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Chapter 1173: Gratitude!


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“Alright, the third battle is officially over, everybody!” As everybody was quiet, Lin Feng raised his arm and burst into laughter while looking at the sky. He sounded ironic. Lang Zhe was even more furious. 

“Good little boy! You’re going to die today!” shouted Lang Zhe, grinding his teeth furiously. He flashed like a tiger flashing towards a rabbit. Many people were astonished when they saw Lang Zhe attack. 

Everybody was staring at him with their eyes wide. He was intervening personally? He wanted to attack the masked man? 

Lang Zhe’s Qi looked fearsome at that moment, sharper than a sword. His Qi dashed to the skies like lightning. Nobody could stop him. 

Lin Feng watched him, neither worried nor afraid. Lang Zhe had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. He couldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng, but he still remained cautious. Carelessness wasn’t an option. 

Lin Feng remembered the first phoenix in the Rainbow Phoenix Altar. He was an ordinary Godly Ancestor, but he might not be as strong as Lang Zhe. Of course, they had never fought against each other, so it was impossible to tell. 

“Lang Zhe, are you really going to break the rules? Because if you do, I don’t mind breaking them as well!” swore Song Chou Jiu. He knew he had to intervene. Otherwise, Lang Zhe would kill Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng had killed his previous opponents in one strike, he probably couldn’t compete with someone like Lang Zhe. 

He flashed ahead without any hesitation and appeared in front of Lin Feng. He wanted to help Lin Feng. Two great leaders of Man Yu were facing each other. 

“Song Chou Jiu, you’re breaking the rules. I sent three people, why did you let him fight twice?” protested Lang Zhe angrily. He clenched his fists and looked hatefully at Lin Feng. 

“Hehe, Lang Zhe, you wanted to use Ni Hou for all three battles though, right? Try and dare say you didn’t intend to do that? After Ni Hou killed Man Zhuang, you sent him again. Right?”

“If that brother hadn’t killed Ni Hou, hehe, you wouldn’t be so furious, right? What? Your people deserve to live and my people deserve to die? You can kill my people as you wish? Lang Zhe, what kind of principle is that?” Song Chou Jiu berated him. 

Lang Zhe was speechless. He didn’t know what to say now. He wanted to release his anger on Lin Feng, so he pointed at Lin Feng and said ferociously, “Little boy, if you’re a man, come and fight!”

“Brother, move. You won two battles, you already proved yourself. No need to take useless risks,” Song Chou Jiu told Lin Feng. He hoped Lin Feng would be reasonable. Otherwise, Lang Zhe would kill him!

But Lin Feng didn’t listen to Song Chou Jiu, because Lang Zhe was pointing at him. When people did that, they usually died or he severely injured them. Lang Zhe was no exception, even if he was one of the great leaders of Man Yu!

“Lamb Dumb, give the two hundred million godly coins you owe first and then we’ll have a great battle. A one-on-one. A battle to the death. What do you think?” Lin Feng answered, smiling shamelessly. He didn’t fear Lang Zhe. Lin Feng was eighty percent sure he could kill Lang Zhe! 

When Song Chou Jiu heard Lin Feng, his expression changed and he said hastily, “Lang Zhe, you’re afraid of losing, huh? We won twice, what? You still want to try and regain face? As expected, Lang Zhe, you’re a petty and vile person!”

“Song Chou Jiu, no need to look at me like that. I will not lose against you. I’ll spare your lives today, but just wait! I will get my revenge! I won’t leave the matter at this!” said Lang Zhe clenching his fists. He looked at the crowd icily. 

He raised his head and all the people who had come with him got ready to leave. 

“Hand the money over, shameless liar! If I bump into you, I’ll fight against you!” Lin Feng said cuttingly. Everybody thought Lin Feng was really aggressive, not giving Lang Zhe any face. 

Song Chou Jiu was willing to let them go. If they didn’t give the money, they didn’t need to give money, that was a decent outcome, but Lin Feng didn’t give up. If Lin Feng died someday, he would release his anger on them. 

Lang Zhe turned around when he heard Lin Feng, angered all over again. He raised his hand and threw a ring surrounded by a powerful strength. 

Song Chou Jiu’s eyes flickered. He wanted to stretch out his hand to attack the ring and help Lin Feng, but Lin Feng pushed him aside and raised his right hand. Bam! Lin Feng caught the ring without any issues. The ring was a bit cracked because of the impact, though! 

Clang, clang, clang! Lin Feng took out the godly coins, which formed into a small mountain in front of them. 

“Thank you, Lamb Dumb!” Lin Feng responded mockingly to the attempt. Lang Zhe’s expression changed again but he wasn’t stupid. He had just thrown the ring using fifty percent of his strength and that cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer had just caught it without any issue! It meant he was extraordinary! 

“What’s your name?” Lang Zhe asked. 


“Alright. In two weeks will be the meeting of the leaders. We’re going to choose a new leader of the alliance. We’ll meet again then. Will you fight against me there?”

“Alright, with great pleasure!”

“See you…” said Lang Zhe, bowing hand over fist, and quickly leaving.

Song Chou Jiu remained silent, staring at Lin Feng and the godly coins on the ground. He was stupefied that Lin Feng had caught the ring without any issue. He looked at Lin Feng with new eyes now. 

But no matter what, he felt extremely grateful to. He had to pay him back. 

“Brother Asura, I feel infinitely grateful. If you need anything in particular, please tell me about it. I have to help you,” said Song Chou Jiu, bowing gravely. He definitely wasn’t joking. 

Lin Feng looked at him, unsurprised. Song Chou Jiu really wanted to him pay him back; he was a virtuous man. 

“Leader Song, don’t be like that. You said something which made me want to help you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have intervened, truthfully,” Lin Feng smiled. 

Song Chou Jiu was surprised, and looked at Lin Feng curiously. What had he said? He couldn’t think of anything. No matter what, Lin Feng had helped him, so he had to pay him back. 

“Brother, tell me how I can pay you back,” said Song Chou Jiu, smiling sincerely. He was excited. Lang Zhe had been putting pressure on them for so many years; this was the first time he felt so proud and relieved. 

“Leader Song, I have something to tell you, but I am afraid you will get angry,” Lin Feng said to Song Chou Jiu, glancing at the three evil tyrants. The three evil tyrants were extremely worried and paled when Lin Feng glanced at them. They even started walking away. 

“Stop!” shouted Song Chou Jiu angrily. He turned around and glared at them. What Lin Feng was about to say was about them? 

“Brother, go ahead and tell me. Even if you criticized me, I wouldn’t get angry!” shouted Song Chou Jiu loudly, putting his right hand on his heart. 

Lin Feng shook his head. He just wanted Song Chou Jiu to release Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian, that was all. 

Lin Feng told him the whole story. When Song Chou Jiu heard it, he was incensed. 

“Someone come and take care of these three pieces of trash!” shouted Song Chou Jiu furiously. He made the whole mountain range shake.. The three evil tyrants paled. Some people came and arrested them. They knelt down and started crying, looking at Song Chou Jiu imploringly. 

“Master, please, we’re sorry, please, Master!” whined the bald evil tyrant, hating Lin Feng. 

“Master, we will do everything, anything. Please. Please!,” agreed the other evil tyrant. The three evil tyrants all looked wronged.

Song Chou Jiu wasn’t in the mood to listen to their explanations. He didn’t care whose fault it was, Lin Feng was more valuable than these three pieces of trash. 

“Take care of them,” said Song Chou Jiu, waving at his servants, who suppressed the three pieces of trash. 

“Brother, don’t worry. I’ll go and release them personally. Come with me!”

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