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Chapter 1172: One Strike, One Explosion!


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“Oh my heavens… Who is he? He’s so violent! He doesn’t even give Lang Zhe face!” exclaimed a big man in the crowd. He looked at Lin Feng in admiration and he nearly knelt down. People who were as bold and brave as Lin Feng were extremely rare. He was confronting Lang Zhe, one of the three great leaders of Man Yu, fearlessly! Someone people even called the leader of the leaders! 

“I don’t know. He’s not from Man Yu. Maybe he doesn’t know Lang Zhe’s background?” wondered another man. He just thought Lin Feng was young and inexperienced. 

“No. He’s wearing a mask, but one can feel he’s cold, proud, and confident. He must have a powerful background and experience.”

“Anyway, as long as he helps Song Chou Jiu make his group glorious, that’s the most important. Brother, good luck! We support you!”

All the big men in the crowd started shouting and cheering and laughing loudly. They made the whole mountain tremble. 

Song Chou Jiu and Lang Zhe had interesting expressions. Song Chou Jiu was worried for Lin Feng, and Lang Zhe was nearly apoplectic. 

He had just one of his best assistants, Ni Hou! Lin Feng had destroyed him easily. It was a great humiliation! He was furious and looked quite ugly. 

“Little boy, you got balls. You dare kill my people?” snarled Lang Zhe, glaring at Lin Feng. He was about to lose control and teach Lin Feng a good lesson. His Qi had already started emerging and was pressuring Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng easily protected himself. Those waves of Qi couldn’t hurt him. Lin Feng frowned. Lang Zhe rejoiced. 

Song Chou Jiu was furious, “What? You don’t want other people to kill your people, but you think you can kill our people as you wish?”

“Hehe, my servant was extremely strong, yours is a piece of trash!” spat Lang Zhe. 

“Lamb Dumb, I am stronger than your monkey was, so I killed him, so that’s alright, right?” Lin Feng intervened. 

Lang Zhe looked even crazier, and his muscles kept twitching. “What the hell did you call me? Little boy, you’re really sick of living, aren’t you?” said Lang Zhe. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was about to attack. 

“Lamb Dumb, Lamb Dumb, Lamb Dumb. What? Your name is not Lamb Dumb?” Lin Feng pretended to look extremely surprised. Then he looked at Song Chou Jiu, smiled wryly and asked, “What’s his name?”

“Uhhh… Eh… Lang Zhe?” replied Song Chou Jiu. He didn’t know what to say, but he quickly understood what Lin Feng was trying to do and grinned, enjoying this.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Oh, hehe, I’m sorry! I don’t have a good memory. So, you’re Lang Zhe, not Lamb Dumb. It’s not an easy name to remember. Hehe!” Lin Feng laughed.

Lang Zhe was even more furious. His cheeks were burning as if he had been slapped. 

“Little boy, you don’t fear death, I understand that. Can you guess how many more minutes you will live before I destroy you?” Lang Zhe threatened him. 

“Everybody, can someone count the minutes for us? Let’s see how long I’m going to survive!”


“Alright, Lang Zhe, let’s stop talking shit. It’s time for the last battle, you send someone,” said Song Chou Jiu at the most crucial moment, interrupting them. He was afraid Lang Zhe would really kill Lin Feng. If he killed Lin Feng, it would be a catastrophe. He didn’t know how strong Lin Feng really was, after all. 


Lang Zhe knew what Song Chou Jiu was thinking. He didn’t want him and the masked man to continue arguing, afraid that Lang Zhe would find a reason to kill him. He couldn’t say much anymore. Lin Feng was clever and eloquent enough! 

“Bai Lang, you go,” said Lang Zhe, turning around and looking at one of his disciples who was wearing a white robe. He was extremely fat and his clothes were skin-tight. He looked like a character in a painting. He didn’t look amusing though, he looked horrifying. 

He was two meters tall and extremely fat. His clothes were so tight that they cut off his blood flow, so he was also extremely pale. 

Seventh Great Supreme God layer! 

Bai Lang was one of the three juniors he favored, of Bai Lang, Hei Lang, and Du Lang. He had brought Bai Lang along for this precise moment, to oppress Song Chou Jiu. 

When Song Chou Jiu saw Bai Lang, he wasn’t surprised. Neither of them was willing to lose the third battle. They had to send their strongest cultivators. 

Song Chou Jiu looked at his servants. He also had his favorite juniors. However, none of them were there. They were all traveling, working on other missions. That was also one of the reasons why Lang Zhe had come on today, because he knew he would have the advantage. 

If Song Chou Jiu’s favorite juniors had been there, Lang Zhe wouldn’t have acted like he had! 

