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Chapter 1169: Song Chou Jiu! 


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Lin Feng and the two women didn’t fight back. On the way, many people looked at Lin Feng and thought that it was his fault because he had acted recklessly. If he hadn’t offended the three evil tyrants, he wouldn’t be there. Only one word could describe what being captured by the three evil tyrants felt like: a nightmare! 

Lin Feng was doomed. The tips of the big men’s bronze swords were pressing on his neck as they were walking towards a mountain. 

Some beasts howled. A hawk flew high up in the sky. It was looking for a target to attack. There were huge cliffs, the landscape was not flat at all, and a river in the valley. It was flowing so quickly there was foam everywhere. 


When they arrived, Lin Feng saw a village with very simple stone houses there. However, they were very high, thousands of meters, like they were competing with the sky. 

The area was big. Lin Feng glanced around. He couldn’t see the horizon, and they were in the mountains! 

It probably wasn’t a simple place, and probably belonged to a very powerful influential group. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin had told Lin Feng that even though there was no overlord in the Region of the Eight Corners, strong cultivators of the region still had contact with overlords, and underestimating them wasn’t a good idea. 

So, Lin Feng guessed that this place had been founded by some outstanding and strong cultivator of the region. When Lin Feng thought about that, he couldn’t help but remember what those people had said on the street. They had mentioned someone called Song Chou Jiu! 

Song Chou Jiu was these three evil tyrants’ Master? Who was he? Lin Feng was curious. He couldn’t wait to meet Song Chou Jiu. 


“Hey, little girl, no rush, haha, wait for me! When I come back, I’ll do you softly and gently!” said a bald big man, smiling at Qian Jin Cai Yue. He wanted to touch her chin, but she looked at him so icily he didn’t dare touch her for the time being. 

“Someone bring the two girls to my room. Hehe!”

“Understood!” said a few disciples, grabbing Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian and getting ready to leave. Qing Huang Tian looked at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng shook his head indicating she shouldn’t worry. Qing Huang Tian didn’t know what Lin Feng wanted to do, but she still obeyed. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at Lin Feng icily. She wouldn’t forgive Asura if something happened to them! 

Lin Feng smiled at her to cheer her up and get her to relax. He was there to protect them. They weren’t in danger! 

A Godly Ancestor and a cultivator who had the strength of the top of the seventh Great Supreme God layer; with that kind of strength, the two women didn’t need to worry. The three evil tyrants were pieces of trash in comparison. They couldn’t even hurt them! 

“In the evening, teach them a good lesson,” Lin Feng told the women telepathically. At the same time, the big men grabbed the women and brought them to a bedroom. 

The bald evil tyrant was extremely horny. He couldn’t wait to go back to the bedroom. He had to fight against the man first, though! 

The three evil tyrants looked at Lin Feng. Their eyes were filled with murder. In Man Yu, nobody dared provoke them! Even if people didn’t care about giving the three evil tyrants face, they cared about giving Song Chou Jiu face. 

Song Chou Jiu was one of the three great leaders of Man Yu. He had many privileges and was extremely influential and powerful. Disrespecting his people came down to disrespecting him! 

“Second brother, third brother, wait here. I’m going to go and see our Master and then I’ll ask him how he wants to punish this man!” shouted one of the bald evil tyrants loudly. He glanced at the two other big men, and they left. 

The tips of over a dozen people’s swords were still pressing on Lin Feng’s neck. Actually, he could easily get rid of these people, but because he wanted to see Song Chou Jiu, he controlled himself. 

Lin Feng moved a little. A bald big man looked at him icily, “You better fucking stop that! I’m going to destroy you, motherfucker!”

“Oh-oh! Watch out, we’ve got a filthy mouth over here,” Lin Feng remarked, glancing at him indifferently. 

“Fuck your mother! Don’t think I won’t dare destroy you! I can fucking crush you!”

“You really need to go to school and learn how to speak!”

“You motherfucker! I…”

“Shut up now!” shouted another bald old man at that moment. The evil tyrant pulled a long face and frowned. 

“Hey, brother, what’s the matter with you?” the bald man smiled. One could see his teeth. 

