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Chapter 1170: A Battle on The Man Battlefield!


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“Brother Lang Zhe, you’re trying to oppress my people and me because you want to become the leader of Man Yu, right?!” shouted Song Chou Jiu finally. Everybody’s expression changed slightly. 

Song Chou Jiu was one of the three great leaders of Man Yu. He had thousands and thousands of people under his command. At the same time, he also killed many people cruelly all the time. 

Song Chou Jiu was the only one of the three leaders who came from outside of Man Yu. When he had moved to Man Yu, many people made fun of him and humiliated him. He had endured the pressure and become famous by killing all the people who had made fun of him before, including twenty-five Great Supreme Gods and over a hundred and fifty Supreme Gods. 

After that, Lang Zhe and Zhu Ban Chang had had no choice but to accept him as a leader, too. He had already conquered a third of the territory of Man Yu. 

Lang Zhe didn’t fear Song Chou Jiu, as he was also a leader of Man Yu. He had become famous before Song Chou Jiu. He was sly, vicious, and cruel. If he noticed someone and wanted them as slaves, he took them. If they refused, he killed them. Whenever he was angry, he killed, including his own servants. 

That was Lang Zhe the killer! 

Lang Zhe was now trying to put pressure on Song Chou Jiu. If he could kill a few of Song Chou Jiu’s servants, it would be great. Song Chou Jiu had recently become even more famous, so Lang Zhe wasn’t happy. 

He had dared provoke an old influential group, how reckless! Therefore, Lang Zhe wanted to punish Song Chou Jiu. 

“We choose three people. Three battles. If one side wins two battles, they win. If you lose, you give up the competition for the leader position. You let Zhu Ban Chang and me compete over it. If I lose, I’ll give up on it, too. At the same time, if you lose, you must also give me a girl. If I lose, I will give you a hundred million godly coins.

“What do you think?” Lang Zhe asked Song Chou Jiu grimly. He had already thought of a strategy. 

If they fought, Lang Zhe was sure that he couldn’t compete with Song Chou Jiu, but in terms of servants, he had the advantage, and he was convinced that they would easily win the small competition. 

Lang Zhe was influential, powerful and aggressive!

Song Chou Jiu raised his head. His eyes were filled with death. But apart from Lin Feng, nobody could see it. 

Lin Feng could see murderous intentions in his eyes; Song Chou Jiu wanted to kill Lang Zhe. But it was a complex situation. 

“Lang Zhe, you are on my territory. I am the one who gets to set the rules, not you,” stated Song Chou Jiu fearlessly and coldly. The atmosphere became icy, and many people started shivering. 

If Song Chou Jiu and Lang Zhe fought, the whole Man Battlefield would be destroyed, leveled to the ground. 

Lang Zhe glared back, ready to attack. “What? Hehe! You don’t dare fight?” Lang Zhe smiled mockingly. 

“Making fun of me is useless. I will not get angry even if you make fun of me. Have you forgotten how I became famous?” Song Chou Jiu smiled. 

Lang Zhe frowned sharply. He hadn’t forgotten, of course. Song Chou Jiu was meticulous and careful. He always waited for the right moment to act. 

Of course, if it was not the right time, all he could do was delay the battle! He had to delay the fight until he was able to do something. When Lang Zhe thought of Song Chou Jiu, it reminded him of a wolf. 

The more Song Chou Jiu was in danger, the more Lang Zhe felt pressured. 

“Song Chou Jiu, I don’t think you’ll refuse, right?” Lang Zhe asked. But he wasn’t in a rush. He smiled broadly and stared at Song Chou Jiu. 

Song Chou Jiu frowned and retorted, “Why wouldn’t I refuse?”

“You need money. I know that,” Lang Zhe grinned. 

Song Chou Jiu’s expression soured, but he tried to calm down. He couldn’t let his opponent gain the advantage. Regarding his financial difficulties, only a few of his essential servants knew about them. 

How did Lang Zhe know about it, then? 

“You sent spies to my territory? You really want to die!” shouted Song Chou Jiu furiously. He flashed to the top of a mountain. 

Lang Zhe laughed loudly. He stood up and rose up in the air. The two men faced each other, their Qi rolled in waves around them. It was ice-cold. 

“Song Chou Jiu, our battle was inevitable. Two weeks from now will be the meeting. We must find a leader. Otherwise, the six other territories will make fun of us, right?”