Song Chou Jiu started feeling desperate, and started twitching. He was afraid to lose a woman. If he failed on today, in the future, people would remember him as a leader who couldn’t protect women, who was powerless, a piece of trash, a coward! 

“I choose…” 

“Leader Song, leave it to me!” Lin Feng interjected. Everybody was astonished. Many people also started thinking that he might not necessarily be enemies with Lang Zhe. He might be there just to have fun and fight. 

Song Chou Jiu was stunned. It was the second time the masked man helped him for nothing in exchange. He was touched, but he also started doubting. 

“Brother, this is not necessary at all. I am grateful, but don’t be like that. Don’t take risks…”

“Leader Song, if I don’t fight for you, who will you choose? None of your disciples is capable of winning this,” Lin Feng grinned, glancing at the disciples behind Song Chou Jiu. They couldn’t even be described as cultivators;, they were just servants, and even the word servant wasn’t low enough. 

The three evil tyrants looked at Lin Feng angrily. The two other big men in red clothes only had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. Those people were just free kills for Bai Lang. 

Lin Feng initially didn’t want to get involved, but why not make a new friend? Lin Feng felt lonely these days, as he kept traveling around. It wasn’t easy. He needed friends to establish roots in different places. 

Song Chou Jiu had said very respectful things about women, which had immediately drawn Lin Feng’s attention, and was why he had decided to help him. Since he had decided to help, he had to do it, and couldn’t stop halfway. 

It was for fellow humans. He couldn’t let those cruel giants bully his fellow human. They needed to unite!

When Song Chou Jiu heard Lin Feng, he turned red. He wasn’t very happy, and he also felt guilty. His servants all looked angry. Lin Feng was helping them to win, but at the same time, he was insulting them. 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at them, and they shut up. All they could do was look at Lin Feng angrily, they couldn’t even talk to him. 

“Be careful then, brother!” sighed Song Chou Jiu. He wasn’t reassured. Lin Feng had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, and Bai Lang had the strength of the seventh. He was also extremely cruel and violent. He always killed his enemies and opponents! 

Lin Feng nodded, then looked at the big man in the white clothes, Bai Lang. Lin Feng smiled and wiggled his index mockingly. “Come, Bai Yan Lang!” Lin Feng smiled. 

(Translator’s Note: Bai Lang means white wolf and Bai Yan Lang means ingrate, so it’s a pun) 

“YOU WANT TO DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!” shouted Bai Lang explosively. He couldn’t control himself; Lin Feng had really infuriated him! Bai Lang flashed towards Lin Feng and bared his fangs. 

Bai Lang was extremely strong and fast. Nobody could deny it, including Lin Feng.

But it wasn’t a reason to not fight. Lin Feng still looked down on Bai Lang. Lin Feng could easily defeat cultivators of the top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. He could also compete with ordinary Godly Ancestors. Fighting against Bai Lang would be extremely easy! 

Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting time talking. He got ready to fight and end it quickly! 

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao!” shouted Lin Feng harshly as he disappeared. A strong wind started whistling. Bai Lang’s expression suddenly faltered. He glanced around and saw hundreds of punch shadows converging on him. There were punches everywhere!

He felt like he had been caught unprepared. Lin Feng was already behind him. Blue lights flashed as Lin Feng’s robe fluttered in the wind. The atmosphere became tense. 

When Lang Zhe saw that, he had a bad feeling. He was sure Bai Lang was going to lose, and there was nothing he could do about it. 

Lin Feng swept a palm out. The space around them distorted. He could have destroyed a dozen mountains with such a palm, let alone a person! 

When he drove out his palm, the whole crowd went silent! 

Drip, drip!

Blood fell down. Lang Zhe, Song Chou Jiu, and everybody else swallowed. Some people even paled. 

Blood was dripping from Lin Feng’s hand. It was Bai Lang’s fresh blood… but only two drops.

It wasn’t much… because Lang Bai only had two drops of blood left when Lin Feng slapped him! Lin Feng’s energies destroyed his meridians and all his blood was destroyed except those two drops! 

There was a throbbing explosion and a horrible smell invaded people’s nostrils. 

Many people started vomiting. The others remained calm; they were from Man Yu, after all, and they were used to seeing such things. 

People from other places would all vomit though. 

When Lang Zhe saw Lang Bai die, his muscles twitched, his eyes became bloodshot, he clenched his fists and stomped his feet. The whole mountain started trembling, and half of the mountain collapsed. 

He ground his teeth and looked at Lin Feng ferociously. He had only one thing in mind now: killing Lin Feng!

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