“Imprison him. Our Master is in trouble. Lang Zhe is going to pay him a visit, and they’re going to exchange views. The winner gets a woman, and the winner gives jewels.”

“What? Leader Lang Zhe is here?” 

“Yes, that’s why our Master said we couldn’t let anyone cause trouble, even less than usual. He gave us the order to go to the Man Battlefield. If one is strong enough, one can participate; if one is too weak, one can stay aside and watch!” said the evil tyrant gravely. Song Chou Jiu had told him those things personally! 

The two other evil tyrants looked annoyed. They wanted to rape the two new women. Who knew… 

“Keep him under control until we come back,” said a bald evil tyrant icily, and then he hurried away. 

Lin Feng’s curiosity was piqued, especially when he heard about Lang Zhe. Even though he didn’t know who Lang Zhe was, he knew he was strong enough to cause trouble for Song Chou Jiu. 

“Keep him under control!” shouted a big man furiously. They pressed on Lin Feng’s neck with the tips of their swords even more. However, Lin Feng didn’t feel like pretending anymore. The three evil tyrants were gone, so he could fight back now. 

“Brothers, thank you for your hard work. Now you need to take a rest,” Lin Feng smiled. He raised his hand, released energies, and the man in front of him was instantly blown away. He crashed at the foot of the mountain. 

Lin Feng threw a kick, a punch, slapped someone. In less than a minute, he had gotten rid of the dozen big men. Then he left and headed out towards the depths of the mountain. 

Those big men were in atrocious pain. Some of them had their hands on their chests, some others on their lower abdomen, and so on. Lin Feng had taught them a good lesson. Those people only had the strength of the first and second Great Supreme God layers, so Lin Feng hadn’t killed them. He had used only fifty percent of his strength to teach them a good lesson. 

If other people knew that he had used only fifty percent of his strength, the injured big men would feel humiliated and most people would be dumbstruck. They wouldn’t even believe it. 

Lin Feng didn’t care about such things though. At that moment, he was following the three evil tyrants’ Qi. Very quickly, he found the Man Battlefield they had mentioned before. 

When he saw the Man Battlefield, he was amazed, but he didn’t show it. 

In front of him was a gigantic valley, with gigantic monoliths and a massive flat stone at the top. That was the battlefield. It was many dozens of li wide. Battlefields and battle stages were impressive in the World of Battles! 

But Lin Feng didn’t care, as he examined his surroundings. At that moment, he noticed that if the stage ever collapsed, it would fall into the gigantic river in the valley. The river was already red as blood. There were skeletons inside the water, and the water smelled like rotting corpses. 

One could see some worms feeding on the corpses n the water. It looked horrifying. Only a sad fate awaited losers! 

At least, that’s what they said on the Man Battlefield! Battles were cruel, brutal, and violent there. People who fought there were emotionless. Weaklings died. That’s all they knew. 

There were many people gathered here already. Some were watching from surrounding clifftops. Some others were at the foot of the Man Battlefield. It seemed like there were two sorts of people there. A small group of people could sit down on chairs, and the others were all standing. 

It wasn’t difficult to see that those who were seated on chairs were from that group. Lin Feng looked at the one in the front. He was wearing a yellow robe and was skinny. He had a fearsome scar as big as the palm of a hand on his face. 

If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, that was Song Chou Jiu. 

Lin Feng was surprised because Song Chou Jiu didn’t look like a local. He was skinny and he wasn’t that tall. Men in Man Yu were fat or muscular and very tall. 

He had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer! Lin Feng didn’t know what it meant in a battle, though. 

Lin Feng could defeat Godly Ancestors. He couldn’t resist Spiritual Godly Ancestors. Of course, he couldn’t really compete with outstanding Godly Ancestors. 

The surest option would be if Lin Feng had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer. 

Lin Feng walked into the crowd. He was surrounded by people at least two meters tall. Nobody paid attention to him. Lin Feng took advantage of that opportunity to glance at Lang Zhe. 

Two meters tall. Not such a muscular body. Cruel and violent Qi. Nobody dared underestimate him. That was Lang Zhe. 

(Translator’s Note: Lang means wolf)

He might be a wolf. He looked wild and aggressive. At night, his eyes gleamed like those of a beast. 

He also had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer! 

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