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Chapter 1171: But I Want to Kill Him!


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Song Chou Jiu looked glum and clenched his fists, staring at Lang Zhe icily. Lang Zhe just smiled. He had gotten prepared before coming, or he wouldn’t have come at all. 

After winning this battle, he would have more privileges. Ni Hou had won. He had even taught one of Song Chou Jiu’s servants a good lesson. Now, Song Chou Jiu was in a weaker position. 

“Hehe, Song Chou Jiu, we won this round. As we agreed, give us a girl!” Lang Zhe smiled cruelly. He was definitely pleased with himself. Everything was going exactly as he had thought. Ni Hou didn’t disappoint him, either! 

Song Chou Jiu looked at him glumly. Give him a girl? How humiliating! Even though women didn’t have a high social status in Man Yu, it was still commonly accepted that men should protect them, and they observed that untold principle. Lang Zhe was asking for a woman to humiliate them, inferring they couldn’t protect their women. 

If a territory couldn’t protect their women, then they were absolutely useless! Lang Zhe was being cruel! 

“Leader, don’t give them a girl. It would be a humiliation!” exclaimed a man, walking over to Song Chou Jiu. He looked at the outsiders ferociously. Lang Zhe was arrogant, making everyone angry, but they couldn’t do anything. 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at him and then at the crowd. There were many women. However, he couldn’t just give up a woman. It was indeed too humiliating. He had no choice but to take his promise back. 

It was a big dilemma!

“Hmm, master, do you remember what you just told us?” Song Chou Jiu heard someone speak up. Many people heard that voice too. They all looked at the evil tyrant. He was looking at Song Chou Jiu and kneeling down on one knee. 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at him sternly, not saying anything. He focused on the battles. He had no time to listen to those three morons brag about their “achievements”. 

Song Chou Jiu ignored him. The man didn’t dare look angry. He just said, “Master, the three of us just kidnapped two women. They look stunning. Why don’t we give them those women?”

“Oh?” Lin Feng frowned and looked at the evil tyrant, his temper immediately igniting. He had to destroy those three evil tyrants. He had no choice anymore. 

When Song Chou Jiu, he frowned and looked at the evil tyrant unhappily, he shouted, “You’re an evildoer! You kidnap women? You want to tarnish my reputation!? How audacious!”

Song Chou Jiu was infuriated. That bastard was going to ruin his reputation. Initially, he had a good reputation, but those three assholes were going to ruin everything! 

The evil tyrant paled and said hastily in a trembling voice, “Master, what should we give him then?”


Song Chou Jiu slapped him in the face so violently that the evil tyrant was directly blown away. He crashed to the ground hard. He put his hand on his face and looked at Song Chou Jiu, aggrieved. 

“Bastard! Didn’t you kidnap women? I’ve never kidnapped women or wanted to abuse foreign women,” said Song Chou Jiu. His eyes gradually became bloodshot. He was furious. Lang Zhe had already pissed him off, this idiot evil tyrant was the final straw. 

Lin Feng was surprised. Song Chou Jiu actually seemed like a good guy. He was surprisingly really brave and virtuous, and cared about woman. Lin Feng and he had the same opinion about women. 

Initially, Lin Feng didn’t intend to get involved, but since Song Chou Jiu had reacted like that, Lin Feng felt like helping. After all, Song Chou Jiu was from outside of Man Yu; he was a foreigner, too! 

He was a foreigner, his life wasn’t easy here, and he was a good guy. If Lin Feng wanted to develop himself in the Region of the Eight Corners, he had to get close to such people. His position couldn’t be too low, or he wouldn’t have shown up there. 

“Lang Zhe, we’ll definitely give you women but please wait until the end of the competition,” said Song Chou Jiu, taking a deep breath. He walked over to the evil tyrant and kicked him. 

Lang Zhe smiled and nodded indifferently. He didn’t push Song Chou Jiu too much. He didn’t want to infuriate Song Chou Jiu, either, or the situation could degenerate quickly! 

“Alright, I trust you, Song Chou Jiu,” Lang Zhe smiled. He waved at Ni Hou. Ni Hou flashed to the front again. He glanced at the crowd scornfully. 

“Second battle, I choose Ni Hou again. You can choose whomever you wish,” said Lang Zhe, patting Ni Hou’s shoulder, and ruffling his hair affectionately. Ni Hou groaned with pleasure, then put his hands and feet on the ground and pushed himself into the sky. 

Song Chou Jiu was grim as he looked at his people. Finding someone who could compete with Ni Hou in terms of both speed and power was extremely difficult. There were many big men in Man Yu; they were heavy and powerful, but they weren’t fast and agile. 

He sighed, was he going to lose three women? Losing three women would be the biggest humiliation of his life. 

“Asan, you…”

“I’ll go and fight this one!”

As Song Chou Jiu was about to choose someone, someone suddenly flashed up. He moved extremely fast, nobody had had time to see him. He was even faster than Ni Hou, startling the little man. 