“Hehe, Lang Zhe, you had planned everything, huh? And after you’ll want to challenge me, right?”

“Haha! Don’t make me look like a bad guy. It’s just normal, don’t you think?” 

“What I tell you I don’t think so?”

“You can try?” Lang Zhe smiled coldly. He had already started condensing Qi, and his Godly aura looked explosive, like a bunch of lightning. 

Song Chou Jiu looked at him icily and clenched his fists. People looked scared. 

“Man Zhuang, go and fight!” shouted Song Chou Jiu after taking a deep breath. He pointed to a big man. He was two meters fifty and extremely muscular. He was only wearing trousers, nothing else, and holding a dazzling bronze sword. terrifying blood Qi emerged from it. 

Man Zhuang flashed to the front without any hesitation. He obeyed his superiors. 

“Hahaha! Good! Song Chou Jiu, you’re a real man! You’ve grown balls!” Lang Zhe smiled. He was so excited. His plan was working!

“There are brave people everywhere, including outside of Man Yu!” said Song Chou Jiu. He didn’t think that the people who lived outside of Man Yu were all weak. 

“Ni Hou, no need to chat with that moron! Just destroy him!” said Lang Zhe indifferently. He turned around and went back to his seat. 

Suddenly, a tiny man in yellow clothes appeared. Many people didn’t see him clearly, but Lin Feng did. That person was like fifty centimeters tall and actually looked like a monkey. 

He was very agile. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what kind of fight it was going to be between a two meter-fifty muscular giant and a fifty-centimeter monkey. 

The giant was strong. The money was fast and agile. 

Song Chou Jiu’s expression suddenly changed, especially when he saw the monkey. He knew he had been tricked. 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at Lang Zhe. He was already seated and seemed excited. 

Man Zhuang flashed and charged. There were rumbles, and the Man Battlefield trembled. Ni Hou moved and flashed around. There was no dust on him. Man Zhuang was covered in dust. 

Because of the din, the worms in the river and lake started wailing stridently. It smelled like death all around. 

Man Zhuang didn’t pay attention to the river and lake of blood. He just looked at his tiny opponent and remained focused. He wanted to prove Song Chou Jiu he was extremely strong. 

He released his Qi of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and clenched his fists. His eyes were bloodshot and his fists looked like mountains. If they touched anyone, the victim was not going to be very lucky. 

Ni Hou didn’t get ready. He just wiggled his forefinger provocatively. 

He was starting the flame. 

“You want to die!” shouted Man Zhuang furiously. He flashed and charged Ni Hou. Man Zhuang’s steps were so heavy they caused an earthquake. Many words died in their throats. 

Many people were astonished when they saw that. How incredible! 

Ni Hou smiled mockingly. Then he disappeared, including his Qi. Man Zhuang’s expression suddenly changed; where was his enemy? 

“Oh no! Hide!” shouted someone. Man Zhuang clenched his fists and released energies to protect himself. Suddenly, he heard Ni Hou. 

Ni Hou screeched and immediately stabbed Man Zhuang’s chest with all his sharp claws! Even if Man Zhuang tried to resist, it didn’t work. Ni Hou tore him apart, and blood started dripping. 

His claws tore Man Zhuang’s flesh apart. Everybody watched with their eyes wide. Ni Hou had pierced through Man Zhuang’s heart and had taken it out of Man Zhuang’s thorax. His heart was still beating in the air. 

Boom! Boom! 

The heart beat once every second. The sound of the heartbeat almost hypnotized the crowd. What a scary scene… 


He cut the heart into pieces. At the same time, Man Zhuang wailed loudly. The pain was unbearable. 

Man Zhuang looked at his heart with his eyes wide. He was dumbstruck, and couldn’t believe it. His rib cage and chest were torn open. One could see white bones sticking out instead of a heart. He was extremely pale and could barely speak anymore. 

What a bloody duel! People would remember it for a long time! 

“Hehe! Piece of trash!” said Ni Hou, laughing loudly and evilly. He kicked Man Zhuang’s corpse into the blood lake. 

The corpse fell into the blood-red water with a splash and very quickly, worms started feeding on him. A bite of the arm, a bite of the foot… His blood now contributed to staining the lake. 

In and outside the valley, there was complete silence!

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