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Chapter 1174: Song Chou Jiu Is Terrified!


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Lin Feng followed Song Chou Jiu as they walked towards the prison quickly. Song Chou Jiu hurried because he didn’t want the women to be imprisoned for too long. Lin Feng was already angry enough. Song Chou Jiu really hated those three evil tyrants. How useless… but lucky, because without them, he never would have met Lin Feng! 

Cause and effects. Even if the outcome was good, he still had to punish the three pieces of trash! 

They soon arrived in front of the prison, a building made of bluestone. Each pavilion was guarded by big, ferocious, and violent men, currently looking quite solemn. 

To Lin Feng, these people weren’t really strong. 

“Where are the two women who were imprisoned recently?” Song Chou Jiu asked a guard. 

The guard looked at Song Chou Jiu and his expression suddenly changed. He knelt down and said, “Leader, they have escaped already!”

“What? They escaped? What kind of nonsense is that?” asked Song Chou Jiu. He couldn’t believe it. He also looked furious. How could they have escaped? The prison was guarded by extremely strong cultivators. Nobody could escape from there! He didn’t believe it. 

Lin Feng believed him, though. Qian Jin Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian were both extremely strong, strong enough to escape from this prison. It was nothing surprising. The two women had gotten bored, so they had left. 

“Leader, they… they really escaped. I couldn’t stop them!” said the guard. He had no way to prove they had really escaped, but he was telling the truth. 

Song Chou Jiu looked furious, he was about to go inside the buildings and look for them, but Lin Feng stopped him. 

“Leader Song, no need to look for them. He’s telling the truth. They really escaped. Nobody could have stopped them!” Lin Feng claimed, smiling calmly. 

Song Chou Jiu looked dumbstruck and asked, “How strong are they?”

Song Chou Jiu couldn’t believe they had escaped. Were they Godly Ancestors, or extremely strong cultivators at the top of the Great Supreme God layer? How could they have escaped otherwise? 

“One of them has the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer and the other one is a Godly Ancestor.” 

“What? God… Godly Ancestor?” Song Chou Jiu was dumbstruck. He stared at Lin Feng blankly for a long time. What kind of background did Lin Feng come from? How come he was so strong, and the people with him were so strong? There was a Godly Ancestor with him? 

“Brother, who are you guys?” Song Chou Jiu smiled wryly. He looked at Lin Feng in a completely different way now, respectful and wary. He initially thought Lin Feng had gotten close to him and helped him so that he could travel through Man Yu safely. 

But it was not the case. Lin Feng didn’t need him. He already had partners who were Godly Ancestors! 

Song Chou Jiu couldn’t take risks. In the Region of the Eight Corners, he was a leader, but in the World of Battles, he wasn’t very famous. People of the World of Battles considered Eight Corners a tiny little part of the World of Battles. He didn’t dare offend overlords, or those who were as strong as overlords. 

Lin Feng ignored Song Chou Jiu’s expression. He just wanted to find the girls. Even if they had left the prison, they probably hadn’t left Man Yu without him. 

Lin Feng wasn’t going to leave this place for the time being, after all. 

“Brother Asura, where are they?” asked Song Chou Jiu. He was worried, especially when Lin Feng told him one of them was a Godly Ancestor. He didn’t feel safe with a Godly Ancestor wandering around in the region, especially since she wasn’t from here. 

If she was really a Godly Ancestor, what could they do? 

“I have no idea. Leader Song, can you send some of your assistants to look for them. If they find them, they can tell them Asura wants them to come back,” Lin Feng said. He had no other solution and for the time being that was the best option. He could only hope they hadn’t left Man Yu. 

“Alright, I’ll do it right now,” Song Chou Jiu agreed. He waved at some guards, telling them to grab their gear and leave to look for the women, which they did instantly. 

Song Chou Jiu turned around and asked, “Brother Asura, since you’re here, you can take a rest, don’t you think?” 

“No problem. I just want the two women to come back,” Lin Feng agreed. He didn’t mind, he could live anywhere. He was a traveler, after all. The best thing was to have roots a little bit everywhere. He had just arrived in Man Yu, and knew nothing about the region. He needed to learn more about it. Song Chou Jiu was one of the three great leaders of Man Yu, so with him available, things would also be simpler. 

