaxed. 

“Take them.”


The twenty big men took Lin Feng and the two women away. As for Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, that old man, nobody cared. They just abandoned him there. 

Godly Ancestor Tu Jin smiled wryly. Those little bastards! They thought he was old? They looked down on him? 

Lin Feng, an exciting new life is starting for you!, thought Godly Ancestor Tu Jin, chortling and glancing as the big men left. He looked at the three evil tyrants and groaned coldly. 

“Waiter, two jugs of tiger alcohol!”

 “Old grouch! Your friends were captured and you’re in the mood to get drunk and enjoy yourself?!”

“He’s probably extremely scared and needs a drink to relax.” 

“Sigh, they’re going to dismember that guy. And the girls… Poor them!” 

Some people looked saddened and some others smiled icily. Some people also left the restaurant. 

After that, the atmosphere in the restaurant returned to normal. 

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