The person was wearing a ferocious-looking mask. He was about a meter-eighty, slim, and wearing a black robe which didn’t catch people’s eyes. He had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer so he probably wasn’t too strong… 

Song Chou Jiu was surprised. He hadn’t thought someone would stand up for him. But that person wasn’t from Man Yu. He was a foreigner, like himself! 

A foreigner who wanted to help him? Song Chou Jiu felt touched. He had been feeling lonely for a dozen years in Man Yu and finally, he had met a foreigner like himself! 

The three evil tyrants looked very unhappy, staring at Lin Feng with their eyes wide open in disbelief. They were dumbstruck. 

“B… Bro… Why is he helping?” asked one evil tyrant to another, who just shook his head. He quickly walked over to Song Chou Jiu and said sinisterly, “Master, he came to Man Yu to cause trouble! He even beat us up! We can’t let him off!”

“Indeed, Master, he’s a piece of shit, don’t spare his life!” chimed in the other the evil tyrants. They rejoiced at that moment, they were very happy to criticize Lin Feng. They were hoping Song Chou Jiu would kill him!


“Piss off! After this, I will take care of you three! You little disgraceful pieces of shit! Fuck off!” shouted Song Chou Jiu explosively. His voice was so loud they were pushed away. 

Song Chou Jiu then turned back to Lin Feng. He was surprised, actually. Lin Feng had beaten up the three evil tyrants? It meant he was strong!

“Hey, a foreigner?” taunted Lang Zhe, smiling mockingly. 

“Can we start now, Monkey?” Lin Feng shouted, ignoring everybody. 

Ni Hou looked at Lin Feng in surprise. Lin Feng was extremely fast. But when Lin Feng called him a monkey, he suddenly looked grim and clenched his fists. He disappeared and a strong cold wind started blowing. 

Many people gasped with astonishment and amazement, but they were also worried that the same thing as before would happen again. 

Lang Zhe’s eyes gleamed. Song Chou Jiu clenched his fists so hard his nails pierced through the palms of his hands. He was extremely nervous. 

“No matter where you’re from, all that awaits you now is death, hehe!” said Ni Hou suddenly. He laughed evilly and gloomily, frightening many of the onlookers, but they still couldn’t see him. His voice reverberated all around. When Lin Feng heard him giggle that way, he couldn’t help but sigh in admiration; the monkey was really good at hiding! 

But unfortunately!… 

“Monkey, don’t pee on my back. I don’t feel like washing my robe today,” Lin Feng smiled. He raised his hands and grabbed something an armlength behind him. 

Many people were dumbstruck. What was Lin Feng doing? He suddenly grabbed something in the air, but there was nothing? At that moment, everybody looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide because a fifty-centimeter monkey had appeared. No, it was a person! 

Ni Hou glared at Lin Feng angrily. His eyes were purple and bloodshot, and were both interesting and scary. Now that Lin Feng had caught him, he was starting to suffocate. 

How was this possible? How did he know where I was? 

Ni Hou was simply dumbstruck with astonishment. It was the first time someone had found him when he used that attack. 

“Let me go!” squealed Ni Hou, but as he spoke, his face turned a frightening shade of purple. His muscles and veins seemed like they were going to explode. 

Lin Feng chuckled down at him. He looked at Lang Zhe, but didn’t say anything, he just smiled. Lang Zhe was instantly irked. 

Who was this? He wasn’t Song Chou Jiu’s servants. Was he there just to cause trouble? Or had Zhu Ban Chang sent him? 

“Brother, we surrender. Please release Ni Hou!” spoke up Lang Zhe, pulling a long face. He sounded threatening even as he asked for mercy.

Lin Feng smiled broadly. “Brother, I’m sorry. It’s a battle to the death, so I can’t accept your request,” he answered. He started clutching Ni Hou’s neck with even more strength. 

Lang Zhe was worried; he clenched his fists and shouted furiously, “Bastard! If you dare hurt him, I won’t spare your life!”

“Hmph! Lang Zhe, it’s my territory, not yours,” interjected Song Chou Jiu grimly. At the same time, he was delighted. Lin Feng was really kind! He bowed hand over fist to Lin Feng and said, “Brother, thank you for your help. I will definitely pay you back!”

“You can protect him for a while, but not forever! Hmph!” shouted Lang Zhe angrily. He was extremely worried for Ni Hou. 

“I could protect him forever,” said Song Chou Jiu. He wasn’t worried. 

Lin Feng was speechless. He shook his head and replied to Song Chou Jiu, “Stop arguing. I don’t need you to protect me.” Ge looked at Lang Zhe, “I am not afraid of you either; I don’t think you can kill me… but I want to kill him!” Lin Feng smiled. He clamped down on Ni Hou’s neck. 


Ni Hou’s neck broke. He died! 

The whole crowd burst into an uproar. This would shake the whole region! 

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