“Alright, I’ll ask some servants to prepare a room for you,” Song Chou Jiu accepted, happy that Lin Feng had agreed to stay. He took Lin Feng through long winding paths through the emerald green forest. The bamboo trees were extremely resilient there. It was a beautiful place. 

This place was tens of thousands of meters above sea level. Everything was different here. The buildings also had different architectural styles compared to the buildings down in the valley. 

White mist floated above the different valley. The sun above them was extremely hot, but thanks to tree leaves, they were in the shadow. It was a nice place to stay.

It was different to imagine that there were such places in Man Yu!

“It’s a place to rest. There aren’t many pavilions here, only eight. I’m usually the only one who comes here to rest. 

“I have been in Man Yu for over ten years but I am not used to their living conditions and culture, so I built those pavilions for when I need to get close to nature. Hehe!” Song Chou Jiu smiled coldly, but sincerely. 

Lin Feng followed him to a pavilion. A few steps led to the main room. The gate was half open and there was a flight of stairs behind. It looked quite comfortable inside. 

“Brother Asura, you can live here whenever you come here.”

“Alright. Thank you, Leader Song.”

“Don’t call me Leader Song. Call me brother,” Song Chou Jiu chuckled. He was happy to make friends with this masked man. 

“Alright, Brother Song, thank you,” Lin Feng answered, bowing hand over fist. 

“Brother Asura, go and take a rest. You must be tired after those two battles. When you’re done, go down the mountain. Our people live there. They’re good people. They will respect you now, since you’ve displayed your strength. 

“They admire you now. You can rest assured. About those two women, Brother…”

“Brother, don’t worry. They know how to behave. If you send servants to look for them, leave the rest to me.”

“Alright, I’m leaving the mountain. You can rest. See you.” 


Lin Feng watched Song Chou Jiu disappear in the mist down the mountain. 

He entered the pavilion. There was a ground floor and a first floor. The pavilion was simple, but it smelled like incense and books. It seemed like a house for scholars. 

Scholars could also be strong. There were scholars who could also be extremely brutal and sinister. The people of the Tian Ji Sect were considered scholars. The Ancient Soul Clan had been brutal and evil. 

After resting for a while, Lin Feng left the top of the mountain. 

When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he went to the residential area. It was situated to  the north of the Man Battlefield. There were some simple buildings. He saw a few tables carved directly into the trees. There were also three and four-meter-long wooden beds. 

When Lin Feng had just arrived, everybody had made fun of him. But now, since they had come back from the Man Battlefield, they looked at him in admiration. 

“He’s the one who’s extremely cruel!”

“Ah? It’s him? How is that possible? He’s so skinny!”

“What is impossible? Isn’t our leader skinny? Why couldn’t he be our leader?”

“He’s not afraid of Lang Zhe. He slapped Lang Zhe’s servants and instantly destroyed them. He’s terrifying!” …

Lin Feng walked along the street. All the big men around him started whispering and talking about him. Some people looked at him in awe and veneration, and some others were afraid and moved away from him, scared that Lin Feng would hurt them. 

Lin Feng continued walking. He headed to the central public square, where people gathered. Many people laughed mockingly when they saw him, but when they recognized him, they looked at him with admiration, as if he were their leader. 

Lin Feng was quickly tired of the atmosphere there, so he rose up in the air and left. 

Half an hour later, he appeared near the Man Battlefield where he had been brought when he had been captured by the three evil tyrants’ servants. Lin Feng had an idea, Qing Huang Tian and Qian Jin Cai Yue might have gone there? 

Lin Feng decided to wait for them there. 

He had guessed right. Late at night, Qing Huang Tian and Qian Jin Cai Yue had been waiting for him there the whole time. When he saw them, he landed on the ground and walked over to them. 

“Asura!” shouted Qing Huang Tian. She was extremely happy to see Lin Feng. She ran to him and clasped his hand firmly. Lin Feng sighed helplessly. He had no choice but to let her hold his hand. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue glanced at Lin Feng for a millisecond and then turned away. 

Lin Feng was used Qian Jin Cai Yue’s reactions, or at least, to her reactions around “Asura”. It amused him.

“Where did you go, Sister Qing?”

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